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My TOP 35

Posted by Erik on September 5, 2007

My Basketball Big Board

Most people say that the first 2-4 picks in a Fantasy Draft are easy and things start to get interesting in the middle rounds. I agree with that, to a certain extent, but in the end managers have to know how to “build around” their first 3 picks and compliment those players’ abilities and stats. So these top 35 players represent the potential lot that will compose the first 3 rounds in a 10-man league. I took the liberty of modeling my list after Brandon Funston’s Basketball Big Board. . . I’ll update this in a month or so, most likely closer to Draft day.

  1. Shawn Marion – Can’t deny his across the board contributions with minimal drawbacks.
  2. Dirk Nowitzki – Great numbers. Best asset: “injury-immune” durability last few seasons.
  3. Kevin Garnett – Transfer to Boston won’t really hurt the numbers he puts up. I didn’t think I’d see the day, but he’s going to be even MORE motivated now that he’s got help.
  4. Kobe Bryant – I’m not a fan, but his numbers last season were just too awesome to ignore.
  5. LeBron James – FT% and TOs are still his “minor” Achilles.
  6. Steve Nash – He should have been last year’s MVP… still hungry for that elusive title.
  7. Gilbert Arenas – Offensive beast, but questions remain regarding knee rehab this past summer.
  8. Dwayne Wade – Injured with shoulder and knee problems, but Miami’s still HIS team and should eventually comeback strong.
  9. Amare Stoudemire – My first choice as top C in Fantasy… as long as Nash stays healthy.
  10. Yao Ming – Will this be the Fantasy “Year of the Yao”? If he stays healthy, Adelman’s system should work wonders for him and Houston.
  11. Chris Paul – I’m still drooling over what he can contribute over a 70+ game played season.
  12. Jason Kidd – Triple Double Machine, yearly defying Father Time.
  13. Tim Duncan – Still a solid choice at C; just compensate for his inconsistent FT%
  14. Rashard Lewis – Will get license to shoot at Orlando. Let’s see if he gets soft now that he’s sitting on a long term contract.
  15. Ray Allen – Hopefully will share KG’s enthusiasm about being part of Boston’s new BIG 3. He’ll still be lighting it up from the 3-point line.
  16. Pau Gasol – If he can stay healthy, he’s one of the more solid C’s on the market.
  17. Chris Bosh – Plagued with Plantar Fascitis & his spot will drop if he loses C-eligibility.
  18. Paul Pierce – Expect better things from him this year, now that KG and Ray Allen are here to help him out.
  19. Marcus Camby – MONSTER if he plays 70+ games, but frankly am not going to hold my breath.
  20. Josh Smith – You thought last year was good? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  21. Andre Iguodala – Slops to his last season’s FG% and TOs, but he’ll get used to being the new AI in Philly this year.
  22. Caron Butler – Great numbers, few drawbacks. He’s still on an upward swing in Washington.
  23. Allen Iverson – Denver being Melo’s team will only help keep him away from injuries. Let’s see what a full season under Denver’s offense will do for his numbers.
  24. Deron Williams – Last year was just a taste of things to come. Trust me, you’ll regret not drafting him this early.
  25. Chauncey Billups – With the plethora of early PG picks, you can probably draft him a bit lower, unless you started by hoarding C’s.
  26. Michael Redd – People say he’s all offense, but his FT% impact does keep him above other “pure scorers”.
  27. Vince Carter – Will produce for you, but how well will depend Kidd’s health.
  28. Jermaine O’neal – C with injury problems, but if he can 75+ games, his numbers will keep you happy.
  29. Jason Richardson – New team, new numbers? We’ll have to see how he gels with Wallace over at Charlotte.
  30. Kevin Martin – Last year’s MONSTER of a sleeper! Now that he’s got his contract, let’s see if he’ll stay as productive… My best guess, we’ll still see some good numbers.
  31. Joe Johnson – Got hurt last year, but still great player on a bad team. Expect him to try to make a Fantasy comeback this year.
  32. Tracy McGrady -Injuries, FG% and TOs are still his bane, but hopefully Adelman’s offensive system will help him out in those areas.
  33. Al Jefferson – People can’t wait to see what he can do. I’m still on the fence if he’ll be able to live up to all the hype.
  34. Ben Wallace – His numbers took a beating last year, but still one of my favorite picks at the C slot.
  35. Carlos Boozer – He might lose his C-eligibilty, but still a 20-10, percentages machine, especially with Deron passing to him.

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