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Sleeper Spotlight: Guards

Posted by Erik on September 11, 2007

I know It has been a while since I last updated the blog, I was unfortunately sidelined with an injury. Anyway, I’m back and part of my rehab involves posting here on the blog. LOL!

I’m no guru and am going to be the first to admit that I’ve made a lot of “sleeper” choices that didn’t pan out in the past. Hear me out, however, I do know I have an eye for these things. I had the insight to pick Boris Diaw off the waivers early enough during his “1-hit wonder” year. Kevin Martin was a major cog in the machine that powered me to a very dominant 1st-place trophy last season.

So let’s get down to business. Here’s a list of guards I feel have a potential to produce beyond their draft day positions. Some of them are only worth going for in very deep 18-20 man leagues, while others are very workable in your standard 10-man league.

  1. Daniel Gibson – Here’s my personal favorite among the guard sleepers this year. Daniel “Doobie”Gibson’s spectacular playoff performance has become a ray of light, heralding a potentially good season this year. The Cavs coaching staff just has to realize that Doobie’s game is the exact help they’ve been looking for the last couple of seasons for the team. He’s a solid outside shooting option, who can also take the ball to the hole. With the Cavs focusing on defense, his 3-pt scoring will be a great boost in a department the team’s been needing some consistency in for sometime now. He’s going to be a steal at the very late rounds this draft day and a definite must-pick in deeper leagues. I consider his upside to be like a poor man’s second coming of Leandro Barbosa.
  2. Ricky Davis I’ve discussed Ricky’s potential in a previous post. I foresee him to be solid offensive contributor.
  3. Monta Ellis – I’m looking to this guy to benefit the most from Jason Richardson’s departure from Golden State. He is a strong candidate to be asked to step up and help fill the scoring void left by J-Rich’s absence. I expect him to further solidify last year’s 77 game production of 16.5 PPG, 4.1 APG, 1.3 SPG, 2.9 TO avg; while shooting at 47.5 FG% and 76.3 FT%. He likes to drive to the hoop and thrives on the fastbreak. In the unfortunate but not highly unlikely event that Baron Davis goes down with an injury, look to Monta’s numbers to get even juicier. Until that point, however, expect Monta’s minutes to be challenged by rookie Marco Belinnelli, who already possesses a lot of the necessary physical and scoring tools to be an effective SG in the NBA.  I would like to qualify that you should temper your draft position of Monta vs other managers  who are on a high over last season’s MIP performance.
  4. Morris Peterson – Man, Mo Pete was one of last year’s biggest busts for me as far as draft day went. I really had very high expectations for this guy last season, touting him as the potential 2nd half of the Toronto “Bosh-Mo Pete 1-2 punch”. All of those visions quickly got flushed down the drain as I had to painfully witness his minutes and production plummet to the earth like a huge glop of lime flavored Jell-O. Now you must be asking, “If he was such a fantasy flop last year, why the hell do I think he’ll be a sleeper this year?” Well that was last season. Now he’s in a new team, got a new coach and CP3 quarterbacking the plays. I feel last season’s fall out will serve to devalue this still-capable scorer enough for some people to pick him at a very late round. Well I must admit Mo Pete’s potential is affected by Peja’s and Chris Paul’s health. With Paul healthy and Peja’s chronic back ails, there’s a decent window for Mo to fit in his own little niche in the Hornet’s line up, providing decent outside shooting and quality steals on the defensive end. After last season, he’s definitely a gamble come draft day but sometimes good Fantasy Seasons get defined by a “brave” Manager’s gamble that paid off…

2 Responses to “Sleeper Spotlight: Guards”

  1. Rick said

    Gibson’s nick is BOOBIE, not Doobie! 😀

  2. Erik said

    Ha ha! Ok, my apologies to “Boobie”, both for the mistake and his actual nickname. Well that just increased his value in my book! How can anyone resist owning a player named Boobie!?! LOL

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