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Sleeper Spotlight: Forwards

Posted by Erik on September 12, 2007

  1. Corey Maggette Personally, I haven’t been much of a fan of this guy’s rocky injury-filled fantasy career. This year, I feel that same history will work in Corey’s favor in terms of undervaluing him. With Elton Brand out for most of the season, Corey will now find himself back in the Clips’ staring line up. He’s a former solid offensive contributor with his TOs and injuries as the main points against his better draft position. I look at him this year in a similar light to how I approached my view of Mike Miller last year in Pau Gasol‘s absence from the Grizzlies in the early part of the season. The injury and absence of the team’s main star will open up a lot of statistical opportunities for the star’s former supporting cast. Fear for his health, if you will, but as long as this guy can stay healthy… you can expect him to post good numbers for you.
  2. Andrea Bargnani – Here’s my favorite forward sleeper this year! I just have to share that I DO have a favorable bias for big (tall) men with finesse moves and a soft touch. I expect this year to be the year that he blooms and the world can see more reasons why he was worth being the overall 1st pick in the NBA’s 2006 draft. He will step up, especially with Chris Bosh‘s plantar fascitis posing a potential problem to the number of GPs this year. Let’s also not forget his additional experience this year, playing for Italy in the EURO championships. I feel Andrea’s worth a solid 10th round pick.
  3. Luis Scola – Yes I know he’s “technically” a rookie, but his maturity and international experience herald volumes of this big man’s potential. He WILL get his playing time this year at Houston because the team’s not exactly deep in the 4 spot and his style of play is probably the most easily attuned to new head coach, Rick Adelman’s motion-offense system. When (notice I didn’t say “if”) Yao gets sidelined this season for any amount of time due to injury, expect Luis to be an instant nominee to fill that 5 spot on the starting line up. Here’s a solid big man who can pass the ball, is used to physical play, and is simply reliable in the paint up to the mid ranges. He’s definitely worth a gamble in the last 2 rounds of your draft!

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