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Registration is Now Open

Posted by Erik on September 20, 2007


The moment we’ve been waiting for all off-season has finally arrived! Go to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and get in a league now. So now the anticipation and excitement has been turned up another notch! Now my blog’s going on a fastbreak as I sign up in various leagues and share with you my drafting ideas, drafts and analyses. As the NBA pre-season gets into full gear I’ll be updating my TOP 35 which I will most likely convert into a TOP 50. So keep it bookmarked and watch out for more regular updates and more in-depth discussions.

Now that the Yahoo! Rankings are out, we can put to rest certain off-season concerns like Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer’s C-eligibility. Yup guys, they’ve still got it. This makes managers like me, who play in 2 C leagues, pretty happy. It’s always good to know that there are more centers to go around come draft day.

If anyone has any requests for topics/players to be discussed or if you have any questions regarding Fantasy Basketball or comments on my BLOG please feel free to send me an email at

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5 Responses to “Registration is Now Open”

  1. How does Bosh keep C eligibility? It seems as though Yahoo.com wants every player to be multi-positional (They gave Dirk, SF, PF, C at one time, and Diaw SG, SF, PF, C). NBA.com doesn’t seem to be so lenient. They have to START 10 games at a position to get eligibility (So guys like Roy are SG only, and Bosh is PF only).

    I’ve never played in a 2 C league. I hate C’s in a 1 C league. The system we use is PG, SG, SF, PF, C, and 1 UTL. The UTL (Utility) can be any position. This puts a lot of stratagy in a H2H league. If the other team has Nash and a passing SG, then you can bail on that category by using the UTL as a Center to guarantee boards. Keeps you on your toes.

  2. Erik said

    Interesting set-up. The custom league where I’m a regular at and am currently the defending champ has a set-up of PG, G, SG, SF, F, PF, C, C, Util, Util. We’re a group of 12 managers so it works out that we have a lot of positions to fill otherwise we’d only be working with stars, if we had too few slots. We find a lot of challenge in playing with the “working class” players who get drafted in the 8th-9th rounds and onwards. The league’s a rotisserie one, btw. 🙂

  3. Yeah I like to play in a couple different formats. There are a couple of things that I do find unique and really like in our league.

    1. It’s H2H, okay that’s not unique, but on any given day you can have a breakthrough or breakdown.
    2. Lineup changes are weekly and not daily. I get too worn out with position limits and daily changes. I think this is why so many people like fantasy football.
    3. We have an expansion draft every season. This means the number of teams increase and each team has the option of being in the expansion depending on if they utilize their keepers.
    4. We get 2 keepers with no restrictions. This rewards teams for sticking in the league and challenges new owners to be extra careful in the draft.
    5. Divisional (Skill) ranking. Right now the league is is its second season and has 4 divisions with 4 teams. The best record teams are placed in the top division, the next level of records are in the second division and so on. The new teams are all placed in the same division. This is important because 2 teams from every division makes the playoffs. So you can be a new team that didn’t have a great selection of keepers and still make a playoff run.
    6. Division Movement, by far one of my favorite features. The top team (record wise) in each division moves up a division and the bottom team moves down. This helps keep the division play in the right direction. It allows serious managers to rise while average managers still have a chance to be the best in their division.
    7. The draft order. The tournament winner gets to choose his/her position in the draft (I won last season and elected to have 3rd overall pick). Then the rest of the order uses a complex system that rewards teams for not tanking (I hate the NBA’s system that rewards teams like the Celtics). The nonplayoff team with the best record gets first pick and so on. Then the rest of the draft order goes from worst to best for playoff teams (with the exception of the winner). New Teams are placed last (they would have already completed the expansion draft). Any team that chooses not to utilize a keeper position get thrown in the expansion draft (so keeping guys like Ray Allen or Jason Kidd might not be no brainers).
    I love this format because you have to be active in the season and off season to rise to the top. It allows many managers a version of success. New teams may be tempted to draft Oden (preinjury) and Durant in the expansion draft because they can plan on keeping them and letting them develop me a couple seasons. So while we don’t utilize many roster spots (PG, SG, SF, PF C, UTL and 5 bench) the growing league makes you use those blue collar players. I’m excited since our draft takes place online tomorrow. Hopefully I can draft well around my studs (Lebron and Dirk). Sorry for the long post.

  4. Rick said

    All that’s missing is for you to use an auction instead of a draft.

  5. I like the auction in theory. But I guess I draw the line for busy work there. I already spend too much time doing a lot of manual entries. Maybe in the future, but right now I like how our draft system rewards teams for having good records but barely missing the playoffs.

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