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Rants from the Stands

Posted by Erik on September 26, 2007

I just wanted to rant about how Yahoo! only allows 4 teams per yahoo ID! Argh!

I found myself quickly signed up in 4 custom leagues and realized that I didn’t have the space to join a public league.

I generally like to sign up for a public league and do a “warm-up” draft of sorts before I get into a draft with my regular group of friends in the custom league. It helps me see which round some players tend to go for. It also helps give me a clearer visualization of the draft effect of the Y! Rankings. Whether you agree or disagree with the Y! Rankings, you really have to pay attention to them because they represent how absentee manager’s teams will be formed. Believe me, there are ALWAYS absentees during live drafts. I’ve yet to participate in one that had 100% attendance. Anyway, the point is it’s virtually useless to say that you’d rather pick Dwayne Wade on the 3rd round, because you aren’t too happy with his early-season struggles with injuries this year. Bottomline is that an absentee manager will get him picked by the 1st round or if he’s lucky at the 2nd round at the latest. Knowing which round players are most likely to get picked based on the Yahoo! Rankings is important during a live draft.

Que Sera Sera. . . I ended up having to get another yahoo ID just to accommodate my “need” to be in a live public league draft, which I found to be a hassle and quite annoying.

@ Yahoo! Fantasy: Allow fantasy freaks like yours truly some breathing room to join more than 4 leagues per yahoo ID!


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