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Why I’ll NEVER Draft Ron Artest

Posted by Erik on September 27, 2007


Not touching him with a 10-foot pole!

As I was pre-ranking my players for my regular Custom Rotisserie league, I noticed that there was one player in particular that I opted to EXCLUDE from the list of players that were draftable. That player was Ron Artest. Personally, I just find him too much of a risk. There’s just too much drama surrounding this guy! Both on and off the court. What a way to start the season. . . by being suspended for the first 7 games. *Sarcastic Whoopie!* I don’t particularly care if he’s Y! Ranked at an early 5th round position or he averaged 2.1 SPG last season. Somehow, in my book, his faults out way his benefits. His history speaks for itself; and Oh Man! it speaks volumes! He’s still tainted by the stigma of being part of the Pacer Brawl. You just never know when his season will abruptly end due to some on-court or off-court outburst, scandal, brawl, rap album, domestic violence or whatever distraction. Fine, he’s a good defender, but I’d rather use my 5th round pick by bumping up other much more worthy candidates such as Lamar Odom, Ricky Davis, Ben Wallace. There are just so many BETTER sources for steals in the pool of NBA players nowadays. Some of these include Andre Iguodala, Gerald Wallace, and Gilbert Arenas. So pardon me if I don’t feel like WASTING a mid-round pick on this headcase of a player!

Heck! I don’t a care if he drops down all the way to the 9th round! I’m going to pass. I’d rather eat rat puke than have him on any of my teams’ rosters, this year! Draft him at your own risk guys. . . If you can stomach the drama. . .


3 Responses to “Why I’ll NEVER Draft Ron Artest”

  1. I’m a ex-Pacer (won’t be again until they start dropping more thugs and lose JO) fan. I supported Artest in the brawl (I’d go after a guy for throwing a beer on me too). But when he took time off to work on his crappy rap album, that was the end of it. Fool me once…..fool me twice….

  2. […] of phenom in Andrew Bynum (injury set back aside). Sorry bub, you’ve barely escaped my “I will never draft Ron Artest” Club, but the bottomline is that I now rate and rank you somewhere in the lackluster Darko […]

  3. […] exclude function in pre-ranking for 1-2 players. Ron Artest is one of them. So before I go on a girly PMS-like tirade about Ron-ron and taint my analysis, I think it would be best to hear from Epicte himself a more level headed […]

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