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My TOP 50

Posted by Erik on September 30, 2007

Who will YOU pick on draft day?

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I’ve decided to expand my original TOP 35 list to 50. This list represents my personal rankings of the TOP 50 players in Fantasy Basketball!


  1. Kevin Garnett – I believe his motivation this year is off the charts. So I decided to ride the anticipation, and hope he has an all-time best season.
  2. Kobe Bryant – Best Tier 1 SG in fantasy basketball today! If he gets the “help” he’s been whining for, watch out!
  3. Shawn Marion – Does everything but pass the ball, but can Phoenix keep him happy enough to stay?
  4. Dirk Nowitzki – Uh, can anyone say… “No drawbacks!”? + Hardly gets injured!
  5. LeBron James – FT% and TOs are his only “minor” achilles. Can take over games at will.
  6. Gilbert Arenas – Says he’s healthy and ready to start training camp!
  7. Steve Nash – Should have been last year’s MVP. Best PG in my book!
  8. Amare Stoudemire – If KG doesn’t get C-eligiblity, he’s the hands down NO. 1 center in the game.
  9. Jason Kidd – How many other PG’s rebound like power forwards? NONE!
  10. Dwayne Wade – His health issues got him a downgrade. He’s not going passed the first round though.
  11. Pau Gasol – Expecting bigger and better things from him this year!
  12. Yao Ming – Dare to dream he’ll play 78+ games! … and you’ve got a monster! Best FT-shooting center in the game.
  13. Tim Duncan – Solid choice to give you 20-10 and 2 BPG.
  14. Josh Smith – Last year was just the tip of the iceberg. . . still improving as we draft!
  15. Chris Paul – Injuries last year derailed his meteoric rise as a Tier 1 PG!
  16. Allen Iverson – Watch him make a comeback, now that he’s fully in Denver’s offensive groove!
  17. Marcus CambyIf he plays more than 75 games, you just drafted a first-rounder!
  18. Paul Pierce – Going to display Point-forward skills like never before!
  19. Deron Williams – Definite 2nd rounder or early 3rd at the latest. He’s expected to even get better this year!
  20. Rashard Lewis – Will he deliver the same “goods” in Orlando as he did in Seattle?
  21. Chris Bosh – Plantar fascitis may plague him this season.
  22. Ray Allen – Can anchor any team’s 3-pt scoring. . . but that’s all he might do this year.
  23. Andre Iguodala – Now that he’s adjusted to being “the man” in Philly, he’ll do well.
  24. Vince Carter – Is “Vince-sanity” a thing of the past? Not if Jason Kidd can help it!
  25. Joe Johnson – Calf injury was so last year. . . Monster Games are in this season for the No.1 man in Atlanta!

  26. Al Jefferson – There’s a lot of hype to see him make the transition into the Tier 1 Center circle this year.
  27. Caron Butler – If his broken hand from last year heals properly, expect another solid season.
  28. Chauncey Billups – Consistent production. FG% is roughly his biggest stinger.
  29. Gerald Wallace – Health issues seem to keep haunting this defensive dynamo’s every season.
  30. Michael Redd – Offensive machine who can help lift your team’s FT% as well!
  31. Josh Howard – No. 2 man in Dallas! He can really bring in the “goods”.
  32. Kevin Martin – Solid 20 points and good %’s with a steal and a three to boot!
  33. Jason Richardson – In a new team where he’s expected to lead the offense. Good pick if you can live with his poor FT%.
  34. Jason Terry – Had a VERY good year last year! 5 assists go nicely with his 2 triples a game.
  35. Antawn Jamison – 2 threes, 1 steal, 20 pts, 8 rebs, 1.5 TOs. Overlooked, but is a great choice at PF.
  36. Jermaine O’Neal – Health and FG% are the biggest flaws of this decent rebounding and good shot blocking forward-center.
  37. Baron Davis – Playoff beast last season, but has yet to prove he’s no longer injury prone.
  38. Tyson Chandler – My first choice as a secondary Center, who can rebound and block!
  39. Carmelo Anthony – Points, %’s, 6 REBs, make him an asset. Just need to swallow 3.6 TOs a game!
  40. Carlos Boozer – 20-10 FG% machine is at risk of losing C-eligibility.
  41. Lamar Odom – 2 Shoulder injuries in 3 years are what keeps this talented PF from breaking into the higher rankings
  42. Tracy McGrady – Still a great scorer but FG%, TO’s and injury problems make him a risky earlier pick.
  43. Brandon Roy – Going to carry Portland on his back through this season’s production.
  44. Mike Miller – The No.2 scoring option in Memphis after Pau Gasol. Awesome 3-pt shooter.
  45. Leandro Barbosa – Best 3-pt shooting guard coming off any bench.
  46. Ricky Davis – With KG gone, the Wolves will look to him to carry the team’s scoring needs.
  47. Rasheed Wallace – Poor FG% and low scoring will hopefully improve this year as he continues to give you a 3, a block, and a steal per game.
  48. Emeka Okafor – Improved FG% last season and is a great shotblocker, but his FT% may leave a sour after taste. Has yet to play more than 75 games in a season.
  49. Dwight Howard – If his FT attempts and % didn’t kill your team, he’s a solid rebounding center. Enter the new SHAQ of his generation of stars.
  50. Ben Wallace – Took a dip in his stats across the board last year, but is still a prime Tier 2 center.

Options to round out your team:

Luol Deng, Manu Ginobili, Kirk Hinrich, Mehmet Okur, Andre Miller, Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis, David West, LaMarcus Aldrige, Chris Kaman, Tony Parker, Andris Biedrins, Ben Gordon, Mike Bibby, T.J. Ford, Raymond Felton, Samuel Dalembert, Richard Hamilton, Andrei Kirilenko, Zach Randolph, Danny Granger, Raja Bell, Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Al Harrington, Peja Stojakovic, Richard Jefferson



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