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The Yahoo Invisible Man: Charlie Bell

Posted by Erik on October 3, 2007

Seemingly appearing from nowhere, yesterday, Charlie Bell just suddenly appeared in the Free Agent Pool in Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball, with his waiver clearing on Oct. 4! I noticed this as I was checking my 3 leagues for available players. “Whoa! Where’d he come from?” It appears there may have been an error of some kind of at Yahoo! fantasy sports. He was/is signed by the Bucks and should supposedly have been part of the list of players available when I drafted last month. I didn’t even notice that he wasn’t on the list of players available when I was pre-ranking my players in preparation for my “practice” public league drafts. I didn’t bother looking for him. I guess in a way, he was invisible to me too. Ha ha ha!

This little tidbit of seemingly trivial fantasy news is obviously of no consequence to people who have yet to sign up for a fantasy league. To people who’ve pre-ranked their teams and are simply eagerly awaiting for their draft date, no biggie, just slip him in your rankings. But, to people like me, who are in leagues that have already drafted, “Whoohoo!” By all means, drop your last pick and try to nab him off the waiver wire. He’s obviously worth more than most last picks. Some guys out there with good waiver priority are getting a sweet pre-NBA-season gift in Charlie who’s O-Ranked at 72 and finished last year at Rank 61. Is this error unbalancing to the game for people in leagues that have drafted? Probably not, he is not THAT much of an impact player. Now if an error like this occurred and someone like say, Baron Davis or Allen Iverson just suddenly appeared, commissioners in Custom Leagues would be up in arms screaming “Bloody Hell!” at all the clamor for a re-draft. In the end, I consider this a small error. By the way, welcome back into fantasy basketball, Charlie. . . better late than never!


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