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When it Rains, it Pours: Brandon Roy Hurts Heel

Posted by Erik on October 5, 2007


It was bad enough that Greg Oden’s out for the season (read my previous post), but it seems that powers that be have decided prick another pin in the voodoo doll we all know as the Portland Trailblazers. Coming into the season the Blazers had the luxury of saying , “We’re not a bad team, we’re rebuilding.” Brandon Roy just hurt his left heel in practice and may not be able to play this preseason (more from NBA.com). As the preseason gets underway, its starting to sound more like, “We don’t suck, we are just running out of healthy, quality players!” – “We’re preserving our main star (ominously singular) for the regular season.”

This preseason was supposed to be a specially important one for this rebuilding franchise that decided to clean house and get rid of the junk from its closet (Zach Randolph) and work with a clean slate. This should have been the opportunity for the team to gel and for the players to get used to their new roles (Brandon’s – being the new go-to guy).

Brandon, entering his sophomore season, could really have used the Blazers’ 8 scheduled preseason games to test out his new role and plays (centered on him) against other NBA players (who aren’t team scrimmage mates). Well if he does miss the preseason, it looks like he’s really going to a have a pretty challenging trial by fire starting Oct. 31 all the way through – uh, the rest of the season.


It looks like the injury isn’t too serious and coach Nate McMillan just wants to preserve his star guard. Cross your fingers, hope Brandon doesn’t get hurt again later on in the season, and pick him in the round you originally wanted to get him at.


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