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Kobe: Sore Knee or Bruised Ego?

Posted by Erik on October 16, 2007

Kobe Bryant, arguably the best shooting guard in the NBA and in fantasy basketball, has missed his second straight practice allegedly due to soreness in his knee (NBA.com).

Hmm… I guess his knee wasn’t hurting as much while he was happily playing alongside all-star-ish company over at the FIBA tournament, where the USA team vanquished all of its opponents rather handily. Well it was more like a fantasy team of sorts, chuck-full of first to third round fantasy picks playing as one unit.

But alas, the fantasy had to end and Kobe had to wake-up and return to his talent-depleted, and administratively uninspired team, the LA Lakers. He had to return to a team whose management he was sorely disappointed in, for failing to land a trade to acquire Kevin Garnett over the off season orShocked! even any sort of quality “help” for that matter. Two weeks into training camp, the Lakers owner Jerry Buss admits that he is open to trading Kobe. (Read More) It was this rather shocking announcement/comment that flew across the media and hit Kobe in the Knee (or Ego) causing it to be rather sore. . .

Here was the one guy the Lakers seemed to be “committed” to build a new and fresh team around. . . Based on the Laker’s lack of activity over the off-season and more so noticeably on draft day, Kobe may have enough beef to ask “Hey! When the heck is this rebuilding around me supposed to take place?” Sadly, this sentiment, seems to have fallen on deaf ears. . . But let’s look at things from the other side of the coin. It’s not Jerry Buss’ job to make Kobe happy! (well to certain extent it partially is – ownership to player relationship-wise at least) It’s his job to make the Lakers a successful NBA franchise. Ever since the Lakers let go of Shaquille O’neal a couple of years back, it’s only now that its ownership has spoken out that Kobe is actually “TRADE-able“!

I don’t think Jerry would have bothered making such a statement if he wasn’t prepared to part ways with Kobe as early as this season, and from the looks of the developments so far, it appears that Jerry and Kobe may part ways sooner than the 4 years left on Kobe’s $88.6 million contract which can terminated in 2. Tensions are mounting, as the anxiety of going through another lack luster and rather disappointing season ominously meanders around the corner as the pre-season hour glass slowly empties its contents.

Wherever Kobe winds up (well except if he stays), I think he’ll still be a fantasy force to be reckond with!


Hmm. . . so many unhappy players these days. . . all this negativity in the air just puts a damper on all the anticipation for an excitement-filled NBA regular season!

Let’s not let bruised egos, sore knees, and unhappy players sour our expectations for the upcoming season! Well at least there’s still something in LA that can brighten up an NBA fan’s day. . . LAKER GIRLS! Enjoy!


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