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Ricky Davis to Miami

Posted by Erik on October 25, 2007

Well it’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted, and for that I apologize. I’ve been rather busy. Anyway, on with the discussion.


Ricky Davis and Mark Blount are headed east to the Miami Heat in exchange for Antoine Walker, Michael Doleac, Wayne Simien and a conditional 1st round pick (Read More). This comes as no surprise as the Wolves have long expressed that they wanted they were vending Ricky this season. This strengthens their commitment to go with the “youth movement” (through Wayne Simien) in their bid to rebuild their post-KG franchise. The heavily depleted Miami Heat seemed like the ideal customer for Davis who will be the expected 3rd scoring option for them after Shaq and Dwayne Wade.


I think Miami got the better end of the deal, simply because they’re the more desperate party in the deal. The wolves don’t really need or want Walker – in the end who does? They will make use of his contract expiration for future acquisitions.

This improves Ricky Davis’ Fantasy Value by a decent margin. He’s now on a team that wants him to play quality minutes and his willing to run the break with him or Wade as more than decent finishers. His early season production will get slightly bloated while Flash is still recovering from last year’s injuries. I’m sure his fantasy owners, will appreciate that. – bloated production’s always sweet!

On the other end, this slightly bumps up the Theo Ratliff‘s (who? – former shotblocking stud who got lost in the abyss of injuries for a couple of years who appears to be relatively healthy now) minutes and expected production. This is due to the departure of Mark Blount, the only real predator to Theo’s minutes in Minnesota this season. He IS a blocking specialist, potentially at 2+ BPG, but don’t expect much more – well maybe 5.5+ RPG. If you’re playing in a deep league, he’s worth taking a look at for his blocks contributions.



4 Responses to “Ricky Davis to Miami”

  1. Rick said

    Ricky Davis’s value should go DOWN, not up dude. Riles’s system focuses on Wade slashing and dumping the ball to Shaq. It’s not open court, which is the only way that Davis has any real value. From being one of the top scoring options in Minny, he’s now #4 at best when everyone’s healthy. (Because White Chocolate still likes to jack the 3’s.)

  2. Erik said

    Well I guess we’ll have to renew this discussion sometime late December, after Wade’s back. In the end, I’m more confident in Ricky picking up the scoring slack over Shaq! Unless Flash scores 60 PPG, which is obviously unlikely, I foresee Ricky being the 2nd scoring option, down the stretch. Calling him the 4th option over at Miami is too far off. . .

  3. Davis will put up great stats pre-Wade, but then will slow down with Wade. Here’s what I see:
    Pre-Wade: 22ppg, 5 reb, 4ast, 1.5stl
    Post-Wade: 17ppg, 4reb, 6ast, 1.7stl

  4. Rick said


    The “Pre-Wade” stats you’ve got are all near, at or over Davis’s career highs. And he needs 38-40 mins a night to get there. Not likely. Especially the 1.5+ steals. He’s not a bad plug-in F but I think you’re looking at 15/4/4 and a 3 and a theft per game with 46% fro the field and 78% at the line. You might get close to equal stats off of, say, Ryan Gomes who tends to go undrafted in a lot of leagues.

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