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Aldridge: Off to a good start!

Posted by Erik on October 31, 2007

LaMarcus Aldridge, in a bad matchup (SA Spurs), blocked 2 bogies, picked a pocket, grabbed 3 boards, and scored a scorching 27 points, at an efficient 12-19 and 3-3 from the field and line respectively.

Yes, yes… I know its only the first game of the regular season. But that was a hell of a performance, considering his team’s matchup! I’m drooling to see his numbers against a less seasoned and less defensively minded team.

Fine, Duncan ended up with a sweeter spread (24, 13, 1), but at what round did most owners pick up old TD? For his average draft position, Aldridge still appears to be steal! He’s starting to look like his value is worth that of the Al Jefferson draft position region.

I own LaMarcus in a couple of leagues, and am now proud to say that he’s made my official “My Boy!” list (as coined by Rick). Stay tuned as we follow his explosive season!


9 Responses to “Aldridge: Off to a good start!”

  1. Rick said

    More important I think is the revelation in the minutes department for the Blazers. My Boy Joel Przybilla got 31 minutes and got 13-10-1-1, 4-5 from the field and 5-6 from the line, about what I was expecting from him. He’ll be a useful 3rd center (or 2nd if your desperate) if he can sustain this level. Martell Webster got 39 minutes (!) and canned 3 treys in a 9-15 night. If they give him that knid of burn, he’ll be a better pick than late-mid-rounders Kyle Korver and Walter Herrman because he’s starting and can block shots.

  2. Rick said

    On the flipside, Channing Frye did squat in 9 minutes. So much for the Frye/Aldridge frontcourt. I have no patience for ex-Knicks so I’d drop him for Przybilla immediately. Super-sleeper Travis Outlaw is again shafted with 20 uneventful minutes off the bench. He’s not useful right now, buit continue to keep an eye on him. He’s a Webster cold streak away from 30+ minutes and probably useful fantasy stats.

  3. Erik said

    I agree with all your comments entirely, that’s why I picked up Martell and Joel in our Roto League! Cheers!

  4. balancedman said

    Crazy that you came up with a blog of this name. I have been thinking of starting a fantasy basketball blog for a while now and this was one of the ideas I came up with not too long ago, only to find that you had already snagged it.

    Just out of curiosity, are you a Blazers fan? It seems like the comments above are all people following the blazers pretty close (or because only 3 games have played so far this season).

  5. Bart said

    I saw the name of your blog when doing a search, so was hoping you could help out. I was wondering if you have a site where you can get points in the paint data team by team? I used to get it from NBA.com, but they aren’t including it in the boxscores anymore.


  6. Bart said

    And, I now see it at Foxsports – I didn’t see it up there last night after the game.

    If you have anyplace else you check, would still like to know in case it disappears from foxsports.


  7. Erik said

    @ Balancedman: This was my second choice for a blog name. My first choice was The Full Court Press, unfortunately THAT was taken. I’m a Phoenix fan, myself. For some weird reason though, ever since I started playing fantasy basketball (I was a Kings fan then) I realized I started to cheer more for players that I owned (well for their stats at least) as opposed to the team I was supposedly a fan of… The other contributor to my blog is Rick, a friend of mine who I regularly play fantasy hoops with (3 leagues this year in fact) and often love talking and trash talking about fantasy ball with. He’s not a Blazer fan either. It’s just that the Blazers are a team of interest for us at the moment. It’s in flux and we are keeping an eye on which players come out of the gate to emerge as good fantasy options.

    @ Bart: I’ll screen around the net and see what I can find for you, but as of now Points in the Paint can best be searched on foxsports. Have your tried ESPN?

    Cheers guys! Thanks for reading my BLOG.

  8. Rick said

    I don’t really follow a team as much as I follow players, but if pressed to name a team I’d say I’m a Pacers or Celtics guy, since Reggie Miller and Larry Bird are my personal favorite players.

  9. Bart said

    I had tried espn, but didn’t see them there. It seems that some places were just slow to get started with it, as now I see them at usatoday, foxsports, and nba.com

    Thanks for the suggestion.


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