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Killing me softly…

Posted by Erik on November 16, 2007

The season’s underway and there are some things to cheer about and there are things to rant about. This is about the players I own in one or more of my fantasy teams that are simply “killing me!” – well at least my standings.

Amare Stoudemire – Soreness and swelling in his knees have caused him to rack up 3 DNPs out of the 9 games already played by the Suns. Understandably so, the coaching staff didn’t want to rush their Phenom-Center into knee-stressing action, and thus limited his average minutes thus far to just under 26 per game. Overall his numbers are down across the board (with the exception of blocks – 2.5 BPG) compared to last year. Personally, I don’t mind the hopefully temporary stat dip. It’s his 3 missed games that burned me in my H2H league. As of now, he doesn’t look too stable, healthwise at least, and it’s making it Hell for me to trade him away!

Peja Stojakovic – His “Today-I’m-Hot, Tomorrow-I’m-Not” roller coaster of a season start has left me and I’m assuming other fantasy owners gasping for air! Well he’s averaging poorly, but his 1 Monster game does allow that sliver of light to shine through the gray cloud of his erratic nightly production. Sadly, as a whole, his game – with the exception of his 3’s of course – has done more harm than help to my teams where I have him as a starter. His 12.7-point, 37.4 FG% game averages leave a lot to be desired. Rick didn’t like Peja coming into draft day and still feels roughly the same way to date. He has sincere doubts that his health (back) will make it through the course of the whole season. For now, I’m still optimistic – admittedly less and less with each passing bad/poor game – that Peja will eventually find the solid shooting consistency we fantasy players once knew him for.

Mike Miller – This supposedly reliable bomber from beyond the arc, has been shooting poorly and with a lot less success from the outside. Has the hair finally gotten in the way of his view of the basket? He seems to have found a new calling of sorts in the Grizzlies thus far, as he did improve his rebounding numbers. – Well if I wanted boards, I would have drafted a rebounding PF or C in the round I picked you up Mike. . . I drafted you for your 3’s and reliable percentages – jeez! Well the Grizzlies are in a state of flux for now. I suppose trying to find themselves and the team’s identity as each game goes by. Better get your act together, Memphis, or get ready to say “Bye, bye!” to your Spanish-Center-Sensation…

Ah last but not the least, Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Ben Wallace, Luol Deng… and all those other bums in Chicago! – to rant about these guys I had to do a whole article. I posted it over at HoopStar. Read it here.


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