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Is it time to pick up Sean Williams?

Posted by Erik on November 19, 2007

This 17th pick of the first round in this year’s draft, looks like he will be getting more and more opportunities to shine this year for the NETS as he is able to provide some relief for its injured/underperforming frontcourt (Jamaal Magloire, Nenad Krstic). So far Sean Williams averaging 2.4 BLKs per game and his minutes are steadily rising as the Carter-depleted NETS search its bench for alternative sources of offense. He seems to have youth, HEALTH, and athleticism working for him at the moment.

At least for the time being, I’d pick him up in deeper leagues, ride his run (while VC’s out) and move on to the next free agency pick-up from there. His run will remain predicated on the Health of his teammates who will take up both minutes and touches as they get back into 100% health. Rick’s already taken the lead and has picked up Sean in several of our leagues, more than confidently dropping Nenad to pick him. Nice move, Rick!


5 Responses to “Is it time to pick up Sean Williams?”

  1. Rick said

    I watched some Nets footage. Nenad is bad on the offense, but he’s really awful on defense. He has almost no lateral movement, and he can’t get off the ground. (Ok, he never could get off the ground.) Williams will get run, and I’m not convinced that he sits even when Carter returns. He should get 15-30 mins a night at PF or C. The Nets don’t have anyone else, and Kidd will make him better than he is. He’s got more upside than Desagana Diop, who’s owned in every league I’m in (and well should be for the defensive numbers).

  2. […] up for a $5.5, heads up and a $1, 6 man match. Both are 200 point caps. Forwards: After reading Points In The Paint Blog post about  Sean Williams I’m going to buy him tonight.  He only cost 10 points which looks […]

  3. Luis Escalante said

    Hey Eric, been looking for an e-mail address for ya, but can’t find one. I’m subscribed to your blog and we’re in the process of creating a dynasty league on CBS because one that we joined was broken up. We’re looking for active and very experienced owners to make it a highly competitive league, would you be interested? $10 to join (annually) and the draft is Monday, November 26th at 7pm EST. Please e-mail me at luisfe AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested. Thanks for considering!

  4. Erik said

    Luis, I am managing 8 leagues at the moment and am quite swamped. Please email me the details privately at pointsinthepaint.blog AT gmail DOT com.

  5. Rick said

    When I played dynasty hockey at Sportsline the interface was buggy as heck. I hope that they’re improved it enough to make it worth the $10!

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