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Slumping Bobcats

Posted by Erik on January 4, 2008

On paper the Charlotte Bobcats (11-19) have the talent to be a solid – well at least a winning team in the NBA. Their acquisition of Jason Richardson was supposed to have given them that extra scoring boost they desperately needed last season. He and Gerald Wallace were allegedly going to be the team’s one – two punch. Raymond Felton, arguably a very talented PG capable of dishing out assists left and right while picking opponents’ pockets on the other end of the floor was supposed to orchestrate a fast-paced offense this season. Emeka Okafor, even diligently shed some pounds over the pre-season in anticipation of the said offense.
So what’s happened to the Bobcats? A 1-10 road record speaks volumes about how bad they’re playing as apparently a not-so-cohesive unit thus far. Are they lost because they’ve lost Sean May and Adam Morrison to injuries? “Har Har!” – somehow I doubt it!!! In fairness though, the team’s a bit thin on the depth chart. – Well so is Boston! Duh!
So we can’t point the finger at the lack of player talent. Heck, the rebuilding Portland Trailblazers, who – on paper – have a lot less talent pushed other teams around as they went on an 11 game winning streak!

Well there’s only one direction to look in order to pin the blame on the donkey… and that’s on Sam Vincent, the Bobcats’ rookie coach. Yup! We’re pretty sure you’re not in the running for the Bobcats employee of the month in spite of your being handpicked by none other than Michael Jordan himself – Sorry Sam.

It appears that there isn’t a smooth flow to the Bobcats’ offense. Their wins have come off the sheer athleticism and talent of their two main studs, G. Wallace and J-Rich. The coaching staff seems lost in terms of finding the right and more importantly the more effective plays for the team to run. They tried to pin the team’s shortcomings on the ineffectivity of Primoz Brezec. Fine, after giving them the benefit of the doubt they go off and acquire Nazr Mohammed, who is – at least to my mind – a serviceable Center they can plug-in the 5-spot as the team seems to insist on playing their prime big man, Emeka Okafor on the 4. They finally started Nazr at C, but this was short lived as the team’s coaching staff decided to meddle – probably in frantic desperation – with the rotation and started old-journeyman, Jeff McInnis. What was the coaching staff smoking when they try to start Jeff to compensate for Felton’s string of poor games? Both he and Emeka have been slumping fantasywise as they’re mere shadows of their last season’s form. Hey I could be wrong, but maybe it isn’t the fault of the PG, but possibly the crap-plays they’re asking him to run. . .

Well the season’s far from over. I could be wrong and have to eat my misplaced rantings as the coaching staff finds a way to turn things around. Raymond and Emeka can eventually recover from their fantasy slumps, as the team finds it’s groove – as a TEAM. Or the team could simply get a new coach and start off fresh and make a run from there – hey the Bulls did it, why can’t they?. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

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