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For the DEEP Leagues

Posted by Erik on January 7, 2008

This isn’t necessarily scraping the bottom of the barrell but, if you’re playing in a deep league (18-20 managers) take a look at some of these guys (who may be in the FA market). They might just fill your team’s needs.

Chris Quinn (PG, SG) – While J-will’s recovering from his sore knees, expect this young PG to drop a few dimes while shooting a decent number of shots from beyond the arc for Miami while the team’s desperately scrounging for scoring options.

Larry Hughes (PG, SG) – He’s an on and off type of player who’s never been really consistent for the Cavaliers ever since he’s moved over there from the Wizards. He DOES, however, seem to have recovered some of his old PT so keep an eye out on his production as the Cavs’ lackluster back court continuously scrounges for some success.

Kareem Rush (SG) – Need a little boost in your team’s 3PTM? Then Kareem may be the guy for you. He’s shot 2 or more 3’s in 8 of his last 10 games and scored in double figures in as many games too. He’s the primary outside scoring option of Indiana off the bench so look to him to retain a decent amount of minutes.

Luke Walton (SF) – He’s healthy once again and has retaken his starting SF job from team newcomer Trevor Ariza. Don’t expect him to produce numbers close to his last season’s healthy numbers as the offense in LA has been more spread out across its role players. Keep an eye out on his relatively efficient production as his playing time slowly rises.

Joe Smith (PF) – Chicago’s only true offensive post presence has had a string of good games ever since the Bull’s coaching change. His numbers aren’t always pretty but because of his specialized (well in his team at least) talent, he appears to get a reasonably heft amount of PT.

Nene Hilario (PF, C) – He’s slowly recovering. His PT is still quite low at the moment but it’s refreshing to see that he’s grabbed at least 6+ boards since he’s been back. Considering the volatilty of Kenyon Martin’s health, you might consider taking a flyer on Nene if your team’s in need of a little more rebounds.

Sean Williams / Josh Boone (PF, C) – Take your pick on which young NET stalwart PF/C you want to use to add some meat on your team’s front court. Sean’s got more BLKS, but Josh appears to be scoring and rebounding a bit more. i wouldn’t be too worried about Nenad’s supposed nearing comeback. He pushed himself too much and too soon early in the season as he came back from injury. Expect the coaching staff to treat his return with kid gloves.

Mark Blount (PF, C) – I know he’s been horrible throughout his limited court appearances thus far, but due to the sheer lack of Centers in Miami expect him to eventually get worked back into decent playing form – hopefully sooner rather than later – especially because his PT’s lifespan’s only as good as the severity of Shaq’s injury woes. If he can find some of last season’s form from when he was back with the T-Wolves, he may prove to be a serviceable tertiary, or god-forbid a secondary Center for your team.


3 Responses to “For the DEEP Leagues”

  1. Patrick said

    I’ve been waiting for Blount to work his way into decent playing form since he was on the Celtics… but your right, he’s all the Heat have back there right now. In fact, the Heat depth chart made me laugh:


  2. Chris said

    I definitely on board with Luke Walton. A few days ago, I picked him up off waivers. I liked the odds of him getting his starting job back. At the time I was thinking it was a little bit of a gamble, but reading that made me feel a little less crazy. Here here!

  3. Erik said

    @ Patrick – Well your Pat Riley tried experimenting with 7 foot Earl Barron for a while in the starting lineup but that clearly didn’t work out. Mark’s now getting the opportunity to prove he’s worth plugging in the starting 5 spot while Shaq’s out. This might take some time as the team tends to go “small ball” and use Udonis Haslem at C. Don’t worry as they’ll most likely not ever start Udonis at C, so Mark will get his minutes.

    @ Chris – Luke’s worth sitting on if he’s just going warm your team’s bench. I would risk him in a starting lineup for now. Let’s wait and see if he can get a groove going to up his production for him to warrant a fantasy starting job.

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