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Welcome Back Kevin Martin!

Posted by Erik on January 16, 2008

I drafted and own Kevin Martin in 2 of my more important leagues (in terms of bragging rights). I suffered (blood, sweat, and tears) through his absence due to his groin injury. I really felt the pinch, missing his efficient and FT%-impacting 24 PPG!

Well now he’s back and healthy as a horse! – I mean that in a nice way Kevin.

He’s come back ON FIRE! He’s averaging a staggering 32 PPG clip at ridiculously insane efficiency – a whopping 84 FG%! and 19 of 21 from the FT line (90.5%) In his second game back he shot the lights out of the Dallas Mavericks, dropping 39 big ones on them; snapping the Mavs 7-game win streak. Now that’s one hell of a comeback-bitch-slapping! (“pardon my French”)

As one of your fantasy owners Kevin, I’d just like to give you PROPS for coming back with a vengeance and would like to wish you well. Keep it up!


One Response to “Welcome Back Kevin Martin!”

  1. Dannie said

    This guy has the ugliest game for a good player I have ever seen. He is probably one of if not the biggest “come out of nowhere” stars in the league.

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