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Show Me Some Boobie!

Posted by Erik on January 26, 2008

After hearing the news that Cleveland starting SG Sasha Pavlovic may miss up to 2 months with a sprained foot, I was bubbling with elated anticipation at the thought that Daniel “Boobie” Gibson would return to the starting lineup. But alas my hopes were briefly extinguished by coach Mike Brown’s decision to start Ira Newble in his stead. – What the @#$%! was that about?

I, along with Boobie’s other eager fans, were hoping that he would get another crack at the starting job and be able to blossom as a suitable member of a supporting crew for LBJ. Well I’m not exactly a full-blown fan so-to-speak, it’s just that I enjoy following Boobie’s fantasy NBA career this year in particular because I’m proud to say that I scouted him as a SLEEPER as early as September! And believe me this kid’s got some skills. True, he’s on the smaller side, needing to further bulk up his 6’2″, 190 lb. frame; but man can he light it up from beyond the arc on a good night! He’s averaging 2.4 treys for the season from that range. It’s just unfortunate that LeBron’s passing game favors the team’s big men more as he prefers to pass deeper into the paint, to the open man, as the defense collapses on him when he drives in for a penetration. Boobie and his game would actually be flourishing in a team that had a solid big man to post in the paint and liked to kick out to ball to it’s shooters when the double team arrives.

What actually got me to believe that Boobie had potential this year was his 31 point performance in the Cavs’ Eastern Conference playoff stint versus the Detroit Pistons last year. Here’s a FLASHBACK. How many rookies do you know have stepped up like that in a high pressure playoff situation? He clearly he showed that he has what it takes to become an eventual force to be reckoned with. Fine he hasn’t exactly exploded on the level I was hoping he would but he nonetheless has produced more than respectable numbers thus far for someone who went undrafted in most fantasy leagues this year. So coach Brown, give him more opportunities to shine this year and show us some more Boobie in that starting lineup of yours!


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