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Recent Signings

Posted by Erik on February 1, 2008

In the midst of the hullabaloo of teams trying to find a new home for a “Kidd ” from Jersey, there has been a small flurry of free agent signings in the NBA as teams are adjusting to their needs. Some of these moves stem from teams needing to adjust to the situation of their injured players or because Nellie’s the coach and he says so – and you don’t want to piss of “the Don“. Let’s take a look at the Fantasy impact of these moves and players, if any.

Chris Webber – It looks like we won’t be seeing much more of Chris in the stands watching games in his thousand dollar suits. Well at least until he gets injured. He’s signed with the Golden State Warriors, getting the full endorsement of former coach Don Nelson. On paper he’s a good fit for the Warriors’ up-tempo, ball-sharing style of play, as Chris is considered to be one of the NBA’s premier passing big men. Unfortunately, he’s been notorious for being more “passer” than “big man”, as he’s been known to be a liability when he’s guarding the NBA’s other “true” big men. If Chris gets any significant playing time, the player who stands to lose the most is Al Harrington, GSW’s resident outside scoring big man, who is more outside scorer than big man. Chris will most likely find himself averaging 20 or so minutes as he’s capable of upping the team’s basketball IQ while on the floor. I wonder, however, what kind of shape is Chris in, not having played in an NBA game since last year’s playoffs with the Pistons. So far Don’s changed the starting lineup a multitude of times and it appears that no one has guaranteed minutes other than BD ( Baron Davis), Stephen Jackson, and just recently Monta Ellis. So Webber will not be a source of stable fantasy production. He is, however, a much more viable PF/C pick up option than anyone available on the market right now. He’ll arguably out perform Seattle’s low-end PF/C crop of Kurt Thomas, Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison- who are all most likely owned in most leagues right now. But he’ll still be a far cry from your Rasheed Wallaces or your Emeka Okafors. I can see him performing more along the lines of Troy Murphy or Mehmet Okur’s flim-flammy seasons-to-date.

Fantasy Impact Rating: 6-7 of 10

Earl Boykins -The Charlotte Bobcats recently signed Earl Boykins. I’m not exactly sure where he’ll fit in their rotation. He may be intended to serve as an offensive spark off the bench – something the team’s clearly been lacking – or he may even be used as a reliable starter alongside Raymond Felton. I’m leaning to think that he’s there to bolster the team’s bench. He’s had a history of being an efficient producer, averaging 14.6 PTS, 4.4 ASTS and less than 2 TOs over his stints in Denver and Milwaukee last year. But based on the principle that it is easier to find guards on the fantasy waivers than big men, so his appearance on wire does not create as big a splash as Chris Webber, for example. If your team needs some efficient production of the guard stat nature then it’s possible to see if Earl can be a servicable 3rd PG option, but with the likes of Luke Ridnour and Travis Diener (who actually isn’t so bad while Jamaal Tinsley’s out) are lounging away their time in most markets, I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath.

Fantasy Impact Rating: 2.5-3 of 10

Damon Stoudamire – He’s set to sign with the San Antonio Spurs. Whoopty-do! A waste of time and Spur resources as far as I’m concerned. He should be thankful that Tony Parker’s heel is more important to Coach Pops than winning at the moment. He’ll get his minutes and his touches and most of all get an opportunity to work with a coach who can hopefully inculcate, if not scream some sense of team play and decent floor leadership into this has-been PG diva. As long as Tony’s off the court with his Heel spur issue, damon may actually be a serviceable 3rd-option PG for some fantasy teams out there. With TD finishing , how can’t he get his assists? With Brent Barry out, how can he not get the liscence to shoot his not-so-accurate 3 point shots? I guess he’ll have the rest of the season or until Tony recovers (whichever comes first) to either piss off or make his fantasy owners happy. Is he worth burning a waiver position? Well if your team REALLY needs some help in the 3’s and assists department, then I guess you could take a flyer on him.

Fantasy Impact Rating: 5 of 10


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