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Top Tier Players by Position 08-09 Page

Posted by Erik on September 7, 2008

Ever since I started blogging about fantasy basketball, one of PitP’s most popular blog entries has been my breakdown of the NBA’s top players into tiers. I meant it as a guide and draft resource for people to see where player values can be loosely grouped together and where these groupings begin and end. I think it’s worth converting into a permanent page on my BLOG which I will simply update as the seasons come and go.

The fundamental basis of this tiering system are Y! Rankings (9 Categories) and of course my personal view on the players’ fantasy outlook for this coming season. Since some players are eligible in multiple positions, you might see them appear in multiple entries. I felt that it was important to categorize players based on all their eligible positions. Since Yahoo Fantasy Basketball isn’t up yet as I write this post, the eligibility is based on last year’s settings – which I feel won’t change much this season. Once position eligibility is clear, I will edit the page to reflect the changes.

In my post of September last year, I broke the players down into 3 tiers. I decided to be a bit more industrious this year and highlight a more in-depth focus on the players’ value variance.

For purposes of comparison and/or added information here’s GMTR’s player tier breakdown.

By the way, I decided to stay away from including rookies in the tiers this year.

So click HERE to check out the new page.

Some thoughts:

  • As I was writing the page I noticed a greater variance in depth in forward positions compared to the PG and C slots. This then leads me to recommend getting your hands on quality PGs and Cs in the early rounds. Whether you decide to go double PG or C, or whether you want to secure one of each; that’s up to you and the strategy you are using for your draft. If you don’t have a good quality C or PG by the 4th round of your draft, then something’s either really off or really funky with your drafting style.
  • This tier breakdown is best applied when preparing for a rotisserie draft. I feel there would be some differences in certain players ‘ tiers if it were for the head to head format.

I want to keep the page clean so please post any comments you may have under this entry, you may however feel free to ping back to it if you so desire. Thanks.


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