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Head to Head Rankings

Posted by Erik on September 10, 2008

I played in 8 fantasy basketball leagues last season 4 roto and 4 head to head… yes I had to get another yahoo ID just to play in four more… yes it was challenge to manage, especially the 4 head to head leagues… yes I still had a life to go back to afterwards…

That was the most exposure I’ve ever had in the Fantasy Basketball head to head format in one go, and frankly it (the format) started to grow on me. It gave immediate gratification in terms of winning. It gave me something to look forward to at the end of the fantasy week. I looked around the net and didn’t see a lot of resources specifically aimed at the head to head format in fantasy basketball. The format is more popularly used in Fantasy Football. So I’ve decided to show roto’s slightly less popular sibling format some love this year.

The original intended title of this post was supposed to be “Dwight Howard, Games Played, and other reasons Head to Head needs its own Big Board”, but it was a bit too damn long and I had to simplify.

Still reading? Here’s a re-run of one of my earlier posts last year – Fantasy Strategy: Head to Head VS Rotisserie. Some people who aren’t too knowledgeable in the head to head format can use it as a reference. You may have to pardon some of the examples I used, it was written before last season even started, so they are best understood in the context of two years prior and further back… the point is the umbrella concepts still apply today…

Basically, there are enough differences between the 2 formats that it is possible to value players differently. These valuations may not be too far from each other because we deal with similar stats and cats, but the nuances are distinct enough for fantasy managers to make different drafting decisions. e.g. Dwight Howard

Clark Kent in Roto - Superman in Head to Head

Clark Kent in Roto - Superman in Head to Head

Dwight Howard doesn’t get a lot of love in most of the lists, rankings, and mock drafts around the net primarily because his FT% impact is too big a stinger to swallow in the Fantasy Basketball rotisserie format. I must admit that I’m personally still staying away from picking him in my roto leagues this year too. But let’s take a look at him in the context of head to head, where categories have an equal value of 1 point each. His drawbacks in FT% and TOs can be tanked, while his FG% (59.9), REBS (14.2) and BLKS (2.2) are very competitive – actually his FG and REBS are quite dominant in H2H; he’s a monster on the “big man” cats in a deep league. Another factor in considering Dwight in head to head is that he hasn’t missed a single NBA game yet, and GPs carry bit more weight in h2h compared to roto. I figured he wouldn’t be ranked as low if he were to be placed in a H2H-specific list of top draft-worthy players.

So I decided to come up with a list – yeah people really enjoy lists, all kinds of lists – of the Top 50 Ranked players for the Head to Head format. No, I didn’t do it just for Dwight to get some fantasy blog love… I did it for all the bums like me who enjoy the FBB H2H format and want to be better informed and prepared for this year’s draft.

So here’s PITP’s Head to Head Rankings Page!

Some Notes:

  • The rankings are based on 9 categories – Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Block, 3 Points Made, Field Goal and Free Throw %s, and Turnovers
  • Even though it’s for a different format the list is still founded on Y! rankings and how the players perform in the above mentioned 9 categories. As with all my lists, they (the rankings) are influenced by my personal views on how I expect players to do this year.
  • I have filtered in some added value on a player’s health stability (historical GPs) – yup, Yao Ming just fell to the 5th round; his explosive factor – LeBron > Amare; and effectively down played extreme negative CAT impact – woot! Dwight Howard in the Top 20 of a fantasy ranking list.
  • Rookies were intentionally not included in the ranking process
  • It was originally meant to be just a list. I mucked around with the draft and couldn’t stop typing. I’m sorry if it ended up too Funston-ish.
  • Feedback is very much welcome, as this is an experimental attempt on my part.

UPDATE: The page is now expanded to TOP 72! – as of October 10, 2008


7 Responses to “Head to Head Rankings”

  1. Brendan K. said

    Honestly, I’ve only ever played H2H, as roto seems too uninvolved for a fantasy game to me. I mean, I like combing box scores to play hot hands off the waiver wire, and I like changing strategies from week to week to win cats and punt others depending on your opponent. 2RR is geared toward H2H play for this reason.

  2. Brian M said

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. People do not understand the difference in h2h and roto, and its about time someone comes up with a big bord for h2h. Thanks

  3. ZhenBZhen said

    Nice board. very helpful for my upcoming draft. Do you think its smart to stack your team in certain categories? Like only having big men for my utilities, so i could maybe dominate blks, rbds,fg %, to’s, maybe points or the other way with guards and dominate ft%, 3 pts, assists, and steals and maybe points. Oh my league also has fgm, ftm, 3pt%, and A/T. Im trying to get him to remove 3 Pt%. With this, I might be able to go with all guards in my earlier rounds and neglect big men. What do you think?

  4. ZhenBZhen said

    Just commenting again bc i put the wrong email adress the first time

  5. Erik said

    Based on the cats your league has, it actually favors a small ball strategy. The more uncommon ones like A/T ratio and 3pt% are effectively small man oriented. So if you were to build a team choc full of small guys, you could possibly win cats like assists, a/t ratio, steals, ft%, 3s, 3pt% – that’s 7 cats right there without considering points yet.

    I would be of better assistance if I knew all the cats involved in your league settings though. Like do you have offensive and defensive rebounds?

  6. ZhenBZhen said

    Yeah offensive rebounds i left out. that would make 13 categories.

    Roster Positions: PG, SG, G, G, SF, PF, F, F, C, C, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
    Stat Categories: FGM, FG%, FTM, FT%, 3PTM, 3PT%, PTS, OREB, REB, AST, ST, BLK, A/T

  7. Erik said

    Here, let’s break down your league’s cats;
    Small Ball cats: FGM (for some), PTS, FT%, 3PTM, 3PT%, AST, STL, A/T (8)
    Big Ball cats: FGM, FG%, PTS, OREB, REB, BLK (6)

    As you can see, it favors little guys. Getting the best small men will be to your advantage. I would stack up on quality small guys then grab some good rebounding bigs to fill your big man slots. You can use either bigs or smalls for your util slots, as you prefer.

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