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Give Me The Rock Mock Draft

Posted by Erik on September 17, 2008

GMTR’s Mock Draft is up and running. I made the cut and am part of the group of Fantasy Freaks who are going to duke it out on the Draft Board. Woohoo!

I am in 11th position out of 12 and this concerns me. Why should it? Well because last season gave us a lot of volatility due to massive player movement due to blockbuster trades, season-ending injuries and the emergence of some new fantasy studs on the block. We will truly feel the repercussions in THIS year’s rankings and player valuations.

The lucky bums who ended up picking in the first 4 spots are at a first round advantage as they’re pretty much in the “no-brainer” zone. They’re challenge will be how to capitalize on their round one initiative and draft solid 2nd-rounders to go with their picks. There are some shoe-in choices for the next 4-5 picks after. Solid choices that are pretty much still popular across the net.

I happen to find myself in the zone that needs a little bit more speculation and drafting creativity (last 3). I have to consider who will end this year in the TOP 10 among a plethora of viable and debatable options. I will really be putting my first round bounce strategies to the test now.

Stay tuned as I keep as many of my appendages crossed so that I don’t end up with a complete FUBAR of a draft and wind up looking like a DONKEY. 😛


2 Responses to “Give Me The Rock Mock Draft”

  1. Brendan K. said

    Yeah, picking 5th-9th is the absolute shit this season, as you get a great player of pretty much your own choice from a group like Wade, Brand, Dirk, Arenas- whoever! The flexibility of having more players available to you is just so much easier than being at the end (like you) or the beginning (like me.) It’s okay, because we need the practice, but I’m biting my nails as all of my 2nd round targets disappear…

  2. Erik said

    I recall you were pimping LBJ as a first round alternative to CP3 in one article over at 2RR. What suddenly make you choose MAN-Beast over Mr. Triple Double as the second pick?

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