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ZERO Games Played for November

Posted by Erik on September 18, 2008

Just as the internet Mock Drafts have come out with Gilbert Arenas getting chosen somewhere between the 15th and 16th pick, we now find out that he will be playing ZERO games for the first month of the season. It’s a good thing that the mock drafts are what they are, hypothetical. He may not be Tom Brady, nor may he be out for the whole season; but Agent Zero’s owners (if the mock drafts were real) would be in a world of hurt. The CURRENT estimated timetable for his return is in December. So he will be jumping into NBA play without the benefit of training camp – which he would have needed to acclimatize himself to playing with his teammates again. He will need all of his talent, skills and bodily fortitude to get back to viable fantasy form by January. I’m glad I reached for Deron Williams over him in the 2nd round of the GMTR Mock Draft.


This bit of disappointing news was all I needed to reassure myself that I should stay away from drafting the 111 Million Dollar man this season. The “if he comes back strong” variable is now taken out of the picture in my consideration to draft him in the first 3 rounds. The thought of passing up on a stud in the 2nd or 3rd was quite unsettling. Now that it is clear that he won’t be a fantasy force – at least to begin the season, I can calmly and confidently bump him down the rankings. He will probably land in the 6th round or less once I expand my Head to Head Big Board to a TOP 100 list.


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