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GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 2

Posted by Erik on September 19, 2008

You will have to excuse the varying tables from the previous post to this one. WordPress doesn’t allow cut and paste of XL files into blog posts. So I’ve had to go mucking around on Windows Live Writer for a bit. Anyway, let’s go on with the 2nd round.


Pick Team Player Position
2-1 Alpha_Terrance Al Jefferson PF/C
2-2 Points  in the Paint Deron Williams PG
2-3 SA Spurscasters Baron Davis PG
2-4 Sexy Time Chauncey Billups PG
2-5 OKC Colon Thunder Gilbert Arenas PG
2-6 GiveMeTheRock Caron Butler SF
2-7 Doneycat Chris Bosh PF/C
2-8 Bucko Marcus Camby C
2-9 REAL Batman Danny Granger SF
2-10 Jeff’s Duncanfaces Steve Nash PG
2-11 2nd Round Reach David West PF
2-12 Epicte Andrew Bynum C

Pick 2-1: Al Jefferson – He is a solid choice. When going double PF/C bounce strategy with Carlos Boozer, they both provide a combined 40 PPG and 20 RPG at 50 FG%. Yes he IS a superior choice over Boozer, but when you’re last in the 1st and the first in the 2nd, your picks are effectively interchangable. If I was to go double C strat, I would seriously consider Al-Jeff but not Carlos. I would probably be looking at the likes of Camby, Dwight Howard, or Tim Duncan to go with Al; well because they block and Boozer doesn’t. Fine, you lose a lot of scoring with Marcus Camby and pretty much kill or hurt FT% with Superman and TD. Considering that Al-Jeff shoots in the low 70s from the line, strangling blocks, boards and FG% seem more potent in terms of taking the lead in the big man numbers in exchange for FT%.

Pick 2-2: Deron Williams – My pick. After leading off with Allen Iverson in the 1st round, I was considering 3 guys to pick in the next. Marcus Camby (C), Danny Granger (SF), and the guy I eventually decided on – Deron. Camby would have provided balance to A.I.’s guard stats, but I’m a bit wary of how he will perform in LA alongside Chris Kaman. Danny is a multi-cat stud, but I felt his well rounded contribution was more useful in roto as picking him and does not necessarily focus me on a particular direction for my team. Deron was a bit of a reach at 14th, I’ll be the first to admit that. I felt that there will be no more top tier PGs coming back my way in the 3rd round. He helps improve my assists, steals, FG% and 3s, preserves FT% and points – my guard stats in a nutshell. As an afterthought, I’m glad I took him; especially after seeing the “guard run” that followed  my pick.

Pick 2-3: Baron Davis – I felt his contract year over at GSW was lightning and I would be thoroughly impressed if he was able get it to strike him again. I am not too high on getting him this early. He does provide SA Suprscasters some good guard numbers to compliment his first pick, Josh Smith’s “big man” numbers. Bye-bye %s, but stats that total are now pretty well rounded.

Pick 2-4: Chauncey Billups – Among the “aging guards”, I would have preferred Steve Nash at this spot. Chauncey’s great for roto and a definitely solid pick for that format, but for H2H Steve can just explode with 15 or more assists and just lock down that cat in some match-ups. He led off with KG in the first and might not have wanted to go “I’m going to punt TOs.” road just yet. A good non-guard partner for KG would have been Chris Bosh. He gives solid %s and helps out with the boards and blocks.

Pick 2-5: Gilbert Arenas – I will discuss this pick in the milieu prior to the news breaking that Gil will be out til December, which is when Thunder made the pick anyway. I was not convinced he was well. I was sure I was going to pass him up in the second regardless of when I was picking in that round. So I saw it as a very risky pick all around. With Dirk in the first, I would have gone with Nash, Granger, Bosh, Kevin Martin. Didn’t like Gil at all here and I’m glad that the news has proven that my caution and biases were not unfounded.

Pick 2-6: Caron Butler – On sheer player value this is a good pick, but what does he really add to your foundation of picking Elton Brand? He adds steals and points while preserving percentages. That’s about it. He neither solidifies Brand’s big man numbers nor does he round out the team core with small man numbers like 3s and assists. I would have liked to see with guys like Iverson or Paul for a steal cat stranglehold without really sacrificing anything in exchange. Hmm… maybe I should have paired him with my A.I. pick.

Pick 2-7: Chris Bosh – I’ve never been too much of a Bosh fan. I’ve always found him to be too lanky and too stringy for PF/C. I always viewed him as an injury risk and he hasn’t exactly played 80+ games to prove my worries wrong either. Ok, after setting aside my biases against Chris for a moment, he is after Amare and Elton the last “reliable” PF/C with solid %s. His numbers are pretty ok across the board and his DNPs are his worst stat, really. I’m still a Camby > Bosh kinda guy.

Pick 2-8: Marcus Camby – Finally! Someone decided to get over their “How will he do as a Clipper?” fear and take a chance on arguably one of the best “big man” stat anchors in the game today. Marion + Camby is a good pairing to start off with, especially if you’re not after a win in the points category – which Bucko said is going to be strategy anyway. He’s commited to give up points in exchange for the TO cat, while stocking up on rebounds, blocks and steals. No complaints about this pick here, in fact its a good pairing.

Pick 2-9: Danny Granger – I didn’t want to reach for him at 14th, but he is good value at this stage of the draft considering his upside. He fits with Kobe and doesn’t really sacrifice any categories. Two multi-cat guys with no real drawbacks is a good core for almost any team.

Pick 2-10: Steve Nash – Let’s give credit where credit is due. This is the best 1st-2nd round pairing in the draft. Steve preserves LBJ’s FG% contribution while improving on the 3s and assists categories. Well in fairness, LBJ contributes in so many categories that isn’t too hard to find someone to complement him as a fantasy core player. You can go with Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan and round out the pairing with some blocks and more boards while tanking FT% or like what Jeff did and go with a guard like Nash. This pair sort of puts my AI-Deron tandem to shame. 😦

Pick 2-11: David West – I foresaw him being reached for in the late 2nd or early 3rd this year so this wasn’t too much of a surprise. He’s got room to improve and is a solid PF. What I didn’t foresee was that he’d be paired up with Amare Stoudemire. In the end grabbing two big men with solid %s isn’t a bad way to begin your fantasy draft.

Pick 2-12: Andrew Bynum – REACH! – and a bad one if I may add. I don’t think it was necessary to “lock down” Bynum THIS early in the draft. Even if you’re really hot to see him on your team, I don’t think it would have been too much a strech of the imagination to see him comeback to you in the 4th round.  There’s just so much better value in the pool at this point. I’m sorry Epicte, but I respectfully and strongly disaagree with your Bynum pick this early.


7 Responses to “GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 2”

  1. Ridds said

    A few teams shaping up real nice. I agree with your analysis overall.
    If I was Alpha_Terrance I would have paired Jefferson and Duncan for sure. Lebron and Nash is a scray start. Williams was a reach on your part but I understand your strategy. Anyway the Williams reach was nothing compared to the Bynum reach. Fourth round earliest possible time you can even highlight his name with the possibility of him being around in the Fifth round in most drafts. Their is just was too many question marks around him, the Lakers depth chart while so many other quality players still exist in the draft.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Brendan K. said

    Bynum… what can I say?

  3. Chris said

    Nice analysis. Bynum in the 2nd round? I wouldn’t even draft him that early in my keeper league. Lebron+Nash is a pretty sexy pick. Even sexier would have been Lebron+Dwight while giving up FT%.

  4. dyeyk2000 said

    yo erik!

    good stuff you got here. but lemme explain my chauncey pick:

    1. this is the 2nd round, and i’m not really big on taking risks this early. compared to all the other pgs expected to go high (nash, baron, AI), chauncey had the least question marks. i’m a firm believer in the saying that you don’t win your league in the 1st 3 rounds, but you can certainly lose it 😛

    2. chauncey’s just 32. cmon! he’s not that old yet :P, but he’s getting there. still i expect this to be a very productive year as he’s been very consistent the past few years. ask me again next yr, by then i’ll probably be a bit more wary of him haha. nash on the other hand is 34! i dunno man.. remember gary payton? sam cassell? these guys values can drop dramatically between years partly due to age. (to a certain extent, AI is risky as well coz he’s 33)

    3. are they gonna run? phx is no longer the run and gun phx that we know. new coach. new GM. and they got the big cactus. nash is gonna get his, but is it gonna be as good as the nash of yester year? ditto for baron.

    so yeah.. if by year end nash, baron, AI are gonna be slightly higher than chauncey, i’ll be totally fine with that. they’re all top 20 anyway. but if one of those guys pulls a sam cassell on you, then you’ve pretty much wasted your 2nd round pick 😛

  5. Erik said

    Thanks for the comments guys! 🙂
    No need to explain your Chauncey pick Jake. I was just explaining my preference. I’m not going to argue about him being a TOP 20 guy, I’m with you on that one man.
    The one non-age related fear I do have tagged on Chauncey is that Joe Dumars is rather hot to trot in terms of getting a jump on the Pistons’ rebuilding era. That kind of adds a slight tinge of uncertainty hanging over pretty much all the Detroit Vets.

    If you’ll notice in my post in Round 3, I said your team’s pretty decent. That includes Chauncey by the way. 🙂

  6. dyeyk2000 said

    ahaha it’s cool man. just wanted everyone to hear my opinion, so on draft day, they have another POV to look at on where to value these PGs hehe.

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