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GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 5

Posted by Erik on September 23, 2008

This is one competitive bunch of drafting freaks! You’ve got a whole buffet of assorted strategies banging around in the paint (draft pool). These guys are tenacious. I’ve even got my own faves: Jeff’s team and SA Spurscasters. Looking sharp there boys. Some teams are coming around nicely, others not so much. I suppose there are mixed feelings from the drafters at this point. Some guys wished this was a real league so they can see their strategies come to fruition, while others are probably wishing they could do over certain picks and are glad that it’s just a mock draft. For the guys who fall into the latter category, fret not fellow drafters! My first round pick, Allen Iverson, probably put it best:

It Ain’t a Game, It’s Just Practice!

I’d like to thank some of the other drafters for chiming in with their comments. I appreciate the interaction, keep it up. I must admit that I’m learning a lot as I find myself having my fair share of “Doh! I wanted him!” moments – I found myself saying it a lot especially in this round .

Let’s keep the ball rolling with ROUND 5.


Pick Round Fantasy Team Player Position
49 5-1 Epicte Chris Kaman C
50 5-2 2nd Round Reach Andris Biedrins C
51 5-3 Jeff’s Jawai-nots Manu Ginobili SG
52 5-4 REAL Batman Gerald Wallace SF
53 5-5 Bucko Maurice Williams PG
54 5-6 Doneycat Mehmet Okur PF/C
55 5-7 GiveMeTheRock Michael Redd SG
56 5-8 OKC Thunder Tyson Chandler C
57 5-9 Sexy Time Andrew Bogut C
58 5-10 SA Spurscasters Stephen Jackson SG
59 5-11 Points in the Paint Peja Stojakovic SF
60 5-12 Alpha_Terrance Lamar Odom PF

Pick 5-1: Chris Kaman – Here’s a much needed booster pick to bolster Epicte’s Bynum-anchored front court. Epicte’s reaping the benefits of his early Rashard pick (banking his treys cat). CP3 + Rahsard = Solid small man numbers right there! Now he can leisurely grab probably the highest scoring big man left among the Centers remaining in the pool. Kaman’s not just about the points and FG% though, he showed us last season that he can chip in his fair share of blocks (2.8). Even though some people feel his numbers will drop while playing alongside Camby this year, I am actually more worried about his back holding up for a full NBA season especially after his Olympic stint, than Camby cramping his style. Good pick for Epicte’s team.

Pick 5-2: Andris Biedrins – Me likey likey, this pick for 2RR. His commitment to his team’s efficiency is well preserved by Andris (1.1 TOs). This young stud, yes he’s only 22, quietly adds boards, blocks, FG% and steals to 2nd Round Reach’s focused cats. He does have some smelly shots from the line (62%), but at a measly 2.5 attempts there’s no reason for Amare (8.8 attempts) and David West (4.6 attempts) to not be able to keep 2RR’s FT% intact. No complaints here, another good fit.

Pick 5-3: Manu Ginobili – When you’re hot, you’re hot. Jeff’s Jawai-nots is so confident that he’s built a solid enough foundation over the first 4 rounds that he’s willing to WAIT on Manu’s recovery. At 51st pick, Jeff feels Manu’s giving him good value even though he may be joining this fantasy team a bit not-so-fashionably late than the rest his players. Once healthy, Manu will be pouring in those small ball stats of 3s, steals, and dishes for the Jawai-nots. We’ll have to wait and see for the NBA season to actually play out before we can judge whether or not this pick is more risk than reward.

Pick 5-4: Gerald Wallace – This guy may be officially on everyone’s “injury prone” list (20 DNPs just last year), but then again how long can you sit on his talent while waiting on the draft queue? He’s the no-brainer number 2 guy for the Bobcats, so he’ll get his touches (he seems to be looking healthy for this year). G-Wall improves REAL Batman’s defensive #s while helping fill the scoring void left by his J-Kidd pick. It would probably have been either this pick or another C for REAL Batman at this point. My main concern for this pick is Gerald’s 73.1% FT at 6.9 attempts a game. Can Kobe and Danny, REAL Batman’s first 2 picks, make enough shots from the stripe to compensate?

Pick 5-5: Maurice Williams – When Andre Miller got picked last round, I knew Mo wouldn’t fall too far behind. He’s in a new team (Cavaliers) this year so his numbers may differ from last year’s, although I doubt they (his numbers) will be too far off from what we are expecting. “Mr. Punt the Points Strategy”, Bucko, drafted him with the expectations of his scoring dropping  while his assists going up. This is where I disagree with the projections for Mo’s stats. I feel things will end up the other way around. LeBron needs scoring help, and that’s what I foresee the Cavs to be asking Mo to do. I project 18-19 PPG and 5.5 APG from him while taking over PG duties in Cleveland. All in all, his 1.4 treys, 1.2 steals and good FT% still fit in Bucko’s team quite nicely.

Pick 5-6: Mehmet Okur – This is one of those “Doh! I wanted him!” moments in the draft for me. Mehmet’s 3-point shooting from the 4 or 5 spot is a juicy boost for any small ball oriented team. But somehow it’s his good quality shooting from the 15-foot line and the Jazz’s 5 game swing during H2H’s playoffs that tickled Doneycat’s fancy for this pick. Clearly blocks are not a priority for this team, so Mehmet fits the mold quite well.

Pick 5-7: Michael Redd – GMTR (Nels) has come up with what he calls a “mid-ball” team. He’s been picking “the best guy available” since the ROUND 1 and this 5th round is no exception. He’s got tons of points and a mish-mosh of other cats here and there (FT% and some steals, mainly). He puts this pick into its best perspective in his own words:

“Um… yeah, I think I just realized I am subconsciously building a mid-ball team. Good thing this is just practice for my real leagues, where hopefully I can avoid doing that… Not sure I really have any other choice at this point, though.”

– GiveMeTheRock

Yup Nels, Allen Iverson said it best. I’m not the kind of prick to rub salt on open wounds or kick a man when he’s down – well actually I am, but just not this once. So I’ll just give GMTR credit for a lesson learned, leave it at that and move on. 🙂

Pick 5-8: Tyson Chandler – Not known for his shotblocking as much as his rebounding prowess, Ty is the Thunder’s first center pick in the draft so far. Considering that all the Marquee named guys are taken, Tyson probably seemed like the best option. Chandler may be on a better NBA team, but I would have personally picked up Andrew Bogut in this spot. Less boards for more blocks and scoring – FT% stinks a tad worse though, but I figure Dirk and Brandon can make enough attempts from the line to curb that cat downside.

Pick 5-9: Andrew Bogut – Speak of the devil. Here’s another center wizzing past my head. As I said earlier I like Andrew in this stage in the draft. His FT% is just plain FUGLY, thank goodness he doesn’t go to the line as often as Dwight Howard! He improves on the blocks contributed by KG and YAO and keeps Sexy Time competitive in that category as even more big men get siphoned off the pool faster than a Sopranos cast member can slurp spaghetti. Nice pick.

Pick 5-10: Stephen Jackson – Capt. Jack is awesome for SA Spurscasters as he adds even MORE steals and some much needed 3s to his diverse line-up. It was either that or SAS felt sentimental and wanted to Stephen reunited with Baron at least in a fantasy team. Great fit here, nonetheless. In hindsight though, if I owned Dwight Howard, I may have tried to capitalize more on his FG% impact and just throw his FT% to the dogs. The old GSW combo of Davis + Jackson = FG% not even Superman can save. I would have done things differently, but SA Spurscasters is still showing me a thing or two on the drafting end so far, so I’m not really complaining.

Pick 5-11: Peja Stojakovic – My Pick. My attempt at the small ball gig has been rather soft in the 3-ball department so far. Peja solves that issue and keeps my FT% and steal requirement solid at the same time. I was thinking of reaching Devin Harris at this point but felt my early investments in A.I. and Deron are there for me to not need to look for PGs until much later in the draft so I decided to fortify my 3s instead. Frankly, I’m a bit worried that I’m the only eggheaded team without a center yet. I hope my holding out doesn’t come back to bite me too painfully in the butt come the later rounds.

Pick 5-12: Lamar Odom – Ok 4 PFs is now bordering on OVERKILL. Apparently Alpha-T doesn’t seem to think so.  Odom does chip in some other numbers, but he’s hardly what I would consider a segue pick. Terrance is taking this big man thing to a whole new level! Let’s breakdown his cats: points, FG%, rebounds, so-so blocks (c/o Boozer). Alpha-T’s isolated too few cats at this stage in my opinion. Fine he wins boards over everyone in the draft by a mile, but I DO believe in overkill. Dominic Toretto puts it best:

“Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning’s winning.”

– Dominic Toretto, Fast and the Furious (2001)

In the end, rebounds are worth just one point in H2H. The draft is reaching the half way mark pretty soon and Alpha-T’s big man strat may need to diversify into some other categories ASAP.  So stay tuned for ROUND 6 to see what the guys are up to.


8 Responses to “GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 5”

  1. bucko said

    This was a round full of good value picks. I really like the G-Wall pick and could be a steal if he manages to stay healthy.

  2. Brendan K. said

    That’s a HUGE if. We all love him (and Shoals’ rhapsodizing over him) but the dude’s averaged 56 games a season in his career. I wanted him, but the Bobcats just haven’t made the moves necessary to protect him (ie: acquire another starting PF/C and move Crash to SF.) To be honest, I wanted to roll the dice and just take him, but the turnovers (almost 3 per) ultimately are why I couldn’t shoehorn him onto my squad. That’s why Aldridge was almost the pick, but I’m definitely happy to have gone with Biedrins in the 5th.

  3. Erik said


    You’re BOTH right in the sense that his injury history vs talent/skillz make him a risk-reward pick. Until he can play MORE games this year, G-Wall will be on my “be cautious when considering picking this guy” list.

  4. dyeyk2000 said

    here’s my problem with GW

    “larry brown”

    LB is a notorious traditionalist and if you’ve watched all the teams he’s coached in the past decade, if he thinks you’re an SF then by god he’s gonna play you at the SF and you better play like one (remember when he insisted back then that AI was an SG? which was preposterous back then. or when he kept sheed’s 3’s in check no matter how well he made em coz he wanted him to play like a traditional PF)

    that being said, GW’s natural position is SF. and history says LB will play him there no matter how good a shot blocker he is. and playing at the wings, makes it a lot harder for GW to rack up those blocks and rebounds.

    i might be wrong though, data shows that he has been able to get blocks even at the SF. but this is the first time he possibly will play exclusively at the SF position, instead of the SF/PF split he has done before.

    so there. just some food for thought guys. hehe.

  5. bucko said

    Dyeyk, good Larry Brown point. Wallace might just have different value than we are used to. At SF his production would take a hit but his chances of playing through the season probably go up a tad.

  6. terrance said

    Its hard to guage what larry brown is going to do in CHA. It was a good comment by dyeyk, there will be value in CHA, and I think Gerald Wallace is going to be it. Theres a good chance Im wrong in saying this, but do you see LB being comfortable letting J Rich take all the 3PAs? Im high on gerald wallace this season and he can be had at a pretty decent price at a 5th round pick

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