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GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 8

Posted by Erik on October 5, 2008

This will be the final installment of the GMTR Mock Draft on a round by round basis. I will be doing a round up of the Mock as a whole, with all of the teams’ complete rosters. Why? Well because the draft is over and done with and it seems moot to give my 2 cents on not-as-critical draft choices.


Pick Round Fantasy Team Player Position
85 8-1 Alpha_Terrance T.J. Ford PG
86 8-2 Points in the Paint Al Harrington PF/C
87 8-3 SA Spurscasters Richard Hamilton SG
88 8-4 Sexy Time Luol Deng SF
89 8-5 OKC Thunder Zach Randolph PF
90 8-6 GiveMeTheRock Anthony Parker G/F
91 8-7 Doneycat Richard Jefferson SF
92 8-8 Bucko Rajon Rondo PG
93 8-9 REAL Batman Raja Bell SG
94 8-10 Jeff’s Jawai-nots Leandro Barbosa PG
95 8-11 2nd Round Reach Ronnie Brewer SG
96 8-12 Epicte Randy Foye PG/SG

Pick 8-1: T.J. Ford – This pick got some value boost when the Pacers decided to trade away Ford’s main back up, Jamal Tinsley. T.J. was a huge dispointment last season due to his injuries, but it is looking good for him to bounce back this year. He may not be as much as a risky pick as other people perceive him to be. This is a good PG slot filler for Alpha-T.

Pick 8-2: Al Harrington – My Pick. Since all the viable shot blockers were snatched away, I decided to abandon all hopes of pairing a good C with my Samuel Dalembert pick, two rounds back. Instead, I chose to pick up a guy who not only fills my final C slot but also adds to the categories I’ve targeted in my small ball strategy. I see some upside for Al due to Monta Ellis’ absence. GSW will be looking for a 3rd scoring option while Monta is recovering from his Moped accident and I feel Al will be the most likely candidate to do the said dirty work. I am crossing my fingers that Don Nelson sees that too and decides to start Al at PF when the season begins.

Pick 8-3: Richard Hamilton – This is the first slip up from SA Spurscasters in my book. Rip doesn’t really do anything for the cats his team is gunning for and his %s assets don’t really help the FT% that Dwight Howard has dragged into the gutter nor the FG% that Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson have killed. Essentially, Rip adds to the points CAT and some minor support in the assists cat. Not too happy with pick. not happy at all.

Pick 8-4: Luol Deng – While it is true that Luol Deng is the “BEST” player on the Bulls roster, at least until Derrick Rose starts to shine; he is just one of those guys that are too “Richard Jefferson”. Points and some reasonable FG% contributions here and there (FT% for Rich-Jeff’s case) and not much else. As you can see, the pool is getting rather thin in terms of diverse talent. Luol Deng has a bit of “comeback upside” to him and that should be enough to grab him in the 8th round.

Pick 8-5: Zach Randolph – He is no longer the 20-10-ish guy he once was. Odds are he no longer will be. The rumors that circulated that he was on the block to be traded to Memphis – a team full of youth and inexperience – gave some hope that ZR could find some career rejuvenation there. But as those rumors fell silent, so dowsed too were the flames of ZR comeback hopes. He will chip in some points here and there but at relatively poor %s for a player who scores at his volume. I personally feel he should have fallen to the 9th round where Jamal Crawford was picked up last season.

Pick 8-6: Anthony Parker – I like Anthony Parker for GMTR’s mid-ball strategy. He contributes treys at very solid %s. I see AP as a much needed outside threat to complement Chris Bosh and Jermaine O’Neal’s inside games. He’s not a big scorer but his efficiency more than makes up for that at this stage in the draft. Nice pick. I like it.

Pick 8-7: Richard Jefferson – Other than his points contribution and his relatively solid FT% there’s really not much to rave about with this pick. It IS the 8th round and he is arguably the last dependable scorer in the pool.  He is not the most well rounded of guys, but he will get a new opportunity to diversify his fantasy game with the Bucks. Not a great pick, but at this point are there any great picks left?

Pick 8-8: Rajon Rondo – I would have considered this pick to be a smidge too early if it wasn’t team Bucko taking Rajon. All I can say at this point is that I am damn excited to see how Bucko’s strategy will play out in the Mock Draft’s “Do Nothing” league. Rondo is a sweet fit for this team considering that all Bucko is really after is his steals and some dimes.

Pick 8-9: Raja Bell – A true 3 point specialist right here folks. Grant Hill’s presence in the Suns’ starting line up last year took away some of Raja’s value but expect him to still be a starter this year because of his intangible – and non-fantasy impacting perimeter defense. He’ll still average about 2 treys a game without much else. He improves REAL BAtman’s 3 points made category (obviously) and techinically TOs.

Pick 8-10: Leandro Barbosa – He will be competing with Grant Hill for the top “6th man” contributor this year. He will still be dependable for some points, treys, perhaps a steal and negative TOs. I actually consider him to be a better choice than Raja this year so Jeff is pretty lucky to get him. He is a pefect fit for Jeff’s small ball team and should be a useful 3-point shot contributor to the team.

Pick 8-11: Ronnie Brewer – No other team in the Mock can probably make more use of Ronnie than 2RR. I am sure he loves Ronnie’s solid %s and consistent steal contributions night in and night out. I still see room for Ronnie to blossom into a more solid fantasy contributor, but don’t expect him to make any real leaps and bounds this year. The Jazz is known for the slow and steady development of its players under Jerry Sloan’s old shool tutelage. Ronnie will not be an exception to that rule this year.

Pick 8-12: Randy Foye – He hasn’t really impressed me. Then again neither have I been truly inspired by any of Epicte’s picks. I guess you can chalk it up to a difference in drafting philosophies and styles. I feel Randy DID have a good last couple of months with the T-Wolves last season but there will be an issue of him having to get acquainted with some fresh blood (Mike Miller). I don’t see Randy running the offense in Minny more than say, Sebastian Telfair. Randy’s more of a combo-guard than a true PG. He will get some looks with Kevin and Al clogging up the paint, so I suppose he’s got some minor upside to him. But I’m not holding my breath for this pick right here.

*As you may have noticed there really isn’t much more for me to analyze in terms of a pick-by-pick round up. As I mentioned at the begining of this post, this will be the last one. Stay tuned for my Umbrella round up of the GMTR Mock Draft soon. And for those of you GMTR fans who have been patiently awaiting my feature post which I’ve been promising you’d enjoy – the wait is finally over! My next post here on PITP will be the Give Me The BOMB! Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 8”

  1. terrance said

    i agree with you about rondo. Id consider the pick a little early. About your pick, when you didnt pair dalembert with another shot blocker, i wondered why you made the pick of dalembert in the first place. Like you said though, you anticipated another shot blocker being available in the next few rounds. Id say you made a good call by not reaching and taking someone like harrinton instead of ending up with kendrick perkins or darko a few rounds after you took harrington

  2. terrance said

    my favorite picks this round were deng, foye, and barbosa. All three should outperform their ADP. Im not taking team fit into consideration, just an overall opinion of the round

  3. Erik said

    Thanks terrance. I agree with Deng and Barbosa. I’m still iffy about Foye though.

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