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Battle of the Bloggers

Posted by Erik on October 12, 2008

I just finished our Live Draft for the Battle of the Bloggers League from BallHype. It was the first live draft I entered in Yahoo! since it opened its doors. I must say that I love the JAVA applet interface they’ve got going on. I like the fact that they highlight the average pick of the various players. Actually it was Nels who pointed it out along with some money quotes:

“Chris Paul is 1.4 not 1.0? There are people out there who are drafting wrong.”

“There are actually people out there who are picking Eddy Curry at 136!”

Anyway, going back to the league. It’s a 10-man, head to head, with the standard 9-cat array. We’ve got 11 roster slots (PG, SG, G, SF, F, PF, C, Util x 2, Bench x 2) One Center was a surprise which kind of caught me off guard because I only noticed it during the draft itself. I should have payed more attention to the settings. My bad.

The Bloggers involved in the league are the following:

Yours truly of Points in the Paint, TEAM: Points in the Paint – yeah I know, so original!

Nels of Give Me The Rock, TEAM: Give Me The Rockettes

Dennis of Dropping Dimes, TEAM: Bout it Bout it

UtesFan89 of The Utah Jazz, TEAM: Suicidal Penguins

Ethan of Newsports.com, TEAM: The Ollie McClellans

Mookie of A Stern Warning, TEAM: …a stern warning

Zach of Talkhoops.net, TEAM: Kev Ollie’s Mustache

Ryan of Hoops Addict, TEAM: Hoops Addict – another exercise in originality

Scott of Waiting for Next Year, TEAM: WaitingForNextYear

Zorgon of Blue Blitz, TEAM: Blue Blitz

Give their blogs some clicks and some love. ‘Coz their teams won’t be getting much love from mine once we’re matched up! (woohoo! Trash Talking via blogging is just so unfair!)

With 10 managers and 11 roster spots the draft was a pretty good round-up of an intelligently drafted TOP 100 (give or take) for head to head. The talent and caliber of the players drafted will be pretty concentrated so some Monster Teams were drafted.

Unfortunately, around 4 of the guys missed the Live Draft, but it was a blast nonetheless. To those who were present, good drafting guys!

It was priceless seeing Suicidal Penguins (a hardcore Jazz Fan) land the first pick, agonize, and have to choose Chris Paul! Hahaha! At least he made up for it by taking Boozer in the 2nd.

I was in 9th draft position. Not great, but still was quite workable.

I’m pretty happy with my team. I simply improved on the small ball plan I got going over at the GMTR Mock – improvements like not drafting Samuel Dalembert for a small man team! LOL! Anyway, allow me to introduce you to the Points in the Paint team that will be pwning this league…

Round —– Player (Pick)

  1. Shawn Marion (9)
  2. Deron Williams (12)
  3. Kevin Martin (29)
  4. Rudy Gay (32)
  5. Mehmet Okur (49)
  6. Mo Williams (52)
  7. Mike Miller (69)
  8. Mike Bibby (72)
  9. Troy Murphy (89)
  10. Anthony Parker (92)
  11. O.J. Mayo (109)

That’s my team. I’m hoping to have some fun in this league.

Here’s to wishing everyone in the league some luck! (they’ll need it, ha ha!)


10 Responses to “Battle of the Bloggers”

  1. UtesFan89 said

    Make up for it by taking Booze? After seeing him in the playoffs last year, I’m not sure which pick hurt more… Paul or Booze. Paul is a rival. Booze… he seems likely to randomly disappear. Hopefully he’ll realize that this is a contract year and play his ass off.

  2. Erik said

    Disappear? He IS the Abominable Snowman. He just misses permafrost, seal meat, or uh Sarah Palin? So his mind tends to wander a bit and then his game follows shortly thereafter.

    Don’t worry mate, Booze WILL play his ass off! He always does, for at least 15 games or so. Then he gets stricken by guilt as Ohioan voodoo priests trip on him for dissing Cleveland!

    Good Luck!:)

  3. Brendan K. said

    Rudy Gay fell to the 4th!? People WERE picking wrong…

  4. […] While everyone in this league is a blogger, Points in the Paint already has his post up about it. […]

  5. Erik said

    Well fourth to us is technically late third in a 12-man, which is where I snagged him over at our mock. So he’s still pretty much on target. He is #31 on GMTR’s Big Board, so 32nd isn’t too much of a slide.

    As much as I really wanted to grab another PG in the 4th, I simply could not let the upside machine – aka Rudy Gay slip by.

  6. asternwarning said

    I like the trash talking, Erik. It gives me something to cite later in the season when …a stern warning is kicking the points right out of the paint!!

    Bring on the season! 🙂

    — Mookie

  7. Erik said

    I look forward to it!

    All in good fun old man, all in good fun…

    Let the gamesmanship begin! 🙂

  8. Brendan K. said

    10 man, got it. I’ve been invited to a few of those, but I prefer 12. Still, late 3rd is a good get for Rudy. Nice job.

  9. Brendan K. said

    You gotta open up comments on your latest post! The league members have to yell at you!!!

  10. Erik said

    Thanks for pointing it out. There was a server problem at the office while I was working on the post and must have caused a hiccup in the process. It should be working fine now.

    Oh crap! Did I just leave incriminating evidence that I was blogging while at work? Doh! (slaps forehead)

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