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GMTR Mock Draft: Final Analysis

Posted by Erik on October 14, 2008

Here are all the teams in the GMTR Mock draft with their complete rosters and a few comments. Remember that we agreed to play out the draft in Yahoo league with no trades or free agent pick ups. We also agreed to play out ALL the players we drafted, so there will be no bench spots and in the end 5 Util slots instead.

For those of you who just found this post, I did a round by round, pick by pick analysis of the first 8 rounds of the draft. Here they are:


If you want to read comments made the drafters regarding their picks, check out the Mock Draft Board.

TEAM 1: Epicte

PG: Chris Paul

SG: Jamal Crawford

G: Randy Foye

SF: Ron Artest

PF: Rashard Lewis

F: Corey Maggette

C: Andrew Bynum

C: Chris Kaman

Util: John Salmons

Util: Kenyon Martin

Util: Ryan Gomes

Util: Jordan Farmar

Util: Ronny Turiaf


It looks like a small ball team. But aside from Chris Paul, its talent lies in its 3 forward slots with 3 pseudo-specialists: Artest (Stls), Lewis (3s), Maggette (FT%). Kaman and Bynum have decent FT percentages for big men and that’s a good thing for small ball teams. Epicte also can win in the rebounds category against some more focused small ball teams. Among his later picks, I like Crawford and Salmons.

TEAM 2: 2nd Round Reach

PG: Jose Calderon

SG: Monta Ellis

G: Andre Miller

SF: Marvin Williams

PF: Amare Stoudemire

F: David West

C: Andris Biedrins

C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Util: Ronnie Brewer

Util: Joakim Noah

Util: Anthony Carter

Util: Hakim Warrick

Util: Kyle Lowry


He went for efficiency. A modified big man strategy without sacrificing FT% and TOs, while still trying to contest in Assists and Steals. He is theoretically just giving up points and treys. I found it ambitous that he went and targeted so many categories. It looks very well thought of in terms of goals and also pretty well executed. At first I was a bit iffy about him picking Monta Ellis, but in the end, Monta fit his strategy too well to pass up. The only player I probably don’t like about this team is Kyle Lowry. That being said, I do consider Brendan’s team to be one of the top contenders to take home the Gold trophy in this league.

TEAM 3: Jeff’s Jawai-nots

PG: Steve Nash

SG: Manu Ginobili

G: Jason Terry

SF: LeBron James

PF: Tim Duncan

F: Hedo Turkoglu

C: Al Horford

C: Kevin Love

Util: Leandro Barbosa

Util: Earl Watson

Util: Matt Barnes

Util: Andrea Bargnani

Util: James Posey


I rate Jeff’s team as having the best executed small ball strategy. In fact, I consider this team to be the team to beat in this league. He was able to build around LeBron James pretty well and focused on his FG% strength instead of languishing about his poor free throw shooting. He followed up by picking players who had good assists for their position – which to me was more of the initial central theme of his draft until the 4th or 5th round. I don’t like his Bargnani and Posey picks, but you can’t fault him for grabbing Il Mago. – I think Jeff’s Canadian or something. Overall, I take my hat off to this drafter for a team well drafted.

TEAM 4: REAL Batman

PG: Jason Kidd

SG: Josh Howard

G: Kobe Bryant

SF: Tayshaun Prince

PF: Gerald Wallace

F: Danny Granger

C: Brad Miller

C: Emeka Okafor

Util: Raja Bell

Util: Brendan Haywood

Util: Nate Robinson

Util: Jarrett Jack

Util: Derek Fisher


I would describe this team as a small-ish ball strategy execution. Kobe and Danny (Granger) were a good start. Actually, so was the follow-up with Jason Kidd. I like Brad Miller as a Center choice for small ball because of his good %s and above average assists for his position. However, I did not like the Okafor (poor FT%) pick neither did I like the Brendan Haywood one a bit later. No, not because Haywood is ending up being gone for a long stretch; but because he didn’t really contribute to the small man numbers which the team needed.

TEAM 5: Bucko

PG: Mo Williams

SG: Ray Allen

G: Rajon Rondo

SF: Andrei Kirilenko

PF: Shawn Marion

F: Jamario Moon

C: Marcus Camby

C: Rasheed Wallace

Util: Shane Battier

Util: Thaddeus Young

Util: Nene Hilario

Util: Derrick Rose

Util: Jamal Tinsley


Bucko’s team was somewhat of an engima to me from the start. As you may have noticed from my round by round breakdown of rounds 1 through 8, his team was a conundrum for me to analyze because of its counter-intuitive approach. He basically took the best players he could find when you take points out of the equation. I’m not exactly sure how his team will fare against the others in this mock league but I am definitely both intrigued and excited to see how his team does on a weekly basis. Heck, this team may even be a darkhorse to make it to the podium. Who knows? Only time will tell…

TEAM 6: Doneycat

PG: Dwyane Wade

SG: Kevin Martin

G: Mike Dunleavy

SF: Kevin Durant

PF: David Lee

F: Richard Jefferson

C: Chris Bosh

C: Mehmet Okur

Util: Jameer Nelson

Util: Nick Collison

Util: DeShawn Stevenson

Util: Rudy Fernandez

Util: Al Thornton


This team’s strengths are its Points output and its solid commitment to quality Freethrow percentage. But after those 2 categories, its direction is not quite as clear cut. Good turnovers, some 3s and some boards perhaps. It came out looking a bit like a Nels-patented Mid-Ball strategy team. I’m not too impressed here.

TEAM 7: GiveMeTheRock

PG: Mike Bibby

SG: Michael Redd

G: Vince Carter

SF: Caron Butler

PF: Antawn Jamison

F: Anthony Parker

C: Elton Brand

C: Troy Murphy

Util: Fransisco Garcia

Util: Grant Hill

Util: Linas Kleiza

Util: Travis Outlaw

Util: Yi  Jianlian


As Nels of GMTR so eloquently put it, this team is the epitome of mid-ball strategy. As you may have noticed, I did not discuss it as one my draft strategies for head to head. I even had to email Nels and ask him what the hell “mid-ball strategy” was. If you want to have a better understanding of what it is, you will have to email the mad genius himself and ask him to explain it to you. – and hopefully you don’t start to bleed out of majority of your orifices. It seems like a forward-happy strategy as everyone except Mike Bibby, is forward-eligible. I’m not sure how this GMTR team will do. I guess the best way to describe it is to quote Nels’ smack bubble over at our league: “Midball!!!!”

TEAM 8: OKC Colon Thunder

PG: Brandon Roy

SG: Mike Miller

G: Tracy McGrady

SF: Jason Richardson

PF: Dirk Nowitzki

F: Zach Randolph

C: Tyson Chandler

C: Kendrick Perkins

Util: Gilbert Arenas

Util: Rafer Alston

Util: Ramon Sessions

Util: Darko Milicic

Util: Jerryd Bayless


This is a reasonably solid SG-centric, small ball team. Dirk – a guard like PF leads a team of solid SGs like Roy, Mike Miller, J-Rich, T-Mac. Forget his centers, I’m pretty sure Dennis already has. The nice thing about some of his SG is that they are generally good passers (4.5-5+ APG). So he can compensate for Agent Zero’s knee-rehabbing vacation in the interim. I like how he achieves the assist-by-committee concept. It’s interesting how he does not have top tier PGs, but he supplements his starring SGs with good back-up PGs with the likes of Alston, Sessions and maaaybe Bayless. Not a bad team and I personally dare not underestimate it.

TEAM 9: Sexy Time

PG: Chauncey Billups

SG: Joe Johnson

G: Devin Harris

SF: Luol Deng

PF: Kevin Garnett

F: Jermaine O’Neal

C: Yao Ming

C: Andrew Bogut

Util: Raymond Felton

Util: J.R. Smith

Util: Rashad McCants

Util: Mikael Pietrus

Util: Marc Gasol


This is a good example of a balanced draft strategy. He focuses on PGs for his small man numbers and PFs and Cs for his big man numbers. He only has 2 SF eligible guys on his team. He will be trying to ride his small ball cats to defeat the big man based teams and use his big ball cats to defeat the small man teams. This is rather risky as there are no guarantees that he will be able to pull it off. – But since when has there ever been any guarantees in H2H, anyway? His strategy is most workable in a league like ours because most of the teams ARE specialized. He does, however, have the capability to beat mid-ball teams by 7-2 or even 8-1.

TEAM 10: SA Spurscasters

PG: Baron Davis

SG: Andre Iguodala

G: Tony Parker

SF: Josh Smith

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge

F: Stephen Jackson

C: Dwight Howard

C: Luis Scola

Util: Richard Hamilton

Util: Kyle Korver

Util: Russel Westbrook

Util: Udonis Haslem

Util: Daniel Gibson


This is another balanced strategy, of sorts. Well it throws its percentages and TOs to the trash bin and tries to win at everything else. Strong in blocks, OK in boards; and he’s got some assists, steals and treys thrown into the mix. I really do not like Rip Hamilton for this team. Other than points, he does not really help in other categories. He detracts from the team’s focus and muddles things up. The same can be said of the injured Udonis Haslem, who technically just chips in the boards cat. He doesn’t shoot at a high enough volume to help either of the percentages, nor does he really block or steal the ball enough to make a considerable impact in those cats.

TEAM 11: Points in the Paint

PG: Deron Williams

SG: Paul Pierce

G: Allen Iverson

SF: Peja Stojakovic

PF: Michael Beasley

F: Rudy Gay

C: Samuel Dalembert

C: Al Harrington

Util: Ricky Davis

Util: O.J. Mayo

Util: Charlie Villanueva

Util: Chris Quinn

Util: Cuttino Mobley


Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way my team turned out. I think I was able to execute a small ball strategy reasonably well considering that this was my first attempt at a mock draft. What would I do differently? (1) I would have gotten a solid 3rd PG instead of Chris Quinn. (2) I would have targeted a more small ball oriented center like Brad Miller, Troy Murphy, Mehmet Okur; instead of Samuel Dalembert. (3) I would have drafted Mike Miller instead of Peja Stojakovic. (4) At the time of the mock, I didn’t know that Rudy Gay was PF eligible. If I knew that, I wouldn’t have bothered drafting Michael Beasley and gotten another true small baller instead.

TEAM 12: Alpha_Terrance

PG: T.J. Ford

SG: Ben Gordon

G: Mike Conley

SF: Carmelo Anthony

PF: Carlos Boozer

F: Pau Gasol

C: AL Jefferson

C: Greg Oden

Util: Rodney Stuckey

Util: Drew Gooden

Util: Lamar Odom

Util: Kirk Hinrich

Util: Beno Udrih


Alpha-T started the draft strong by going for 3 straight big men in the first 3 rounds. He followed it up with 2 decent rebounding forwards. So it appeared that was truly committed to a serious big man strategy. Towards the end of the draft, however, as he was filling his small man roster spots; he suddenly goes on a virtual 180 degree spin move and starts grabbing multiple PGs. He opened up a back door for contention in the assists cat. His addition of many guards shifted his team to a more balanced approach. He was no longer a “pure” big man team. Was his last minute shift a good one? I suppose only the unraveling of the season will tell.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I colored the team names differently. No, it’s not just to make the post look prettier! It has a more functional purpose than that. It was a way for me to unobtrusively rate the teams. The rating key is as follows: Hot, Pretty Hot, Not Bad, Decent, I don’t know how to rate this team.

Yes I know! I was too chicken poop to call any team a bad team. Besides, as I emphatically stated in the very first round’s analysis; I have nothing but respect for my co-drafters. We would not have been granted the honor to participate if we weren’t deemed worthy by the guys over at GMTR.

I was a bit taken aback by the lack of O-Rank type of picks by teams – which we normally encounter during Live Drafting as other teams are on Auto-pick mode.

I learned a lot from participating in this draft. I got a better look at where people want to pick certain players. In fact I personally call GMTR’s Mock Draft Round-up – “The Reach Guide” because it aids me in finding the right/exact rounds to reach for the players I want to get.

I also got to see various executions of different drafting strategies for head to head. This led to my writing the n00b guide to Draft Strategies for Head to Head.

Well I guess that’s it for my take on the GMTR mock draft that was… So I leave you with the immortal words of a great cinematic icon…


11 Responses to “GMTR Mock Draft: Final Analysis”

  1. Brendan K. said

    I think I adhered tightly enough to the efficiency strat to be favored in those cats (percentages and turnovers) outright most weeks. I definitely wasn’t going for 7-2 and 8-1 victories, but rather I think I am going to be good enough in boards, blocks, steals and assists to beat my opponent in their weakest matchups pretty consistently.

    The more I think about it, the less I like my Lowry pick. I wouldn’t mind carrying him if I could sit him some weeks, but his shooting might cost me dearly at some point. I was pretty desperate for a SG while Monta is out and I made a bum choice. Louis Williams would have been a little better.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if my team is certifiably “hot” or if I’ve just been the loudest one at defending his own roster… I see at least 4 teams here who have a very good shot at winning this league on the strength of their draft alone. After that, it’s H2H- so who knows, right?

  2. Erik said

    I know it was a bit too Paris Hilton, but my considering your team to be “hot” came about during a brief moment of chit-chat I had with Doneycat over at the draft board. We were discussing which teams we liked. And it was the venerable Mike Sardone who pointed out that your team was pretty solid. It made me take a serious look at it and study your team’s strengths and its weaknesses.
    So no, it’s not because you were the loudest pick defender. – I’m not cheap like that.

    Anyway, yes it’s head to head and ANYTHING is possible.
    C’mon don’t be a sissy-pants! Name your 4 title contenders!

  3. Doneycat said

    I went with the strategy of trying to have more games than the guy I’m going head to head with.
    Week 1:
    Doneycat-39 games
    Give Me The Rock-34 games

    That may be tough to pull off the next 20 weeks without trades and waiver pickups. Sigh.

    A couple of things I like about my team: everyone of my 13 look to be there for 82 games in that there is no one out already like Ellis or Arenas and every one looks to play more than 25 minutes a night (maybe not Fernandez and Thornton, but likely). I can’t see any other team claim that.
    Also, according to BasketballMonster, ranks for the preseason for some of my guys: David Lee – #2, Kevin Durant – #9, Rudy Fernandez – #16. Cornerstones! As we know, preseason means everything!

  4. Brendan K. said

    I like the four teams in red/orange you listed, and I also like a couple of others for different reasons.

    I like Sexy Time a lot, but obviously he’s riding two players who tend to, you know, have season-ending injuries in Ming and O’Neal. But he’s still got solid big men without those two, and can weather some minor dings and still win boards/blocks in competitive matchups. I think balanced teams are a good bet to go with in most cases, since free agnecy and trades can easily fill in gaps as soon as they become apparent. Here, I’m just betting he’s missing a center come the playoffs.

    Jeff’s Jawai-nots is a more sturdy version of Sexy Time’s roster. Timmy, Nash and Manu all sometimes slide as they pile up injuries over a season. I don’t expect his guys to be out for the playoffs though. A good team.

    And, yeah, your team’s good, Erik. I’d be a little worried about Quinn’s PT as the season wears on. Banks/Chalmers might have been a better pick. Cuttino Mobley’s probably not going to be as good as you think he is, but I think Harrington will be better than expected. With any of the changes you say you would have made, you’d be closer to being a league favorite instead of “merely” a contender.

    I’m falling back in love with my team a little…

    As for the others:

    I like Spurscasters better than you do, as his “bad” players’ only sin is that they’re “vanilla” players. They aren’t bad because they hurt the team, they just don’t add much more than a single category (like Hamilton’s points and Haslem’s boards.)

    Doneycat’s good in FT%, points and TREYS. He’s also got rebounds by committee. I can see this as a team that grabs a lot of category wins based on matchup and # of games per week.

  5. Erik said

    Yeah, I’ve got Team-crush going on for Jeff’s and your teams.
    After a second look, Doneycat looks like it WILL rack up some points in the “W” column especially against certain match-ups. It actually looks like a better executed version of Nels’ GiveMeTheRock.

    Well I hate vanilla guys especially in head to head. I would even rate cat specialists higher than them.

    @ Dyeyk: No comments on all the team love you’ve been getting? Speak up biatch!

  6. dyeyk2000 said

    ahaha. tnx tnx!

    you know what? brendan hit it right on the money. i knew i had a really good team, but it was banking on the health of those 2 bigs and that’s why i was pushing for benches. this would have been a MUCH better team with benches. imagine:

    1. it was easy to plug in gasol if any of the bigs went down.
    2. i have a good enough stable of guards that i could mix and match as i see fit. i could out 3, out assist and out steal someone depending on the match up just by plugging in certain guys. since i had good big men, i could afford to take out some of em, and still win the bigs stats in some matchups.

    so what am i hoping for this team?

    1. the bigs to shoot well enough from the line (save for bogut) so i can win FT consistently.
    2. dominate the matchups wherein yao and JO are playing.
    3. squeak through the one’s they aren’t 😛
    4. that yao and JO are there for the h2h playoffs. which is really what’s important anyway. i’ve already said i expect yao to be there due to championship contention, JO is a bit iffy.

    the way i see it, since we’re not moving ppl in and out of lineups, we’ve turned the league into a sort of roto/h2h hybrid. since now, 82 game players are much more valuable.

  7. Doneycat said

    Yay! Backdoor compliments for my team! I think I’ve got a sneaky team, as in, ‘hey how did I lose 6-3 to that team?’ I plan on being like the John Turturro character in “Mr. Deeds”, and perhaps everyone will underestimate the sneakiness.

    Right now, I like teams 2, 5, and 9, but I have a horrible eye for these things preseason.

  8. Brendan K. said

    It is sort of halfway to roto, isn’t it? I just call it a “dead league, because I don’t know what another name for it would be.

  9. Michael said

    Great analysis, Erik. I think you were spot on with my team. In retrospect I realize a few bad picks I made. When I took Rip, I thought he was the best player available and I just went for him instead of sticking to the strategy I had going into the draft. With Haslem, as late as it was I didn’t mind picking a player that would just address one area. I always try to take multi-cat players, but I figured I was strong enough in other cats to take a specialty player. I really appreciate all of the posts you did on the draft and your fantasy writing in general. I have a few of your links and GMTR links bookmarked for every draft and I also passed a few of them on to a friend of mine, who isn’t very experienced with fantasy basketball. I could buy a draft kit, but I feel like I already have something just as good. Thanks again.

  10. […] discussed and broke down extensively the Give Me The Rock Mock Draft on Points in the Paint. Now that I’m writing here at GMTR, I […]

  11. […] UPDATE: Erik listed the lineups and gave the analyses here. […]

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