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Noooo! Deroooon! (Williams sprains ankle)

Posted by Erik on October 19, 2008

Crap! Crap! Double Crap! That makes four, right?

Anyway, you get my point.

My after-Chris Paul-PG-Man-Crush tweaked his ankle in a preseason game and had to be carried off the court!

c/o desertnews.com

c/o desertnews.com

c/o Associated Press

c/o Associated Press

I generally liked to reach for him when I decide to go small ball in late drafting position. Ouch! I own him in 2 leagues so far! And I’m sure many of my co-Deron owners must be wincing in pain after finding about this horrible turn of events. There’s still no news of a definitive prognosis with regards to the extent of the sprain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he will be up and about for the Jazz’s first tip-off. I’m just thankful this I don’t play fantasy football and Deron isn’t Tom Brady. That being said, any time or games missed by your early picks can’t be good…

Stay tuned as we closely follow his recovery. I dread to see the day that I’ll have to pick-up Brevin Knight (no offense, Brev) to salvage a fraction of what I’m missing from Deron.


2 Responses to “Noooo! Deroooon! (Williams sprains ankle)”

  1. Brendan K. said

    I asked this over at Jedi, but I’ll ask you: With all the injuries to PGs, is good old Chauncey back to first round consideration? If Paul, Wade and Iverson are off the board, would you take Billups over Davis and Nash at 12th overall?

  2. Erik said

    First round consideration is a bit of a stretch. That being said, I would pick CB over BD, perhaps not over Nash. I put him closer to Jose Calderon than I do to Allen Iverson. But to consider him in the first would be to value him over some guys like Caron Butler, Danny Granger, and even Al Jefferson; and that I probably would not do. He is a must-go by the second round and if anyone can steal him in the 3rd, he’s pretty much money right there.
    As you may have noticed, I do tend to like to reach for Deron, especially when I decide to go small ball. I prefer Deron over Chauncey because of Deron’s youth factor and, let’s face it, Deron will end up better through the course of his career compared to Chauncey. It’s just a matter of him racking up more game time to catch up to those totals. But heck, Billups has a ring and that’s something that might take Deron a lot more time to gain.

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