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Redemption Trifecta and Steep Learning Curves, Part 2

Posted by Erik on November 2, 2008

Try not to do too many things at once. Know what you want, the number one thing today and tomorrow. Persevere and get it done.

– George Allen

As the last 2 picks of my first draft went on uneventfully, I now had to focus my attention to my second draft of the evening. This one was for an 18-man head to head with 9 cats and 10 roster spots (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, Util, 2 Bench). Notable setting is that this league has daily roster changes instead of the weekly set-up. So even our bench guys get some playing time over the week.

I enter the live draft and find that Yahoo! randomly determined that I would be drafting 6th overall. This is how my draft went.

To Reach for the Unreachable Star…

1. (6th pick) Elton Brand PF/C – While EB was picked for me by the computer in the first draft, this one was completely by choice. I really like Elton this year, but I have to be honest that I am a bit scared that I don’t have any concrete statistical information to back-up this perceived upside. I can account for his recovery from his injury last year but I can’t say with any real certainty that I know how well or how poorly he will produce in Philly. At any rate, my investment in EB made me decide to go Big Ball.

2. (31st pick) Jason Richardson SG/SF – My reasonable target for this pick, David West, was grabbed by the guy drafting just before me. There were no reasonable Bigs left on the board at this point. I like J-Rich’s rebounding for his position and I consider him to be a solid scorer so he fit the bill.

3. (42nd pick) Chris Kaman C – This was a very painful pick to make. I am clearly reaching at this point. And for who? Chris Kaman? WTF? He was the best above 15 PPG; at least 10 RPG; at least 2 BPG guy on the board. My next pick was 25 turns away. 25! That’s like 2 rounds of standard drafting! It was highly unlikely that Chris would come back to me at that point assuming I wanted to pick the “best player available” at this point. I wanted to stay committed to the cats I wanted to lock down or dominate. J-Rich was already a deviation. Another one would be diffusing the strategy altogether. This reach right here will weigh heavily on, if not determine the successful fruition of this draft.

4. (67th pick) Emeka Okafor PF/C – Yes, I did it once. Yes, I did it again. A reach for 10 RPG and a hair under 2 BPG. This is commitment. This is perserverance. In the back of my head I voice was screaming, “This is madness!” – Enter classic scene from the movie 300. – In the end this is absolute domination of 2 maybe 3 cats that no one in an 18 team spread of talent can compete with. The argument of domination vs value comes to mind, but let’s save that discussion for another post.

5. (78th pick) Jason Terry PG/SG – It was time to fill up the PG slot and Jet’s got good percentages and shoots a decent amount of treys to support my investment in J-Rich. At this stage, it was pretty clear to me that I was going to be punting assists and go for some backdoor three point shooting to go along with my big man numbers.

6. (103rd pick) Ricky Davis SG/SF – At the time I made this pick I was so sure he would be a stud. Unfortunately, the first week of the NBA has proven my most consistently drafted player to be a bust! Oh well, I can’t get everything right.

7. (114th pick) Kevin Love PF/C – I wanted another big man and I felt like gambling a bit on Kevin. This pick could have been a Drew Gooden or a Udonis Haslem. Something tells me that I should have gone with some of the old reliables instead of paying some youth tax.

8. (139th pick) Matt Barnes SF – I needed some more treys and I knew that Matt was going to be starting over Grant Hill in Phoenix. I was hoping that Matt would benefit from playing with the “Nash Factor” and end up as a worthwhile contributor.

9. (150th pick) Andray Blatche PF/C – I wanted another block contritbutor and I just crossed my fingers and hoped that this season Andray will end up a lot less erratic in terms of his nightly performances.

10. (175th pick) Kyle Korver SF – I wanted a little bit more treys and Kyle was arguably the best chucker available on the board.

Post draft update: I traded Kevin Love for Anthony Parker; dropped Ricky Davis for Mo Pete; dropped Blatche for Josh Boone and picked up Ramon Sessions for Kyle Korver.


2 Responses to “Redemption Trifecta and Steep Learning Curves, Part 2”

  1. Arabain said

    So are we declaring Ricky Davis as bust material already? Any chance he can still bounce back strong?

  2. Erik said

    Bounce back? Probably. Strong? I’m not to sure about that anymore.

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