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NBA Week One: First Impressions

Posted by Erik on November 4, 2008

This is a hodge-podge and mish-mosh of some random observations over the course of the NBA’s first week.

Before I begin, let me say that everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. This is, after all, just the first week. Only 2 to 3 games have been played by most players. So all of the ups and downs; and rants and raves you read here are all just first impressions.

Stud Sightings

Chris Paul – Wow! What an awesome PG! Blah, blah, blah… He’s the hands down BEST player in fantasy today. He didn’t get hit by some random meteor from Alpha-Centauri to stop him, so he simply just began the season like he will continue to play the rest of the season – with unadulterated Awesomeness!

Danny Granger – He had an awesome start and almost singlehandedly kick the defending champs in their championship-winning tushies. He has shown that he can do a lot. I just wonder if he can keep up his pace when his partner in crime, Mike Dunleavy rejoins the Pacer line up.

Josh Smith – Want sick? Josh’s stat line over the first couple of games is what’s really sick! 15-10 with 3.5 BPG, 3.5 SPG, 1.5 3PG. Monstrous? Hell yeah! But as I said earlier, take all of these things with a grain of salt. Josh probably won’t be averaging those numbers throughout the season, but damn those numbers really lit up those stat sheets.

Jose Calderon – It appears all the hype and anticipation was well worth the drool-flooding wait. Jose is now truly an elite passing PG. OMG! 79 more games of his efficiency and production, please! 18 PPG at 50% FG, and 9.7 APG is just like the old Steve Nash, only without the cat-killing TOs.

Chris Bosh – You can’t really mention Jose Calderon in a rave section of a post or article without mentioning Chris. You can now add both these guys to the elite PG-PF/C combos. Their names are now in the echelon of Deron-Boozer, CP3-West, Nash-Amare. Scary! 26-10 at 54 FG% and 80 FT% (10 attempts) is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Andris Biedrins – A couple more months of his production at this level will instantly catapult AB into the elite C status. He’s proving to everyone that he’s indeed worth every penny the GSW decided to pay him. Monster of a C! Wow! I can’t wait to see how he will end up this season in everyone’s rankings.


Greg Oden – After getting people excited with his potential to start his NBA career, he hurts his foot. To think that there were still concerns regarding his ability to recover from the microfracture surgery that he had last year. Talk about disappointing.

Marcus Camby – He’s missed the first week entirely with a bruised heel. It does not bode well to those who are hoping that he will be able to play 75+ games this season. Is it an omen for his return to seasons of minimal games played due to injury? Only time and the rest of the NBA season being played out will tell if he will be able to work well with new partner in the middle, Chris Kaman.

Baron Davis – He led out with giving owners a scare with his sprained had. He surprised a lot of people by showing up for the first game. It’s really like a rollercoaster owning BD in fantasy. He’s up, he’s down; he’s healthy, he’s hurt. He then hurt his hip and had to sit out the rest of the Clips’ game. He’s like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know when you’re going to choke on one of your favorites and die.

Micheal Redd – Sprains his ankle.

Peja Stojakovic – Sprains his ankle.

What is it with three point shooters and their ankles in this first week? Sheesh!

Mike Dunleavy – He is missing about a whole week with tendinitis in his knees. He also missed a lot of training camp. It may take sometime for him to get back into last season’s efficient scoring form.


J.R. Smith – I was about to rave about how well he’s doing to start the season and then realized that it could be attributed to Carmelo Anthony’s absence due to suspension. So I was going to tell everyone to take it with a grain of salt. – Gosh! This post is getting real salty by the minute. – But then the news of the Allen Iverson trade broke and I would like to say that… It is J.R.’s time! He will eventually lock the starting SG spot over at Denver and will odds are continue to wreak havoc from beyond the arc and everywhere else. Keep your eyes on this one.

Quentin Richardson – Yes he had an awesome explosive game, but you might say that he’s a streak shooter and he was just running hot. But he did played resasonably solid game prior to it. So I think it’s possibly safe to say that we will see the “Old Q” back. 1.8 treys, 5.5 boards, 15.8 PPG, 1.3 SPG; sweet line for someone who went undrafted in most leagues.

Thaddeus Young – He appears to be more like the second scoring option in Philly instead of Andre Iguodala. He shoots at good percentages and has improved his stroke from the outside. He looks like a great piece for thos efficiency strategies out there. Yeah, I’d trade for him.

Charlie Villanueva – He’s showing everyone why it was better for the Bucks to keep him instead of Yi Jianlian. He’s healthy and is doing a heck of lot. Now that Mike Redd will be missing sometime, expect CV to up his already juicy numbers a tad to make up for the lost production in the interim.

Ramon Sessions – Luke Ridnour, the starting – hopefully former – PG of the Bucks got sidelined with back problems and Ramon took the reigns and went wild. All indications point to Ramon securing solid minutes from coach Skiles. And we all know how Scott likes to favor his guards! Sorry Luke, but the force is stronger in this one!

Drew Gooden – Coach Vinny wants Drew to get some C eligibilty – fine I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason Gooden’s been starting at center for the Bulls. His eventual C eligibility will prove to be a sweet, sweet bonus to his improving production. He’s really making the most of the opportunities presented to him in the paint, plus he’s doing a lot of the dirty work. Hey Drew! Where the hell were you keeping all of this bottled up hustle all these years? Damn!


2 Responses to “NBA Week One: First Impressions”

  1. Nick-(Iowa) said

    Quick question for you. Do you the Mbah a Moute will continue “eat” some of Charlie V’s minutes? If V could get more minutes he could turn into an absolute stud this season. What is your take on that?

  2. Erik said

    That is an interesting point. Well the relationship between Mbah a Moute’s minutes and Charlie Villanueva’s “studliness” is inversely proportional. The better Charlie gets, the less minutes his sub gets. Bottom line is that Charlie is no longer a prime specimen of basketball player health and he can get into foul trouble sometimes. So he does have to get some relief every now and then. It’s more about preserving him healthwise than a true minutes threat. I shall predict, barring injuries of course, that CV WILL be a stud this season! Count on it.

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