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Hinrich – Out, Derrick Rose – Boom!

Posted by Erik on November 9, 2008

Kirk Hinrich needs surgery and will be out for a very long time. I wasn’t really high on Kirk coming back strong this year so I didn’t bother drafting him in any of my leagues. It is time to drop Kirk off your rosters and move on to better options from the wire. It really isn’t going to do you much good to sit on him as he wasn’t much of a stud to speak of in the first place; and secondly, when he does comeback he will be returning to the Derrik-led Bulls and will have to see where he will fit in. Somehow though, the peeps at Hardwood Paroxysm jokingly foretold of the possibility of such an eventuality as early as October 23rd.

It’s getting “Rosey” in the Windy City

Derrick Rose owners: You lucky bastards! The only obstacle in the way of Derrick going all crazy (fantasywise) is now gone. Enjoy your explosive games.

In the 6 games he’s played he is  currently averaging 17.8 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 4.5 APG, 1.2 SPG, 0.3 3PG, 3.0 TOs, at 48.8 FG% and 84 FT%

I expect him to make the most of the lack of playing time predators. He should do well. He needs to drop a few more dimes a night. And when he does begin to do so, he’ll be a great PG. Oh well, just when I thought Michael Beasley was going to contest him for rookie of the year. GG.

I suppose we’ll see more of:

Derrick Rose Pre-NBA

Derrick Scoring 30 on the Mavs

He is still a rookie, don’t forget that. He will still end up with games with poor percentages and a ton of TOs. He will also get his fair share of monster games as he dominates his opponents on sheer athleticism.

It looks like it’s going to be the “Derrick Rose – Ben Gordon Show” in Chicago’s back court.


2 Responses to “Hinrich – Out, Derrick Rose – Boom!”

  1. […] Points in the Paint knows that Derrick Rose is the place to be in Chicago. As Patrick pointed out, Kirk Hinrich was playing like Caaaaaaaa-Caaaaaa before hurting his thumb […]

  2. toe said

    update much?

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