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See Ya Next Year T-Mac!

Posted by Erik on December 3, 2008

Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets will be out for 3 weeks for rehab on his sore knee. Well what’s new? People expected him to be gone for at least a dozen or so games when they drafted him. Well it simply came to fruition.

This opens things up for the Houston back court. Guys like Rafer Alston, Luther Head and even Aaron Brooks will get more opportunities to strut some of their fantasy stuff.

Expect Rafer Alston‘s assists and scoring to go up along with his TOs. Overall his stat improvement will odds are be worth TMac’s time away.

Luther Head will be the biggest fantasy beneficiary from this turn of events. He will be able to contribute some points, stls, FT%, and lots of treys for fantasy teams; and is a “must pick-up” in very deep leagues.

Aaron Brooks will now have more breathing room to shine as T-Mac’s minutes will get distributed and trickle down to the bench. Don’t expect Russel Westbrook type of numbers here, but he does have some good percentages that make his off-the-bench numbers very usable in deep leagues as well.

As for you T-Mac owners out there… I guess you are now in a quandary as to whether you should keep or dump him. Dump him if your league has daily changes and keep him if it’s weekly. – This is a highlighting difference for those 2 league settings.

As for T-Mac, well…


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  1. […] Apparently the one week of rest needed to his knee is now more like three weeks. I believe Points in the Paint appropriately addresses the issue while kindly not in any way referring to McGrady’s […]

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