Points in the Paint

Fantasy Basketball Opinions, Strategy & Tips


Well I’ve been playing Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball since 2003 and am simply hooked on it! I play in both public and custom leagues, Rotisserie and Head-to-Head.

I want Points in the Paint to be an online home for the casual and the hardcore fantasy basketball player. It’s where I’m going to share my knowledge and insights on the game; chip in my 2 cents on the fantasy impact of the latest NBA news and rumors; and hopefully interact with the rest of fantasy basketball world.   Expect some intelligent draft analysis, strategy and advice. Check out tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years. In your face and unapologetic, opinionated and quirky, well pretty much containing anything and everything that’s got to do with Fantasy Hoops – those are the Points in the Paint.

Please feel free to email me privately at pointsinthepaint.blog[at]gmail.com anytime for any questions, comments, advice, violent reactions, heck even trash talk regarding anything on the blog.

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