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Inadvertent Rise

Posted by Erik on October 22, 2008

Somehow, I had my doubts that John McCain had Sarah Palin in mind as his first choice as his running mate. Pardon my political metaphor here, but I’m trying to make a point.

Somehow, I doubt that the makers of Red Bull originally foresaw it to be a great partner for vodka and end up being such a popular alcoholic cocktail. (Points in the Paint says: Don’t drink and drive! Stay home… Drink and draft!)

Somehow, I doubt that a lot of PG-fetish addicts didn’t expect Chauncey Billups to be on top of their lists (after Chris Paul, of course – shouldn’t that go without saying?).

Well somehow, due to to assorted injuries to “preferred” point guards, Chauncey has seen his fantasy draft value inadvertently rise.

Chill out! I'M not injured!

Everyone. Well fine, a lot of people. Ok! Ok! SOME people were actually giving old CB a downgrade coming into this season, with the expectation of his inevitable statistical decline. He wasn’t exactly close to the head of the pack when it came to the “pass-first PG” queue. But I suppose he didn’t like it too much and so he hired some Voodoo witch doctors to put hexes on the guys ahead of him in the line towards first round pickdom.

Baron Davis sprains his finger. Rumors point to him being ready for the Clips’ opening tip-off, but I’m not holding my breath. Mental note: “Jenny Craig diets (or diets in general) may be hazardous to your fingers’ health”. Deron Williams sprains his ankle and word on the street is that he will be gone for at least 2 weeks. (Sniffle, sniffle) Hopefully Steve Nash won’t be out playing soccer (or football to you non-Americans) and sprains his, uh, hair? I’m just kidding Chauncey. I know no one can prove any such preposterousness in a court of law.

What the "F" is wrong with my hair?!?

Seriously, what SHOULD the average drafter do with Chauncey Billups now that the other PGs are afflicted with sprain-itis? Is it time to begin earmarking him for the first round? Brendan of 2RR asked me that over at my Deron-injury-rant post and it made me decide to smoke some weed and ponder the pink melancholy of the chrysanthemum spirals of the universe… fine maybe that was a little bit too LSD and a little too less brownie-mix. Nevertheless, I gave our boy Chauncey, a long and hard second look.

What did stand out in my mind is that the healthy “passing PGs” are now OFFICIALLY more scarce than reliable centers with few drawbacks. Yup. Even taking into account that the average league has 2 C roster spots to fill.

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Fun With Posters for Fantasy Basketball

Posted by Erik on September 13, 2008

I’ve been blasting away with player spotlights and draft resources for the past few days now and I felt it was time for a break, flex my creative muscles and do something both light and fun.

I’ve been recently addicted to checking out Motivational Posters and Unmotivating Posters on the internet.

So I decided to use this TOOL (WARNING! – It can get VERY addictive!) to make some of my own, which will be especially appreciated by Fantasy Basketball players.

THIS one I just found on the internet:

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