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Moving On, Moving Forward…

Posted by Erik on February 3, 2009


It’s small step for me, but it’s one giant leap for fantasy basketball bloggingkind – or just me. The day has finally arrived. Points in the Paint is moving on to bigger, better, and brighter things. We’re now a dot-com! Please allow me the honor of introducing to you and welcoming you to the NEW Points in the Paint.

To all my regular readers and to everyone who has linked to my blog, please update your bookmarks and your links accordingly.


I’ve already started things off in the new site with a post about how bottom dwelling teams in head to head leagues can make that final push to the top (or at least reach the “playoff zone”)

This first incarnation of Points in the Paint, or PitP for short, will always be near and dear to my heart. This is where it all began and she will always be my baby. Thanks wordpress.com for giving us a home to get things started.

You can also catch some of my work over at Give Me The Rock, PitP’s “big brother blog” ever since it was just several posts old.

Anyway, that’s it. I just wanted to keep it short and sweet. To all of my regular readers, thanks for reading. I hope you’ll keep following me to the new site and at GMTR. It’s been a blast! And now it’s time for even more fun, laughter, tears, and FANTASY BASKETBALL


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It’s Time to go PRO…

Posted by Erik on January 9, 2009

Even though I started Points in the Paint as an experiment in an exercise to see if I could find a niche in the blogging universe for me to possibly “cash in” on something I enjoyed discussing (fantasy basketball), it turned out transmogrifying into a labor of love, a hobby of passion, a fountain of fulfillment – let’s stop there before things start to get melodramatic.

At some point, PitP, as some guys refer to this blog for short became a true outlet where I got to learn how to write and allow my not-universally-accepted humor to shine. I knew I had things to say and some of it had value to some people out there, but I never expected or dreamed that my thoughts, fantasy-madman rantings, and sometimes no-nonsense opinions would be appreciated by this many people. All of that changed my perspective on what I was really doing here. The respect I got from the community I found myself being a part of became food for my low self-esteemed psyche.

It is now a new year – a time for new beginnings… I will now be writing for the fantasy basketball blogging awesomeness known as Give Me The Rock. It was just amazing to be accepted by the one of the foremost fantasy basket-blogging authorities in the net.

Here is my first post on GMTR a few days back.

Points in the Paint is and will always be my baby and first blogging home and love. She will be migrating from wordpress.com, which has been a wonderful NBDL for me and my blogging, to Bloguin.com where I will be in the elite company of some fantastic blogs. It’s currently under construction.

When the new blog over at bloguin rises, expect some new and different things from me and PitP. I will be venturing into the uncharted (for me) waters of podcasting and will be inviting a “fantasy guru” to discuss fantasy basketball on the site.

So to everyone who likes what they’ve read, whether you agree with my thought or not, keep up with the latest from me over at GMTR and the soon to rise PitP!

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The “Truth” is Out There…

Posted by Erik on December 19, 2008


Thanks to Alltop.com for adding Points in the Paint to their Fantasy Basketball Blog listing. It’s a cool online magazine rack that’s pretty much got everything you might look for that’s of interest to you.

Other notable Blogs on it  are GMTR, 2RR, FBBJ, Hoops Fantasy, and many more. (and if you know what those acronyms stand for, then you probably have those sites, bookmarked and on speed dial/click…)

Check out the Fantasy Basketball Section and see what else is cooking out there in the Fantasy Basketball Blogging world.

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NBA Week One: First Impressions

Posted by Erik on November 4, 2008

This is a hodge-podge and mish-mosh of some random observations over the course of the NBA’s first week.

Before I begin, let me say that everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. This is, after all, just the first week. Only 2 to 3 games have been played by most players. So all of the ups and downs; and rants and raves you read here are all just first impressions.

Stud Sightings

Chris Paul – Wow! What an awesome PG! Blah, blah, blah… He’s the hands down BEST player in fantasy today. He didn’t get hit by some random meteor from Alpha-Centauri to stop him, so he simply just began the season like he will continue to play the rest of the season – with unadulterated Awesomeness!

Danny Granger – He had an awesome start and almost singlehandedly kick the defending champs in their championship-winning tushies. He has shown that he can do a lot. I just wonder if he can keep up his pace when his partner in crime, Mike Dunleavy rejoins the Pacer line up.

Josh Smith – Want sick? Josh’s stat line over the first couple of games is what’s really sick! 15-10 with 3.5 BPG, 3.5 SPG, 1.5 3PG. Monstrous? Hell yeah! But as I said earlier, take all of these things with a grain of salt. Josh probably won’t be averaging those numbers throughout the season, but damn those numbers really lit up those stat sheets.

Jose Calderon – It appears all the hype and anticipation was well worth the drool-flooding wait. Jose is now truly an elite passing PG. OMG! 79 more games of his efficiency and production, please! 18 PPG at 50% FG, and 9.7 APG is just like the old Steve Nash, only without the cat-killing TOs.

Chris Bosh – You can’t really mention Jose Calderon in a rave section of a post or article without mentioning Chris. You can now add both these guys to the elite PG-PF/C combos. Their names are now in the echelon of Deron-Boozer, CP3-West, Nash-Amare. Scary! 26-10 at 54 FG% and 80 FT% (10 attempts) is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Andris Biedrins – A couple more months of his production at this level will instantly catapult AB into the elite C status. He’s proving to everyone that he’s indeed worth every penny the GSW decided to pay him. Monster of a C! Wow! I can’t wait to see how he will end up this season in everyone’s rankings.

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Tired of Meat and Potatoes?

Posted by Erik on October 17, 2008

What’s wrong with meat and potatoes? Nothing really. Actually it’s more than enjoyable if the meat is a thick, juicy 16 oz. steak (prime rib, no less!) accompanied by a huge baked potato that’s slathered in sour cream and crisp bacon bits. In fact, it sounds quite appetizing. Doesn’t it? So you say to yourself, “Heck, I can eat that everyday!” But picture having that for 5-6 seasons in a row… Still as appetizing? Perhaps.

Are you the adventurous type who likes to explore new cuisines that the world has to offer? Are you the type of person who craves for variety and new experiences? Always looking for new flavors to explode onto your palate to excite and tantalize you? Do you enjoy a variety of textures in your food as different gustatory stimuli dance with your taste buds in a way that makes you just want to get up and get jiggy with it?

Okay. Let’s not get carried away.

Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball has been the “meat and potatoes” of my fantasy basketball experience since 2003. Is there anything wrong with that? No. Actually, they’ve improved on the game, its interface and its drafting JAVA applet over the years to give its players a richer gaming experience of pretend basketball team manager.

For those of you out there who want a different experience of Fantasy Basketball or of drafting its players, there are alternatives out there for you to choose from.

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Battle of the Bloggers

Posted by Erik on October 12, 2008

I just finished our Live Draft for the Battle of the Bloggers League from BallHype. It was the first live draft I entered in Yahoo! since it opened its doors. I must say that I love the JAVA applet interface they’ve got going on. I like the fact that they highlight the average pick of the various players. Actually it was Nels who pointed it out along with some money quotes:

“Chris Paul is 1.4 not 1.0? There are people out there who are drafting wrong.”

“There are actually people out there who are picking Eddy Curry at 136!”

Anyway, going back to the league. It’s a 10-man, head to head, with the standard 9-cat array. We’ve got 11 roster slots (PG, SG, G, SF, F, PF, C, Util x 2, Bench x 2) One Center was a surprise which kind of caught me off guard because I only noticed it during the draft itself. I should have payed more attention to the settings. My bad.

The Bloggers involved in the league are the following:

Yours truly of Points in the Paint, TEAM: Points in the Paint – yeah I know, so original!

Nels of Give Me The Rock, TEAM: Give Me The Rockettes

Dennis of Dropping Dimes, TEAM: Bout it Bout it

UtesFan89 of The Utah Jazz, TEAM: Suicidal Penguins

Ethan of Newsports.com, TEAM: The Ollie McClellans

Mookie of A Stern Warning, TEAM: …a stern warning

Zach of Talkhoops.net, TEAM: Kev Ollie’s Mustache

Ryan of Hoops Addict, TEAM: Hoops Addict – another exercise in originality

Scott of Waiting for Next Year, TEAM: WaitingForNextYear

Zorgon of Blue Blitz, TEAM: Blue Blitz

Give their blogs some clicks and some love. ‘Coz their teams won’t be getting much love from mine once we’re matched up! (woohoo! Trash Talking via blogging is just so unfair!)

With 10 managers and 11 roster spots the draft was a pretty good round-up of an intelligently drafted TOP 100 (give or take) for head to head. The talent and caliber of the players drafted will be pretty concentrated so some Monster Teams were drafted.

Unfortunately, around 4 of the guys missed the Live Draft, but it was a blast nonetheless. To those who were present, good drafting guys!

It was priceless seeing Suicidal Penguins (a hardcore Jazz Fan) land the first pick, agonize, and have to choose Chris Paul! Hahaha! At least he made up for it by taking Boozer in the 2nd.

I was in 9th draft position. Not great, but still was quite workable.

I’m pretty happy with my team. I simply improved on the small ball plan I got going over at the GMTR Mock – improvements like not drafting Samuel Dalembert for a small man team! LOL! Anyway, allow me to introduce you to the Points in the Paint team that will be pwning this league…

Round —– Player (Pick)

  1. Shawn Marion (9)
  2. Deron Williams (12)
  3. Kevin Martin (29)
  4. Rudy Gay (32)
  5. Mehmet Okur (49)
  6. Mo Williams (52)
  7. Mike Miller (69)
  8. Mike Bibby (72)
  9. Troy Murphy (89)
  10. Anthony Parker (92)
  11. O.J. Mayo (109)

That’s my team. I’m hoping to have some fun in this league.

Here’s to wishing everyone in the league some luck! (they’ll need it, ha ha!)

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Coaches’ Huddle: 30 Questions with Nels & Patrick of GMTR

Posted by Erik on October 7, 2008

It’s finally here… The GMTR tribute post you’ve all been waiting for. Enjoy!

Some Background:

When I was browsing around the net sometime in early 2007 for a topic I could blog about, I discovered that there were a bunch people out there who decided to talk about Fantasy Basketball all day long as if they had nothing better to do with their lives. And I thought to myself, “Hey that sounds like fun! I pretty much do that all the time with my buddies over some KFC and Pizza; why don’t I blab/blog about fantasy basketball all day long too?”

And so it began… I googled “fantasy basketball blogs” and found two blogs in particular that simply inspired me to go ahead and give it a go. The first was Fantasy Basketblog (RIP) which is sadly no longer with us in the FBB blogging world; and the other was, you got it, Give Me The Rock.

I ended up last year as a spunky Fantasy Basketball blogging upstart with some interesting potential; but I lost my way, floundered a bit and PitP died by November. I’m hoping this year, my sophomore season, will be a bit more Rudy Gay and a lot less Andrea Bargnani (sorry Il Mago, but you really stung me last year.)

I really owe a lot to Nels and Patrick of GMTR for the exposure Points in the Paint has gotten. Whether it’s through having my posts on their “Midnight Snacks” sidebar widget or directly linking to me on one of their entries. If you’re reading this and/or have been following PITP for some time, you odds are found about this blog through GMTR in one way or another. These guys have been the blogging big brothers I’ve never had. (sentimental tear rolls down cheek) So I decided to honor them and do a feature post HERE and share with the world some insight into the mad genius tandem that make up everyone’s favorite fantasy basketball blog, Give Me The Rock.

And so without further ado, here are my 30 questions with Nels and Patrick…

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Give Me The Rock Mock Draft

Posted by Erik on September 17, 2008

GMTR’s Mock Draft is up and running. I made the cut and am part of the group of Fantasy Freaks who are going to duke it out on the Draft Board. Woohoo!

I am in 11th position out of 12 and this concerns me. Why should it? Well because last season gave us a lot of volatility due to massive player movement due to blockbuster trades, season-ending injuries and the emergence of some new fantasy studs on the block. We will truly feel the repercussions in THIS year’s rankings and player valuations.

The lucky bums who ended up picking in the first 4 spots are at a first round advantage as they’re pretty much in the “no-brainer” zone. They’re challenge will be how to capitalize on their round one initiative and draft solid 2nd-rounders to go with their picks. There are some shoe-in choices for the next 4-5 picks after. Solid choices that are pretty much still popular across the net.

I happen to find myself in the zone that needs a little bit more speculation and drafting creativity (last 3). I have to consider who will end this year in the TOP 10 among a plethora of viable and debatable options. I will really be putting my first round bounce strategies to the test now.

Stay tuned as I keep as many of my appendages crossed so that I don’t end up with a complete FUBAR of a draft and wind up looking like a DONKEY. 😛

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Fun With Posters for Fantasy Basketball

Posted by Erik on September 13, 2008

I’ve been blasting away with player spotlights and draft resources for the past few days now and I felt it was time for a break, flex my creative muscles and do something both light and fun.

I’ve been recently addicted to checking out Motivational Posters and Unmotivating Posters on the internet.

So I decided to use this TOOL (WARNING! – It can get VERY addictive!) to make some of my own, which will be especially appreciated by Fantasy Basketball players.

THIS one I just found on the internet:

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Show Me The Money!

Posted by Erik on September 11, 2008

I was in the middle of doing research for a draft on Contract-Year Players when I stumbled upon Zach Harper’s article in Fantasy Insider Online. Oh well, no point in me coming up with a redundant post. He beat me to the basket on the break. GG.

I don’t agree with all of his projected stats for some of the players, but what do we (in the Fantasy Basketball Blogosphere) completely agree on anyway?  He shoots. He Scores!!! 2 points in the paint for Zach! Good Job.

Those guys want to be shown the money? Well here… but I doubt any of them will be getting paid THIS much.

So this is what 206 Million Dollars look like

So this is what 206 Million Dollars looks like

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