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Melo’s Return Will Be A Crossroads For J.R. Smith

Posted by Erik on January 30, 2009

Uh, this is MY team!

Uh, this is MY team!

Carmelo Anthony has gotten the go ahead to play on Friday. This, of course, is going to be good for the Denver Nuggets. What will his return mean to the now fantasy studly J.R. Smith?

Through the last couple of years, my fantasy basketball relationship with JR has been much like that of an undecided first-time, junior high couple. We’re on. He messes up, then we’re off. He has a huge game, then we’re on again. JR is not exactly the kind of player you want to own if you want some stability in your life. Saying that his young NBA career has been fantasy volatile must be one of the understatements of the year.

Throughout this season and the months just before, J.R. has been more of a fantasy conundrum than anything else. This was divined to be his year. His year! The experts said so and the stars seemed to be aligned for him to explode. He quickly disappointed dreamers with his lackluster performances off the bench, showing more of his inconsistent colors.

Can the New J.R. coexist with te Old Melo?

Can the New J.R. coexist with the Old Melo?

When Melo had to miss some time due to a fractured hand, J.R. eventually got inserted in the starting lineup. In the eight game string of recent starts that he’s had, he has only failed to score 19 or more points twice. He’s averaging 4.4 dimes and 2.1 treys over those 8 contests as well. George Karl and the Nuggets have leaned on J.R. to man up and mature as a player. The Nuggs integrated him as a key cog in its fast paced offense, but he has shown he can do more than that and has even been picking an average of 1.5 pockets a night on the defensive end.

What will happen to J.R. when Melo comes back? The Nuggets is Melo’s team. He gets priority for those all important touches. Will the new and improved J.R. be able to coexist on the floor with “Mr. Score from anywhere, anytime?” Melo’s return will be a key crossroad in J.R.’s NBA career.

He will have to learn his place in the team. He will have to be content to be more of a role player, playing a role of that of an outside shooter or secondary or even tertiary scoring option. Whatever George Karl decides to do with him, he will have to be open to accept it and make the most of his opportunities. It might not happen just yet, then again it might not ever happen at all. It will, odds are, take some time. Being a half-full glass kind of guy, I’d like to think it will happen sooner rather than later. Starting on friday, the ball will be in J.R.’s court. Let’s see what he can do with it.


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Thanks for the BLOCKS! – Zo Retires

Posted by Erik on January 23, 2009


Alonzo Mourning is ending is NBA career. Get some rest old boy! You deserve it. You played your heart out and eventually got your NBA championship ring.


Through the years Zo’s been a quality source of blocks for a lot of my fantasy NBA teams. Thanks Zo! Thanks for all those dunks, slams, blocks, swats, rejections and reactions of celebration and jubilation after the fact.

Raptors Heat Basketball


Zo’s career numbers: 17.1 PPG / 8.5 RPG / 1.1 APG / 2.8 BPG / 0.5 SPG / 52.7 FG% / 69.2 FT% / 2.6 TOs

You’ve not only been a fantasy force as far as blocks are concerned, but you have also been an inspiration to us all!


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Hinrich – Out, Derrick Rose – Boom!

Posted by Erik on November 9, 2008

Kirk Hinrich needs surgery and will be out for a very long time. I wasn’t really high on Kirk coming back strong this year so I didn’t bother drafting him in any of my leagues. It is time to drop Kirk off your rosters and move on to better options from the wire. It really isn’t going to do you much good to sit on him as he wasn’t much of a stud to speak of in the first place; and secondly, when he does comeback he will be returning to the Derrik-led Bulls and will have to see where he will fit in. Somehow though, the peeps at Hardwood Paroxysm jokingly foretold of the possibility of such an eventuality as early as October 23rd.

It’s getting “Rosey” in the Windy City

Derrick Rose owners: You lucky bastards! The only obstacle in the way of Derrick going all crazy (fantasywise) is now gone. Enjoy your explosive games.

In the 6 games he’s played he is  currently averaging 17.8 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 4.5 APG, 1.2 SPG, 0.3 3PG, 3.0 TOs, at 48.8 FG% and 84 FT%

I expect him to make the most of the lack of playing time predators. He should do well. He needs to drop a few more dimes a night. And when he does begin to do so, he’ll be a great PG. Oh well, just when I thought Michael Beasley was going to contest him for rookie of the year. GG.

I suppose we’ll see more of:

Derrick Rose Pre-NBA

Derrick Scoring 30 on the Mavs

He is still a rookie, don’t forget that. He will still end up with games with poor percentages and a ton of TOs. He will also get his fair share of monster games as he dominates his opponents on sheer athleticism.

It looks like it’s going to be the “Derrick Rose – Ben Gordon Show” in Chicago’s back court.

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Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups: Fantasy Impact

Posted by Erik on November 4, 2008

We all knew this would happen sometime before the trade deadline this season. It just so happened that it came sooner rather than later. Two teams who want to begin rebuilding, the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets, decided to swap some PGs and threw in a franchise reunion for Antonio Mcdyess in the process.

Would you have traded one for the other in fantasy basketball? Well their teams did. Denver wanted to offload A.I.’s expiring contract for salary cap space so that it can begin rebuilding. Detroit wanted to to get a jump start at building a team that will be a title contender ASAP. Sorry Joe (Dumars); the Celts, Cavs and uh Raptors (?) may have a thing or two to say to stifle your plans.

Fantasy Impact

Expect both their numbers to be erratic for the first couple of weeks as they adjust to their new teams and coaches. It won’t take long though, as both of them are reliable vets and they’ll get acclimated sooner rather than later.

This trade has more upside for Chauncey as his coach likes an up tempo offense and Chauncey can flourish in open court basketball.

There is now a question for the answer. Can he play at the point once again? George Karl, his former coach played him at SG and he did well. Can his new coach motivate him to work with his new teammates as Detroit’s point guard?

This trade will hamper Rodney Stuckey’s  fantasy progress as A.I. needs more playing time than Chauncey. So he will have to keep Allen’s seat over at the bench a lot warmer and for a lot longer than expected.

J.R. Smith who started off the year pretty well is now at the cusp of a starting position and this simply boosts his fantasy upside. He will get more opportunities to improve on his good fantasy start.

Antonio McDyess can help fill the “Camby void” by committee along with Nene and K-Mart. His age and his knees will take their toll in the running offense environment that he’s in now. Don’t expect any sort of major fantasy resurgence from Antonio.

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Noooo! Deroooon! (Williams sprains ankle)

Posted by Erik on October 19, 2008

Crap! Crap! Double Crap! That makes four, right?

Anyway, you get my point.

My after-Chris Paul-PG-Man-Crush tweaked his ankle in a preseason game and had to be carried off the court!

c/o desertnews.com

c/o desertnews.com

c/o Associated Press

c/o Associated Press

I generally liked to reach for him when I decide to go small ball in late drafting position. Ouch! I own him in 2 leagues so far! And I’m sure many of my co-Deron owners must be wincing in pain after finding about this horrible turn of events. There’s still no news of a definitive prognosis with regards to the extent of the sprain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he will be up and about for the Jazz’s first tip-off. I’m just thankful this I don’t play fantasy football and Deron isn’t Tom Brady. That being said, any time or games missed by your early picks can’t be good…

Stay tuned as we closely follow his recovery. I dread to see the day that I’ll have to pick-up Brevin Knight (no offense, Brev) to salvage a fraction of what I’m missing from Deron.

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Allan Houston: Back from the Dead

Posted by Erik on September 26, 2008

I was once a Knick, can I play too?

I was once a Knick, can I play too?

I’ve never been too hot about guys coming back from the dead to resurrect NBA careers. Allan Houston’s signing with the Knicks is no exception. I’m sorry Allan, but your coach likes to make his players RUN. If your knees don’t fall off, they’re most definitely gonna get sore.

I’m not as concerned about his knees as I am about basketball decay. He has spent some considerable time away from professional play. Clearly no one serious enough about fantasy basketball will seriously consider Allan as a serious fantasy draft pick.  Seriously. – No serious fantasy impact here folks! Move along now.

Fine, maybe Spike Lee would (does he play fantasy hoops?), but only as his very last pick.

This move by the Knicks, to me, is more part of a campaign to clean up their Isaiah-tarnished image and re-infuse a guy who was once much loved by the fans. – Well he was back when they still had some.

This is actually stage two. The first phase was when NY acquired, yup you got it, Patrick Ewing Jr.

I get the idea, but come on! Who’s next? John Starks?

Guys at the Knicks Head Office, It’s not about public relations anymore. Want people to love ya again? Win some games – P.S. Start David Lee!!! Woohoo!

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ZERO Games Played for November

Posted by Erik on September 18, 2008

Just as the internet Mock Drafts have come out with Gilbert Arenas getting chosen somewhere between the 15th and 16th pick, we now find out that he will be playing ZERO games for the first month of the season. It’s a good thing that the mock drafts are what they are, hypothetical. He may not be Tom Brady, nor may he be out for the whole season; but Agent Zero’s owners (if the mock drafts were real) would be in a world of hurt. The CURRENT estimated timetable for his return is in December. So he will be jumping into NBA play without the benefit of training camp – which he would have needed to acclimatize himself to playing with his teammates again. He will need all of his talent, skills and bodily fortitude to get back to viable fantasy form by January. I’m glad I reached for Deron Williams over him in the 2nd round of the GMTR Mock Draft.


This bit of disappointing news was all I needed to reassure myself that I should stay away from drafting the 111 Million Dollar man this season. The “if he comes back strong” variable is now taken out of the picture in my consideration to draft him in the first 3 rounds. The thought of passing up on a stud in the 2nd or 3rd was quite unsettling. Now that it is clear that he won’t be a fantasy force – at least to begin the season, I can calmly and confidently bump him down the rankings. He will probably land in the 6th round or less once I expand my Head to Head Big Board to a TOP 100 list.

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Give Me The Rock Mock Draft

Posted by Erik on September 17, 2008

GMTR’s Mock Draft is up and running. I made the cut and am part of the group of Fantasy Freaks who are going to duke it out on the Draft Board. Woohoo!

I am in 11th position out of 12 and this concerns me. Why should it? Well because last season gave us a lot of volatility due to massive player movement due to blockbuster trades, season-ending injuries and the emergence of some new fantasy studs on the block. We will truly feel the repercussions in THIS year’s rankings and player valuations.

The lucky bums who ended up picking in the first 4 spots are at a first round advantage as they’re pretty much in the “no-brainer” zone. They’re challenge will be how to capitalize on their round one initiative and draft solid 2nd-rounders to go with their picks. There are some shoe-in choices for the next 4-5 picks after. Solid choices that are pretty much still popular across the net.

I happen to find myself in the zone that needs a little bit more speculation and drafting creativity (last 3). I have to consider who will end this year in the TOP 10 among a plethora of viable and debatable options. I will really be putting my first round bounce strategies to the test now.

Stay tuned as I keep as many of my appendages crossed so that I don’t end up with a complete FUBAR of a draft and wind up looking like a DONKEY. 😛

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GMTR Fantasy Guide Review

Posted by Erik on September 5, 2008

For those of you who clicked on the link of my blog’s previous entry, you probably know that I created the said link in order to get a copy of Give Me the Rock’s Fantasy Guide for the 08-09 season.

Well I got it, and boy was it worth it. Kudos to Nels and Patrick of GMTR for a guide well made! I applaud them for the depth of their insight and commentary on 248 NBA players, draftable and ignorable alike. Reading the guide gave me a different perspective on some of the players. It was like spending time with some of my buddies and talking about players and their idealized draft positions. Their comments were relatively concise and some even colored with the wit I’ve come to enjoy from following the posts on their site.

I, of course, didn’t agree with all of GMTR’s expectations and forecasts for all of the players they reviewed; but I’d say that they and I are on the same page on about 87.6% of their analyses. And since I believe that “brilliant minds think alike”, I can’t help but congratulate them on a job well done. – Now I’m just that bit more inspired to get my butt in gear and work on my draft resource posts. I’ve been wanting to come up with a big board of sorts that delved a bit deeper than Funston’s one liner comments. Well Pat and Nels did a great job with their guide by adding extra information that the average fantasy ball manager doesn’t have access to in one place, and so they were able to paint a more multi-faceted look at this year’s draft options.

I highly recommend getting a copy of the guide. It may not be a one-stop resource for this year’s draft, but it is a definite must-read for any hardcore (or even moderately serious) fantasy basketball manager out there.

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GMTR’s Fantasy Draft Guide

Posted by Erik on September 4, 2008

Give Me The Rock, one of the net’s more popular resources in providing quality fantasy basketball advice has come up with its own Fantasy Draft Guide! Click HERE to get the full details on how you can get it.

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