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From Injury Worry to Fantasy Wonder! – Jason Richardson to the Suns

Posted by Erik on December 11, 2008



Some people unloaded Jason Richardson after he underwent exploratory arthroscopic surgery last month. Those same people were probably  worried about his health. Richardson proved that he is well and returned to action as a slightly improved fantasy asset.

Now with Jason Richardson plus some fillers (a second round pick and Jared Dudley), being traded to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for – uh a bunch of fillers – Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, and Sean Singeltary; those same people who unloaded him wish they had him back.

Fantasy Breakdown:

Who wins?

Phoenix Suns – They get to boost Amare Stoudemire’s waning morale and keep him just that little bit happier, motivated and hopefully more productive. Sadly I disagree that adding Jason Richardson is the key to the Suns’ road to redemption. REMOVING Steve Kerr from management is still the solution. But this trade does soften the ill-timed “Shaq-Marion trade FUBAR”. We’ll see if he can make some more improvements.

Jason Richardson – It’s not as if he wasn’t a big enough scorer over at Charlotte. Now with Steve Nash handing him the ball on a silver platter, expect him to light up the scoreboard from pretty much everywhere on the basketball court. Expect scoring to go up slightly but more importantly expect his FG% to be better and more stable. Of course treys, those wonderful treys; MORE, MORE and MORE of them over at Phoenix. He should be able to get back to or even exceed last year’s averages in that category.

DJ Augustin, Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor – After J-Rich’s departure, these guys will have to really make it a team effort to compensate for the scoring void left behind.

Boris Diaw – I wouldn’t be surprised to see him inserted into the starting lineup right away alonside Raja Bell. He will be able to provide flexibility and some much needed court savvy. That’s what I would prefer. Somehow it’s more likely to see him and DJ Augustin come off the bench as offensive sparks. Who knows? I didn’t expect the Bobcats to trade J-Rich away.

Jared Dudley – He will see some time on the court. He will get that fantasy Nash-factor bump. Impact to his value may be minimal, but still keep your eye on him in deep leagues.

Who loses?

Charlotte Bobcats – Well good luck on your rebuilding plans. Let’s leave it at that.

Leandro Barbosa – He will now rarely see the light of day. Well not exactly. He will still get to relieve Steve Nash every now and again. But expect his scoring and treys to dip.

Phoenix Suns – They still have Shaq. Well to be fair, he’s really just there for his contract to expire, but a snidely remark about him and his occasional presence in the Phoenix lineup couldn’t be helped.

Raja Bell – He was not known for his scoring before. But now he will be feeling the biggest pinch of missing an elite passing PG finding him open on the wings for the trey.

Sean Singletary – Who? My point exactly. Don’t ask. Never you mind. Move along now.


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Rolling Some “Dice”

Posted by Erik on November 28, 2008

Fearless Prediction: Old and reliable to unseat Young and unreliable

Antonio McDyess is headed back to Detroit. He’s decided to re-sign with the Pistons and probably wants to end his career there. He will only be able to rejoin his former team this December 7th as part of a rule that 30 days has to pass after his trade to the Denver Nuggets along with point guard Chauncey Billups and not-so well known center Cheikh Samb for point guard Allen Iverson.

In the meantime coach Curry has been using Kwame Brown as starting center. (Dramatic pause) … Ok you can swallow whatever you almost upchucked just now, but yes Kwame has been flashing is “classic” fantasy underwhelming play for the past several games now.

Fear not, little ones. It won’t be long until the “Dice” comes back to the motor city and retakes his rightful place in the Pistons’ starting line up. I am an occasional betting man and I would be more than happy to wager some meager amount or more to call it that Antonio McDyess and whatever he’s got left in his tank will be able to consistently outperform Kwame “OMG! What have you done, Michael Jordan?” Brown’s youthful inconsistency and incompetency.

Kwame has been uninspiring and fantasy undesirable thus far in even the deepest of leagues. I feel that it won’t be the same case for Antonio and his return. What he has lost in terms of explosiveness along with the wear and tear of his knees, he has compensated for in terms of “bulk and boxing out”. If you’re in a deep league and you own one of those teams that’s clinging onto the likes of Carl Landry to anchor its flimsy front court, then rolling the dice on Antonio to give you 10-7.5 with a smidge under a block a night, might just be what the doctor ordered. It might just be worth it to drop your Robin Lopez (yup him, not Brook) for McDyess just to see what he can muster from those old bones. He might just serve as a servicable “big man” pick this early December.

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Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups: Fantasy Impact

Posted by Erik on November 4, 2008

We all knew this would happen sometime before the trade deadline this season. It just so happened that it came sooner rather than later. Two teams who want to begin rebuilding, the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets, decided to swap some PGs and threw in a franchise reunion for Antonio Mcdyess in the process.

Would you have traded one for the other in fantasy basketball? Well their teams did. Denver wanted to offload A.I.’s expiring contract for salary cap space so that it can begin rebuilding. Detroit wanted to to get a jump start at building a team that will be a title contender ASAP. Sorry Joe (Dumars); the Celts, Cavs and uh Raptors (?) may have a thing or two to say to stifle your plans.

Fantasy Impact

Expect both their numbers to be erratic for the first couple of weeks as they adjust to their new teams and coaches. It won’t take long though, as both of them are reliable vets and they’ll get acclimated sooner rather than later.

This trade has more upside for Chauncey as his coach likes an up tempo offense and Chauncey can flourish in open court basketball.

There is now a question for the answer. Can he play at the point once again? George Karl, his former coach played him at SG and he did well. Can his new coach motivate him to work with his new teammates as Detroit’s point guard?

This trade will hamper Rodney Stuckey’s¬† fantasy progress as A.I. needs more playing time than Chauncey. So he will have to keep Allen’s seat over at the bench a lot warmer and for a lot longer than expected.

J.R. Smith who started off the year pretty well is now at the cusp of a starting position and this simply boosts his fantasy upside. He will get more opportunities to improve on his good fantasy start.

Antonio McDyess can help fill the “Camby void” by committee along with Nene and K-Mart. His age and his knees will take their toll in the running offense environment that he’s in now. Don’t expect any sort of major fantasy resurgence from Antonio.

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