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Moving On, Moving Forward…

Posted by Erik on February 3, 2009


It’s small step for me, but it’s one giant leap for fantasy basketball bloggingkind – or just me. The day has finally arrived. Points in the Paint is moving on to bigger, better, and brighter things. We’re now a dot-com! Please allow me the honor of introducing to you and welcoming you to the NEW Points in the Paint.

To all my regular readers and to everyone who has linked to my blog, please update your bookmarks and your links accordingly.


I’ve already started things off in the new site with a post about how bottom dwelling teams in head to head leagues can make that final push to the top (or at least reach the “playoff zone”)

This first incarnation of Points in the Paint, or PitP for short, will always be near and dear to my heart. This is where it all began and she will always be my baby. Thanks wordpress.com for giving us a home to get things started.

You can also catch some of my work over at Give Me The Rock, PitP’s “big brother blog” ever since it was just several posts old.

Anyway, that’s it. I just wanted to keep it short and sweet. To all of my regular readers, thanks for reading. I hope you’ll keep following me to the new site and at GMTR. It’s been a blast! And now it’s time for even more fun, laughter, tears, and FANTASY BASKETBALL


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Fortuity: How a Yahoo! Glitch Got Me Mike Dunleavy

Posted by Erik on January 11, 2009

I recently started cashing in on my investment of taking a gamble on Mike Dunleavy Jr. (G/F) of the Indiana Pacers in my 18-man, head to head league (daily changes setting). He’s looking good, especially after that 22 point performance against  the Lakers off the bench. I can foresee him taking back his starting role in the next game or so.

What’s interesting about is that the thing, more like incident, that prompted me to make the move; was seeing Mike get picked up from the wires in my 13-man roto. There aren’t many active managers in that league and I guess a lot of managers didn’t really care to sit on him.

Seeing that pick-up was enough osmosis moxy for me to go ahead and risk a few games lost in the daily changes H2H.

Ironically, shortly after the news broke out (on Yahoo! player news & notes) that Mike was up to 20 minutes of practice, a glitch occurred. For a brief period, the old news of him being “out indefinitely due to tendonitis in his knee”, started to show when you clicked on that little envelope beside his name. It was the old December-ish posting that somehow, for some reason, got re-posted. If you were following the Mike Dunleavy news closely during that time, you know what I mean.


The guy who inspired me pick him, quickly dropped his acquisition for a sadly underwhelming Fransisco Garcia. This was fortuity at it’s finest. I was the most active manager with the best waiver priority. I got to grab Mike for a T.J. Ford I no longer had the patience to wait to be healthy. Yes, he was the least productive guy on my roster. A hopefully healthy Mike Dunleavy is obviously a far superior choice for my G spot (that’s GUARD slot, in case you are thinking of commenting something witty) than Ford any day!

I just find it ironic that someone else’s impatience paid off for me. I’m normally the one who’s impulsive and impatient when it comes to players.

I am fourth in the 13-man roto, trying to break into the “podium zone” and 4th to the last in the 18-man head to head; so I’m really counting on Mike’s last year’s performances to come back and his knee to hold up – because I can use all the help I can get.

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Dirkie-poo Takes Me to #1

Posted by Erik on December 2, 2008

Dirkie-poo?” Yeah, we’re close like that. Well in a fantasy basketball kind of way…

I’ve been a big fan of 7-footers who can shoot treys like guards. Yes, Andrea Bargnani’s growing on me with every Raptor game that rolls on by.

Back to Dirk.

I love how he’s such a quietly underrated multi-cat kind of guy. Fine, he isn’t as donkalicious like say Dwyane Wade or LeBron James or Chris Paul, but man can he fill up those cats nicely! He blows away opponents on the FT% cat among others and he’s a fantastic big man core player for small ball – one of the few. I have him at number five on my recently updated Top 72 players for Head to Head Page.

I recently reached the top spot over at the 20-man Give Me The Monster League of Give  Me The Rock, with a sweet record of 27-16-2. I’m only a game ahead of like 4 other teams so this moment might be short lived. So I plan to savor it as long as I can milk it. 🙂

It’s nice to beam with pride about this league as I am skimming the scum, close to the bottom in the GMTR Reader’s League. Scraping victories only against injury-ridden teams. – but that rant is for another post.

I owe my success to my first round pick, Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks, PF).

I don’t know exactly happened to the post I had on queue that highlighted my pride on a team-well-drafted for the Monster League. Oh well, now seems like a more auspicious time anyway.

I was 5th to pick and chose him over the likes of Dwyane Wade (yeah, I didn’t see this season coming either) and Elton Brand, KG, Matrix – thank goodness! Anyway, in a nutshell, here’s how my draft went.

  1. Dirk Nowitzki  PF (5th)
  2. Paul Pierce SG/SF (36th)
  3. Hedo Turkoglu SG/SF (45th)
  4. T.J. Ford PG (76th)
  5. Al Harrington PF/C (85th)
  6. Ricky Davis SG/SF (116th)
  7. Luke Ridnour PG (126th)
  8. Daniel Gibson SG (156th)
  9. Linas Kleiza SG/SF (165th)
  10. Chris Quinn PG/SG (196th)

Of course, I wouldn’t be hitting the top of the heap on that draft alone. Over the course of the first month I made a few moves here and there. The most recent was to burn my waiver position to pick up Raja Bell who was thrown to the wires by another team. Raja is gold among trash in the pool, especially in a 20-man league. Believe you me! I’m now extra glad I didn’t throw away Al Harrington to the wires during the heat of his retarded tantrum over at GSW.

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Fun With Posters for Fantasy Basketball

Posted by Erik on September 13, 2008

I’ve been blasting away with player spotlights and draft resources for the past few days now and I felt it was time for a break, flex my creative muscles and do something both light and fun.

I’ve been recently addicted to checking out Motivational Posters and Unmotivating Posters on the internet.

So I decided to use this TOOL (WARNING! – It can get VERY addictive!) to make some of my own, which will be especially appreciated by Fantasy Basketball players.

THIS one I just found on the internet:

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GMTR Fantasy Guide Review

Posted by Erik on September 5, 2008

For those of you who clicked on the link of my blog’s previous entry, you probably know that I created the said link in order to get a copy of Give Me the Rock’s Fantasy Guide for the 08-09 season.

Well I got it, and boy was it worth it. Kudos to Nels and Patrick of GMTR for a guide well made! I applaud them for the depth of their insight and commentary on 248 NBA players, draftable and ignorable alike. Reading the guide gave me a different perspective on some of the players. It was like spending time with some of my buddies and talking about players and their idealized draft positions. Their comments were relatively concise and some even colored with the wit I’ve come to enjoy from following the posts on their site.

I, of course, didn’t agree with all of GMTR’s expectations and forecasts for all of the players they reviewed; but I’d say that they and I are on the same page on about 87.6% of their analyses. And since I believe that “brilliant minds think alike”, I can’t help but congratulate them on a job well done. – Now I’m just that bit more inspired to get my butt in gear and work on my draft resource posts. I’ve been wanting to come up with a big board of sorts that delved a bit deeper than Funston’s one liner comments. Well Pat and Nels did a great job with their guide by adding extra information that the average fantasy ball manager doesn’t have access to in one place, and so they were able to paint a more multi-faceted look at this year’s draft options.

I highly recommend getting a copy of the guide. It may not be a one-stop resource for this year’s draft, but it is a definite must-read for any hardcore (or even moderately serious) fantasy basketball manager out there.

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Welcome Back Kevin Martin!

Posted by Erik on January 16, 2008

I drafted and own Kevin Martin in 2 of my more important leagues (in terms of bragging rights). I suffered (blood, sweat, and tears) through his absence due to his groin injury. I really felt the pinch, missing his efficient and FT%-impacting 24 PPG!

Well now he’s back and healthy as a horse! – I mean that in a nice way Kevin.

He’s come back ON FIRE! He’s averaging a staggering 32 PPG clip at ridiculously insane efficiency – a whopping 84 FG%! and 19 of 21 from the FT line (90.5%) In his second game back he shot the lights out of the Dallas Mavericks, dropping 39 big ones on them; snapping the Mavs 7-game win streak. Now that’s one hell of a comeback-bitch-slapping! (“pardon my French”)

As one of your fantasy owners Kevin, I’d just like to give you PROPS for coming back with a vengeance and would like to wish you well. Keep it up!

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The Sleeper Awakes

Posted by Erik on November 22, 2007

Pardon the Warcraft allusion, but I feel it was the best way to set the tone for this post.

He may not be a crypt fiend, but with the way things are looking up for Andre Blatche, he’s definitely a potential fantasy monster that has awakened.

Finally! Andre Blatche has gotten the opportunity to show a flash of brilliance, bright enough to merit giving him a serious look. I couldn’t jump the gun after his MONSTER game yesterday, because I was a bit wary, due to his mediocre averages until that point, but a monster game it was indeed! 26 points, 12-14 from the feild, 8 boards, a block and a three!!! Now, with Brendan Haywood’s sprained ankle, the floodgates have opened and Andre can now prove how much of a fantasy monster he can be! It’s confirmed that Gilbert Arenas is out for 3 months and the Wizards may be looking for a hero to come out from the woodwork – at this point, from anywhere! – to help share the scoring burden left on Antawn and Caron.

His game proved he’s capable of scoring when the ball gets to him, but it wasn’t his scoring that had him on most managers’ watchlists. He was there for his “D” numbers. Hopefully, the Wizards will keep feeding this monster more and more minutes as his proud fantasy owners revel in his evolution!

If he’s on your waiver wires folks, dive for that mouse and grab him!

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Josh “The Monster” Smith

Posted by Erik on November 9, 2007

Josh Smith has been a monster this week! Just fantastic! So far he’s averaging 20 PPG, 5 APG, 4.5 SPG, 4.5 BPG, 8.5 RPG!

I’m proud to say I own him in a couple of head to head leagues and even prouder to say I had the foresight to get him as a first round pick (late) in those leagues.

His owners must be proud! His non-owners must be envious!

As an additional teaser of things to come, here’s his top plays from last season.

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Starbury, Your Boy…

Posted by Riccardo on October 31, 2007

Pardon the PTI reference.

If you play several fantasy hoops leagues you’re liable to have the “Your Boy” players. You know, the players that show up on more than one of your teams, and sometimes all of them. These guys either tend to be your pet sleeper picks, or the guys you fall back on when your draft goes bad at a certain position and you’re forced to reach for the last guy at a position that you can trust your fantasy season on. There’s nothing worse than being forced to go with Speedy Claxton as your top PG because you passed on Kidd, Nash, Paul and Deron slept right on through Mo Williams, Andre Miller, TJ Ford, Starbury and Ray Felton. (That said, I actually like Starbury this year, but that’s another article altogether.)

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Draft Round-up: My Teams (Part 1)

Posted by Erik on October 30, 2007


I must admit that I wasn’t that great a drafter coming into this season, but after putting up my blog and getting immersed in all the pre-draft preparation and analysis I’m proud to say that I believe I ended up drafting pretty solid teams for the leagues I signed up for.

I signed up in two roto leagues and two head to head leagues under my regular/original yahoo ID. I also drafted the same number teams and types of formats in a secondary yahoo ID in public leagues. Most of these leagues drafted relatively early and I made some free agency pick-ups. The listings below reflect my rosters coming into opening night’s tip-off!

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