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Happy Holidays – Some Christmas Pickup Treats

Posted by Erik on December 29, 2008


It’s been a long and hectic stretch of holidays for me and I haven’t gotten a chance to really grab hold of the keyboard for far too long.

Anyway, here are some post christmas goodies that may still be hidden in some of your unchecked Christmas Stockings.

Daequan Cook (PG/SG, MIA) – He’s been hot as of the last few games. He doesn’t do much more than shoot those treys, but at least he provides you with some guaranteed minutes off the Miami bench.

Daniel Gibson (PG/SG, CLE) – Speaking of three-point specialists, Boobie Gibson is back from his toe injury and Wally World is out with an injury. He will be back as the first offensive option off-the-bench for the Cavs. He does provide a slightly more diverse stat array compared to Cook of the Heat, but has not been able to light it up from beyond the arc as consistently this year. Expect 24+ minutes from him, or more if LBJ blows out the opponents out of the water.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (SF/PF, MIL) – I know it seems like he was a flash in the pan. He was picked up and dropped along with the rise and fall of his fantasy contributions. But as of late he appears to be the starter of choice at the swing slot for the Bucks. Charlie V’s health this season has been a huge waterloo, causing CV to be erratic; while Luc on the other hand has shown to be a bit more consistent. It’s time to pick him up again, but don’t expect to hold on to him for much longer.

Andrea Bargnani (SF/PF/C, TOR) – He’s riding the bench and his numbers are nowhere close to what they were with him as a starter and with that decline, many people got disenchanted with him and dropped him to the pool. If you can spare a bench slot, then sit him on it. You will never know when Jermaine O’Neal will miss another stretch of games. He is also a unique source of both treys and blocks.

Raja Bell – (SG, CHA) – He was slumping – ehem, adjusting – with some difficulty as he was getting used to the new offense and team composition over at Charlotte. He didn’t acclimate as smoothly and as definitevely as Boris Diaw. He will adjust and he will eventually become more and more consistent as he slides into his new role in his new team. If someone threw him, pick him up. He will invariably be a more solid choice over the briefly overachieving Jason Kapono in TOR.

Louis Williams and Mareese Speights (PG/SG & PF/C, PHI) – Both these guys have been the bigger standouts among the bench players who’ve stepped up their games in the absence of Elton Brand from the Philadelphia 76ers lineup. Williams will be good for some dimes and points at relatively good percentages, while Speights will be good for some boards and blocks.


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Phases of a Moon

Posted by Erik on December 13, 2008

For most of the season, Jamario Moon has been in sitting in former Raptors’ coach, Sam Mitchell’s bench with pretty much a “Do Not Disturb” sign hanging around his neck. This former starter at small forward had to give up much of his playing time to the more offensive oriented, 7-foot, Italian, Andrea Bargnani.  The Raptors’ front court got a bit more crowded this year when they acquired forward/center, Jermaine O’Neal from the Indiana Pacers for point guard T.J. Ford. Someone had to give up some playing time in favor of O’Neal and Sam Mitchell chose to go with an offensive front court and picked Moon to come off the bench. Bargnani put together some impressive performances and pretty much eclipsed Jamario’s fantasy value into weeks of darkness.

Fast forward several games into the season and many losses later… Sam Mitchell is fired by the Raptors and they named Canadian, Jay Triano as the interim  head coach of the Canadian NBA franchise.

Last December 10th, coach Triano got his first win as an NBA coach against the Indiana Pacers. Lo and behold who he decided to start at small forward on that day… Jamario Moon. Moon, in a season high 33 mins on the floor contributed a very respectable fantasy output of 17 points (58.3 % FG); grabbed 8 boards; passed the ball once; stole it twice; and swatted it away 3 times; while not committing any basketball related mistakes that statistically translated into turnovers.

Even though Andrea Bargnani has been getting more blocks prior to this game, it may behoove Coach Triano to once again give Moon another crack at a performance to keep his starting stint at small forward for the Raptors. He brings to the court more hustle and defensive intensity than his Italian, playing time rival.

Jamario has never been known for his scoring ability. After all, he only averaged a humble eight and a half points per game over the 78 games he played for the franchise last year. The thing is he brings athleticism and some intangibles; like hustle-defense and a role player’s mindset, every time he’s on the court.

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Dirkie-poo Takes Me to #1

Posted by Erik on December 2, 2008

Dirkie-poo?” Yeah, we’re close like that. Well in a fantasy basketball kind of way…

I’ve been a big fan of 7-footers who can shoot treys like guards. Yes, Andrea Bargnani’s growing on me with every Raptor game that rolls on by.

Back to Dirk.

I love how he’s such a quietly underrated multi-cat kind of guy. Fine, he isn’t as donkalicious like say Dwyane Wade or LeBron James or Chris Paul, but man can he fill up those cats nicely! He blows away opponents on the FT% cat among others and he’s a fantastic big man core player for small ball – one of the few. I have him at number five on my recently updated Top 72 players for Head to Head Page.

I recently reached the top spot over at the 20-man Give Me The Monster League of Give  Me The Rock, with a sweet record of 27-16-2. I’m only a game ahead of like 4 other teams so this moment might be short lived. So I plan to savor it as long as I can milk it. 🙂

It’s nice to beam with pride about this league as I am skimming the scum, close to the bottom in the GMTR Reader’s League. Scraping victories only against injury-ridden teams. – but that rant is for another post.

I owe my success to my first round pick, Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks, PF).

I don’t know exactly happened to the post I had on queue that highlighted my pride on a team-well-drafted for the Monster League. Oh well, now seems like a more auspicious time anyway.

I was 5th to pick and chose him over the likes of Dwyane Wade (yeah, I didn’t see this season coming either) and Elton Brand, KG, Matrix – thank goodness! Anyway, in a nutshell, here’s how my draft went.

  1. Dirk Nowitzki  PF (5th)
  2. Paul Pierce SG/SF (36th)
  3. Hedo Turkoglu SG/SF (45th)
  4. T.J. Ford PG (76th)
  5. Al Harrington PF/C (85th)
  6. Ricky Davis SG/SF (116th)
  7. Luke Ridnour PG (126th)
  8. Daniel Gibson SG (156th)
  9. Linas Kleiza SG/SF (165th)
  10. Chris Quinn PG/SG (196th)

Of course, I wouldn’t be hitting the top of the heap on that draft alone. Over the course of the first month I made a few moves here and there. The most recent was to burn my waiver position to pick up Raja Bell who was thrown to the wires by another team. Raja is gold among trash in the pool, especially in a 20-man league. Believe you me! I’m now extra glad I didn’t throw away Al Harrington to the wires during the heat of his retarded tantrum over at GSW.

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BARG-ing Into The Starting 5

Posted by Erik on November 21, 2008

Consistency Will Be The Key

Andrea Bargnani (SF, PF, C) recently got the nod from the Raptor’s head coach and started for a couple of games at small forward. He replaced Jamario Moon. He’s had 3 starts so far but has only really captured fantasy managers’ attentions in his last outing where he scored 25 points in 37 minutes of floor time through 9-15 shooting from the floor. He grabbed 4 rebounds, blocked 2 shots, and made 3 out of 4 attempts from beyond the arc. This garnered him the “waiver line of the night” from the boys at Give Me The Rock.

Andrea’s problem last year was his inconsistency. He had one hell of a rollercoaster ride of a season. He’s have spurts of good performances that were quickly followed by stretches of puke-inducing games. This season has yet to prove to be an exception. His 25-point scoring night came after an owner-saddening 5 point, 3 rebound game.

Last season he was played sparingly at center alongside Chris Bosh. He simply had difficulties matching up against bulkier and stronger guys from other teams’ front courts. This season, he is playing at the 3 spot where he can take advantage of his height (6’10”)  when he’s matched up agains smaller defenders who will have problems defending against his outside shot. Keep an eye on him as his 3rd season may prove to be the charm. With Jermaine O’Neal and Chris Bosh attracting attention in the paint. Andrea and Anthony Parker will have some open looks from the outside as the ball will get kicked out to them when the defense collapses on the Raptor front court. See if he can show some consistency by putting together a string of solid games.

The BALL, Andrea! Block the BALL!

The BALL, Andrea! Block the BALL!

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Year End Wrap-up

Posted by Erik on April 8, 2008

Yes, my blog died. It died a sad, sad death. It was abandoned. Over a month or so of neglect has pretty much killed it and driven away its regular readership. Health issues and other distractions kept me away from continually spicing things up. That being said I owe you, my regular readers, an apology. I also owe Rick, my only contributor, a serious apology for not even spending enough time to be able to review and publish his now stale posts; in my absence. Sorry man, “real life” took a bite out of my blog time.

I guess my dream to do consistent fantasy blogging has been dowsed – pretty much like Phoenix’s formerly scorching up-tempo offense.

Well inconsistency IS an issue you deal with rookies…

I guess there’s always next year…” – I’m sure that that also resonates in the minds of players in teams that are NOT making the playoffs and are off to the lottery to seek for fresh blood to build/re-build their beleaguered franchises around.

Well the year isn’t over yet. I dragged my aching bones out of bed and decided I might as well be one of the early birds who will recap the fantasy year that was. So I might as well do it, do it now, and go out with a BANG! So let’s get this party started…

In Fantasy Hoops LeBron maybe KING, but Chris Paul is a Fantasy GOD!

LeBron can really put up those fantasy numbers and even stuns fans and managers alike with his occasional, sick triple-doubles. He and Kobe Bryant made great MVP rivals throughout the season. Both superstars were great this year, but let’s address the big white elephant in the room. Who would have thought it possible that from the ashes of the Deron vs Chris Paul debates would arise the hands down BEST fantasy basketball player around today? Well I had an inkling it was coming. You all know about the sick, sick – did I mention SICK? – numbers CP3 churns out. If you own him, you obviously know what I mean as you watch him stamp his seal as being the number one PG in fantasy ball night in and night out. If you don’t own him, you can wipe that drool off your slobbering chops as you scheme on how to make sure you acquire him next year! He single handedly takes the top spot as having the biggest fantasy swing impact coming from this year’s draft. Come on! Who can resist 21 PPG at 49.6 FG% (awesome for a PG), 85,2% FT, 11.5 APG, 2.7 SPG? Plus don’t forget he leads the league with most games with 20+ points and 15+ assists… interesting stat for head to head players out there. It would be incomplete to appreciate Chris Paul’s “Stockton-like” (as his numbers closely resemble John Stockton’s all-time numbers) stats without giving some credit to his “Malone”. David West quietly produced a monster of a year in terms of stats in his own right, as he set new career averages in points, rebounds, blocks and FT%. David’s great performance simply reflects, again, on how great a player CP3 really is; as it shows that Chris has that knack that only the greatest players of the game (Magic, Jordan, Bird, Nash) have – the ability to make his teammates BETTER.

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Starbury, Your Boy…

Posted by Riccardo on October 31, 2007

Pardon the PTI reference.

If you play several fantasy hoops leagues you’re liable to have the “Your Boy” players. You know, the players that show up on more than one of your teams, and sometimes all of them. These guys either tend to be your pet sleeper picks, or the guys you fall back on when your draft goes bad at a certain position and you’re forced to reach for the last guy at a position that you can trust your fantasy season on. There’s nothing worse than being forced to go with Speedy Claxton as your top PG because you passed on Kidd, Nash, Paul and Deron slept right on through Mo Williams, Andre Miller, TJ Ford, Starbury and Ray Felton. (That said, I actually like Starbury this year, but that’s another article altogether.)

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