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Upside Speculation

Posted by Erik on October 25, 2008

I’ve taken some time off after my rant about my GMTR Readers’ League team. I then went to see my therapist; who went to see his therapist and HIS therapist said that I should focus more on positive things. Think of beautiful images so that I can regain my positive outlook and my smile!

Jeez! and these guys charge by the hour…

What’s done is done. It’s time to move on.

And since fantasy draft weekend is just around the corner I decided to focus on something positive, well on a lot of things positive.

I suppose I’ve been reading a little too much GMTR (well apparently not enough, otherwise I should have picked Yao in the 8th round, where he belongs) <Stop! Let it go!> – anyway where was I? Oh yeah, a little too much GMTR (Is there such a thing?)… Pat has me conditioned to let go of the word Sleeper from my basketball blogging lexicon. A player is no longer a sleeper, if his name is plastered all over the interweb’s sleeper lists… Duh!

As much as I wanted to come up with my “sleeper central” I decided to veer away from such labels.

Since I told my therapist’s therapist that I will start to think positive…. and what’s more positive in fantasy than UPSIDE?

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GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 3

Posted by Erik on September 21, 2008

Ok now managers’ strategies are becoming a bit clearer, or not. The third and fourth rounds should round out the cores of their fantasy teams.


Pick Round Fantasy team Player Position
25 3-1 Epicte Rashard Lewis SF
26 3-2 2nd Round Reach Jose Calderon PG
27 3-3 Jeff’s Jawai-nots Tim Duncan PF/C
28 3-4 REAL Batman Jason Kidd PG
29 3-5 Bucko Rasheed Wallace PF/C
30 3-6 Doneycat Kevin Martin SG
31 3-7 GiveMeTheRock Antawn Jamison PF
32 3-8 OKC Thunder Brandon Roy PG/SG
33 3-9 Sexy Time Joe Johnson PG/SG
34 3-10 SA Spurscasters Dwight Howard C
35 3-11 Points in the Paint Rudy Gay SF
36 3-12 Alpha_Terrance Pau Gasol PF/C

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Welcome Back Kevin Martin!

Posted by Erik on January 16, 2008

I drafted and own Kevin Martin in 2 of my more important leagues (in terms of bragging rights). I suffered (blood, sweat, and tears) through his absence due to his groin injury. I really felt the pinch, missing his efficient and FT%-impacting 24 PPG!

Well now he’s back and healthy as a horse! – I mean that in a nice way Kevin.

He’s come back ON FIRE! He’s averaging a staggering 32 PPG clip at ridiculously insane efficiency – a whopping 84 FG%! and 19 of 21 from the FT line (90.5%) In his second game back he shot the lights out of the Dallas Mavericks, dropping 39 big ones on them; snapping the Mavs 7-game win streak. Now that’s one hell of a comeback-bitch-slapping! (“pardon my French”)

As one of your fantasy owners Kevin, I’d just like to give you PROPS for coming back with a vengeance and would like to wish you well. Keep it up!

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