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The Woeful Spurs

Posted by Erik on November 9, 2008

It’s not as if the San Antonio Spurs were doing great while waiting on the recovery of their star SG, Manu Ginobili. It’s not as if Tim Duncan’s in the his prime nor is he a LeBron James, who on sheer talent and athleticism singlehandedly dispatch opposing teams.

After Tony Parker’s monster game where he scored 55 points and chipped in other juicy fantasy numbers, he then sprained his ankle. He is now projected to miss 2-4 weeks of precious NBA and fantasy time.

What’s now left of the carcass, formerly known as the San Antonio Spurs? Well it still has its centerpiece, center Tim Duncan. Can you actually call a centerpiece a “centerpiece”  if it’s not at the center of anything to speak of? – Sorry Coach Popps, you’ve really got to work your coaching magic and steal some wins on Tim and lot’s of fans’ prayers.

Fantasy Impact

Aside from the obvious damage Tony Parker’s time missed will cause to his owners, there are several other repurcussions to this turn of events.

Let’s start with the man in the middle. Intuitively, you may assume that Time Duncan will now be great fantasy boon. Please curb your enthusiasm. Yes, he will have some good games as he tries to keep his team above water. You do have to realize, however, that the Spurs’ opponents can simply double, triple, quadruple (this won’t be necessary) team him and shut him down – translating into episodes of poor production and high turnovers. On a more positive note, not all teams have the big man talent to properly contain him; like the Thunder and the Pacers, for example.

Roger Mason will now step out of the shadows of the Spurs bench and be the “number 2” guy for the Spurs. Sadly, number 2 is as far as it will go. I’ll get back to that point. Roger is still young and lacks experience on the floor. He will be there to provide an outside threat and be a target for Tim to kick out the ball when he is doubled. He will gets some dimes on his stat sheet as Tim is always a decent assist target. On the other side of the coin, he will get a ton of turnovers and have erratic shooting from the field as he gets used to his increased role and extended minutes. Pick him up. He is odds are, the best in terms of temporary upside on the wires.

Michael Finley was a former offensive force back in the other Texas team he used to play for, but sadly the operative word here is former. He may have a few brief moments where he will shine as he will be asked to dig deep and come up strong for the team. He will be inconsistent and he should only be picked up in the deepest of leagues and with caution to boot.

The rest of the what’s left: Ime Udoka, Anthony Tolliver, and Matt Bonner will have to step up their games for the Spurs to even hit an above-60 point production every night. Keep your eyes peeled on who turns out like gold (?) – well copper will do for now.


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Stinky Tee’s Expert’s League (Roto Format)

Posted by Erik on October 19, 2008

I was invited to join the Stinky Tee’s Expert’s League. I was pretty honored when I read the email in my inbox asking if I was interested, as I don’t really see myself as much of an expert at all. Just an avid fantasy-head, really.

The league was set-up over at Yahoo! It’s a 12-man roto format, with 9-cat array, and 13 roster spots (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C x2, Util x2, Bench x 3). We just finished our live draft several of hours ago.

The Rotisserie format is all about building a BALANCED team. For roto, I wanted to have a team with reasonably good percentages because those 2 cats are generally injury resistant. I also didn’t want to ignore TOs. So I thought of patterning my draft close to 2RR’s H2H draft over at the GMTR mock, but without punting treys. As I formulated this game plan, I suddenly realized – or more like remembered – how challenging roto drafting can be!

This is my first roto draft for the season and I considered myself pretty rusty as I have been preparing mostly for H2H leagues recently. Yes both formats are THAT much different!

All 12 managers made it to the live draft! This was nice, but at the same time I found myself missing the reliable O-rank auto-pick predictability of the absentee drafter. So this was definitely more challenging than your garden variety public league. That’s for sure.

I was a bag of nerves as I had just woken up and didn’t have any coffee in my system yet. – I know it’s not a convenient excuse to draft poorly – So sue me!

I found myself with 2nd drafting position. Here’s how my draft went.

1. (2) Amare Stoudemire – You can’t really go wrong with the “Best Center” in fantasy hoops to start off your team. Other people might have preferred to pick Kobe or LeBron at this spot, but I figure Man-beast is of comparable quality and has the added bonus of being C eligible.

I generally like picking a PG and a C in my first 2 picks so I had my eye on Chauncey Billups and Jose Calderon. But I also was thinking of grabbing David West like Brendan (of 2RR) did at the mock or even Kevin Martin who I am really high on for this year. In hindsight I should have picked either of them instead of getting locked on the best O-ranked player available which was…

2. (23) Jose Calderon – I know that he would probably been available in the 3rd and would be good to put up efficient guard stats (projections of: 9.4 APG, 1.2 3PG, 1.4 SPG 1.5 TOs) at 50% FG and 90 FT%. After CP3 I rate him as the 2nd best model of efficiency at the PG position. I am higher on his upside than on Chauncey’s expected downside. If I went for KevMart or David West at this spot and committed to grab JC in the 3rd I probably wouldn’t have been tempted to grab…

3. (26) Marcus Camby – I know the “experts” are not too hot about him this year – then again when were they ever?. Camby in the 3rd is a fair downgrade to match all the worries. And I said to myself, “This is ROTO! GPs aren’t as critical here as in H2H.” As long as Camby gives me 11.5 boards while swatting 2.8 balls a night (notice I projected a downgrade from last year), over 60+ games then his totals are pretty decent. Plus his 1.5 TOs were just too sexy to resist! Ha Ha Ha!

So my laughter subsided, when I realized I just bounced 2 effective “non-scorers” in Jose and Marcus. With low TOs come low point contributions… Oh well, it’s been 3 rounds and I think I can still salvage this. At this point I want some Treys to balance my big man + assists numbers. I had Hedo on queue, coz his 5 dimes are just sexy like that. Unfortunately he got picked before my turn came, so I chose a reasonable alternative in…

4. (47) Mike Dunleavy – Just the right three point shooter that the doctor ordered for my team, Ultra-efficient. Fantastic FT% (83.4) and how many guys can toss the ball from behind the arc twice per game and still maintain 47.6 FG%? I like this pick. At this point I was looking to bounce to another worthwhile scorer to improve on that cat. I had Michael Redd on target but I changed my mind at the last minute and chose to go with;

5. (50) Andre Miller – Yes I know he’s NOT a scorer and his scoring will go down even further now that Elton Brand’s in town. His 49 FG% from the guard position was just so tasty to pass up in the fifth. Mo-will and Devin Harris were taken in the 4th; and Dre was the last guy from my tier 4 PG list who was available. It’s too bad he can’t shoot treys. No worries though, as I was able to grab

6. (71) Mike Miller – Another solid 3-point shooter who has great FG% (50.2 last season). He’s a solid rebounder and a decent passer. I like my Mikes. This one, I expect to do well in Minny. I expect him to get a lot of kick-out passes as the opposing defense collapses on Al-Jeff. On the flipside, he’s got a good enough court sense to find Big Al when he’s open and drop him a couple of dimes every now and then. I feel my treys are more solid now. It’s just that I feel that I’ve ignored points a bit too much.

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GMTR Mock Draft Analysis: Round 5

Posted by Erik on September 23, 2008

This is one competitive bunch of drafting freaks! You’ve got a whole buffet of assorted strategies banging around in the paint (draft pool). These guys are tenacious. I’ve even got my own faves: Jeff’s team and SA Spurscasters. Looking sharp there boys. Some teams are coming around nicely, others not so much. I suppose there are mixed feelings from the drafters at this point. Some guys wished this was a real league so they can see their strategies come to fruition, while others are probably wishing they could do over certain picks and are glad that it’s just a mock draft. For the guys who fall into the latter category, fret not fellow drafters! My first round pick, Allen Iverson, probably put it best:

It Ain’t a Game, It’s Just Practice!

I’d like to thank some of the other drafters for chiming in with their comments. I appreciate the interaction, keep it up. I must admit that I’m learning a lot as I find myself having my fair share of “Doh! I wanted him!” moments – I found myself saying it a lot especially in this round .

Let’s keep the ball rolling with ROUND 5.


Pick Round Fantasy Team Player Position
49 5-1 Epicte Chris Kaman C
50 5-2 2nd Round Reach Andris Biedrins C
51 5-3 Jeff’s Jawai-nots Manu Ginobili SG
52 5-4 REAL Batman Gerald Wallace SF
53 5-5 Bucko Maurice Williams PG
54 5-6 Doneycat Mehmet Okur PF/C
55 5-7 GiveMeTheRock Michael Redd SG
56 5-8 OKC Thunder Tyson Chandler C
57 5-9 Sexy Time Andrew Bogut C
58 5-10 SA Spurscasters Stephen Jackson SG
59 5-11 Points in the Paint Peja Stojakovic SF
60 5-12 Alpha_Terrance Lamar Odom PF

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