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Rolling Some “Dice”

Posted by Erik on November 28, 2008

Fearless Prediction: Old and reliable to unseat Young and unreliable

Antonio McDyess is headed back to Detroit. He’s decided to re-sign with the Pistons and probably wants to end his career there. He will only be able to rejoin his former team this December 7th as part of a rule that 30 days has to pass after his trade to the Denver Nuggets along with point guard Chauncey Billups and not-so well known center Cheikh Samb for point guard Allen Iverson.

In the meantime coach Curry has been using Kwame Brown as starting center. (Dramatic pause) … Ok you can swallow whatever you almost upchucked just now, but yes Kwame has been flashing is “classic” fantasy underwhelming play for the past several games now.

Fear not, little ones. It won’t be long until the “Dice” comes back to the motor city and retakes his rightful place in the Pistons’ starting line up. I am an occasional betting man and I would be more than happy to wager some meager amount or more to call it that Antonio McDyess and whatever he’s got left in his tank will be able to consistently outperform Kwame “OMG! What have you done, Michael Jordan?” Brown’s youthful inconsistency and incompetency.

Kwame has been uninspiring and fantasy undesirable thus far in even the deepest of leagues. I feel that it won’t be the same case for Antonio and his return. What he has lost in terms of explosiveness along with the wear and tear of his knees, he has compensated for in terms of “bulk and boxing out”. If you’re in a deep league and you own one of those teams that’s clinging onto the likes of Carl Landry to anchor its flimsy front court, then rolling the dice on Antonio to give you 10-7.5 with a smidge under a block a night, might just be what the doctor ordered. It might just be worth it to drop your Robin Lopez (yup him, not Brook) for McDyess just to see what he can muster from those old bones. He might just serve as a servicable “big man” pick this early December.


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