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Top 72 Players for Head to Head

As of December 1, 2008

  1. Chris Paul
  2. LeBron James
  3. Dwyane Wade
  4. Chris Bosh
  5. Dirk Nowitzki
  6. Kobe Bryant
  7. Amare Stoudemire
  8. Dwight Howard
  9. Jason Kidd
  10. Chauncey Billups
  11. Danny Granger
  12. Antawn Jamison
  13. Al Jefferson
  14. Vince Carter
  15. Joe Johnson
  16. Jason Terry
  17. Marcus Camby
  18. Rasheed Wallace
  19. Mike Bibby
  20. Kevin Garnett
  21. Brandon Roy
  22. Caron Butler
  23. Devin Harris
  24. Jose Calderon
  25. Rashard Lewis
  26. Andris Biedrins
  27. Nene Hilario
  28. O.J. Mayo
  29. Tim Duncan
  30. Mehmet Okur
  31. Andrei Kirilenko
  32. Andrew Bynum
  33. Kenyon Martin
  34. Nate Robinson
  35. Ray Allen
  36. Steve Nash
  37. Pau Gasol
  38. Josh Smith
  39. Deron Williams
  40. John Salmons
  41. Paul Pierce
  42. Rajon Rondo
  43. Derrick Rose
  44. Al Harrington
  45. Gerald Wallace
  46. Shawn Marion
  47. Tayshaun Prince
  48. Yao Ming
  49. Baron Davis
  50. Chris Kaman
  51. Roger Mason
  52. Tony Parker
  53. John Salmons
  54. Wilson Chandler
  55. Andrea Bargnani
  56. Troy Murphy
  57. David West
  58. Ron Artest
  59. Mo Williams
  60. Hedo Turkoglu
  61. LaMarcus Aldridge
  62. Stephen Jackson
  63. Elton Brand
  64. Allen Iverson
  65. Ramon Sessions
  66. Michael Redd
  67. Andrew Bogut
  68. Jamal Crawford
  69. Zach Randolph
  70. Kevin Martin
  71. Rudy Gay
  72. Andre Iguodala


20 Responses to “Top 72 Players for Head to Head”

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  2. Chris said

    Chauncey is not that good for Head to Head. There’s no way he’s going before gilbert, nash, duncan, camby, J Rich, Al Jeff…

  3. Erik said

    Thanks for the comment Chris. I took another look at those guys and crunched some numbers, Chauncey may finally get that declining year everyone’s expecting. I’m bumping him down a couple of spots.

  4. Patrick said

    Great list. H2H is indeed very different from roto and should get its own seperate rankings. Dwight Howard seems in the right spot for H2H leagues.

  5. Erik said

    Thanks a lot Patrick! Hearing some words of encouragement from one of GMTR’s gurus almost brought a tear to my eye! 🙂 I’m glad you liked the page.

  6. Chris said

    Hey Erik. Thanks for considering my comment. The main decline in Chauncey’s stats is his minutes played. I also want to say that your list is really good. It’s great to finally see a H2H list, especially since that’s all I play. Maybe you can expand it to 100 players later on!

  7. Erik said


    I’ll work on it as soon as I’ve published some of my drafts that I have on queue – I’ve got a bunch pending. I’ll see if I can expand it by early October so I can take a peak at the latest updated Yahoo! O-rankings.

    Thanks for the continued support and readership.

  8. bucko said

    I like the list. One odd disparity are the ranks of Wade and Caron Butler. I can maybe buy moving Butler down so far due to DNPs but if that is the case doesn’t Wade drop at least a little? Is Butler that much more of a risk than Wade that he drops for the 10-12 area down to 36, but Wade doesn’t drop at all.

    My rule of thumb for H2H is that if a guy is a decent injury risk I drop him about 10 picks, if he is a high injury risk I drop him about 20. I’d say both Wade and Butler are decent injury risks.

    When completely healthy wade can give you top 1-3 talent, so I like him in the 11-13 range. Butler can give you 5-7 talent, so I like him in the 15-17 range. Camby(one healthy year doesn’t clear him completely from his injury prone label) can give you top 5-8 talent, so I like him in the 15-18 range. Ming can give you 8-12 talent, but I drop him 20 for being High risk and an extra 5 for not be absolutely 100% coming in, so I like him anywhere from 33-37. I use a system so my feelings about a player don’t effect my judgment. Especially in H2H where injuries hurt so much. You can’t just draft a guy and hope he stays healthy this year, which is what I think a lot of people are doing with Wade.

    Even before the injury, when people were taking Arenas in the first round I thought it was insane.

  9. Erik said

    Thanks for your input Bucko. I will take it into account when I update and possibly expand the list this October. 🙂

  10. bucko said

    BTW..I am really like your blog and the H2H focus. So much out there is setup for roto. I love H2H myself, especially when you know the guys in the league and you can talk trash to the guy you are facing.

  11. Erik said

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your visits to PITP, Bucko! Actually the blog is not H2H-centric. I’d like to strike a balance between the 2 formats. That being said, I did do a TOP 50 for H2H just to balance out what’s already out there plus it just so happened that GMTR’s mock which we’re both in is set as H2H. So it seems my content has been leaning in that direction as of late.
    Trash talking is great! And btw, it would be my pleasure to duke it out with you and some other guys in the mock in a REAL league. I’m sure the trash will be flying left and right in that one. Ha ha!

  12. NC said

    Great to have some real H2H analysis. Can you maybe give some more insight into the type of strategies you would use in drafting for H2H. I’m playing in a private H2H league this year, 9 cat, 7 player league. I’m picking last… so I’m really trying to work on a strategy that would help me with my position.

  13. Erik said

    @ NC: Stay tuned for this page’s update sometime this week.

    I will email you privately for a more in-depth discussion regarding your draft and strategy options.

  14. Chay said

    Totally agree with the Josh Smith comment. I really like tracking players with high amusement value.

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  17. Nick-(Iowa) said

    You have Rasheed Wallace twice. Is one of them supposed to be Rashard?

  18. Erik said

    Oops. Thanks for pointing it out, Nick. Rashard it is.

  19. FWG Wani said

    I think Ming belongs in the top 15 (at least top 20) Yeah he screwed alot of people last year but that was last year. Let’s not have him carry that cross.

  20. […] that he is still a rotisserie liability. I had him floating just outside the TOP 10-12 guys in my Top 72 players for head to head. As of December 1st, my list’s last update, I probably too generously placed him at 8th. […]

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